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Strongest Threat
Sylux (2)
Noxus (0)
Kanden (1)
Trace (3)
Weavel (1)
Spire (0)
Gorea (4)
Gorea 2 (4)
Yoshi is back
I'm wondering what you people think on who is the stronger boss on MPH. The final boss Gorea 2 because it its like the Metroid Prime. I personally think Metroid Prime was an easy boss but not Gorea.
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That game was so bad that I've blocked it out mentally.  I can't remember the boss fights.
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Since I don't recall ever dieing in that game, I guess I would judge it by which boss took the longest to kill, in which case (IIRC) Gorea 2.
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Toozin: 2010-07-31 03:33:51 am
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
I seem to remember fighting the exact same boss on about sixty billion separate occasions. So I guess whoever that was.
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Quote from Toozin:
I seem to remember fighting the exact same boss on about sixty billion separate occasions. So I guess whoever that was.

There were four boss creatures, three if you count Gorea as one being. Two creatures were fought four times with different weapons.
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truly the pinnacle of game design.
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Another attempt at skimping on the single player and hoping the multiplayer makes up for it.
which it certainly didn't
Yoshi is back
What didn't? Multiplayer for MPH? oh, yeah That ruined the game a little. I liked it on 1P than 2P
My primary issue with the game is the touch screen controls. Too bad the rest of the game was a mediocre sci-fi shooter which was metroid in name only.

Didn't even have any metroids in it ;(
(user is banned)
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DaveBatista: 2010-08-01 07:56:18 pm
Yoshi is back
A Metroid game isn't Metroid without a Metroid.Mr. Green
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I noticed the lack of Metroids in this one. I saw Metroids in the First Hunt, but not in Hunters. Also instant death falls made for unhappy JakeBob.
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I love MPH, but this thread title still makes me laugh.  Hardest boss?  Hmm, will I go with that Slench or that other Slench?  Maybe I'll be daring and pick a Cretaphid!
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TheNomad44: 2010-08-15 08:28:07 am
The wandering Space Dragon
Nobody but me ever had any issues with Sylux at first? I got killed numerous times before resorting to killing him with morph ball. But after that, he was pretty easy. So I also vote Gorea 2, because he takes so long to kill. I can wipe out prime easy, but gorea is just a pain.
Eh, I recall Gorea 2being easy amd fast.

I dunno, Sylux on the first try?
Trace first time.

It is funny how you left out the bosses that you fight over and over.
But you fight the Hunters very much more over and over...
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Elminster: 2010-09-23 04:46:48 pm
I used to have issues with Cretaphid when I played the game for the very first time, but now I find it ridiculously easy. I'd say my problem bosses are Slench v3 and the 6x Guardian battle in Arcterra (I forget the name of the room but it was at one end of Fault Line...it was the room with the force field maze).

Oh, almost forgot to mention the 3x Guardian battle in Alinos Perch. That one really pissed me off.
Quote from Baron Dante:
But you fight the Hunters very much more over and over...

Not if you manipulate hunter locations by repeatedly landing on a planet to get them to other planets.
That's a lameass way of doing it. -.-
You can't do it by resetting. They'll just go to a specific planet. Kanden, Trace, and Weavel will always go to Alinos, Spire will always go to VDO, and Sylux and Noxus will always go to Arcterra. Thats the only way to manipulate Hunter locations.
But it's probably a Gorea.
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wow I don't even remember this. apparently I voted for Kanden but I have no clue who that is.

also, lol, when did Batista get banned? No wonder I haven't seen his awesome posts around lately.
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He got banned like a month ago when "his brother" got onto his account and made really obvious Ban Me posts.
Yol dok, Dovahkiin.
I think Trace was the hardest. Sniping got me every time. Then again, I didn't seem to have good skills on that game.