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They taste best with salt
Sylux was worse. He could take your energy and make it his... he killed me so many times.
Bangaa Bishop
Even my first time out I was never killed by one of the hunters. I only ever died to falling to my death, the pillar boss, and gorea 1.
Game Lover
I voted Weavel. I hate him so much. His half-turret form always gets me. >_<; Either that or he plows my energy so low that I have to go back to my ship again.
Quote from tomatobob:
truly the pinnacle of game design.

Yeah I know irl recycling is good but Nintendo that's just not good level design.
Club 27 Goals
red chamber dream

good stuff

such posting
Club 27 Goals
I kind of hate how I spelled dying wrong.

Then again that was 6 years ago and I did a lot of things wrong.
red chamber dream
i love how the forum shows a warning when you're about to post in a super old thread

and then people do it anyway with shit no one cares about lol
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Truly, the greatest Metroid Prime Hunters enemy is time.