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This took me 2-3 day beat this game.  using emulator (no cheats)

Im not lying if i say last boss was really hard for me even i have every ET. This boss was really hard compared other 2d metroids last bosses.

Game was awesome. Its not good like Super Metroid, but it was awesome game boy game. I´ll can drop my time later. My goal are maybe sub 2 hour next.
My 2nd completion 100% items.


Ok i not count beams items, because every beams come back if you leave away the room these items not disappear never. I just mean 100% for me is: Every expansions (250 missiles) 6 ET & every else items but i not count beams.

This run is crap for me. I think i can go 100% under 1.20. But let see.  Wink

What'd you say?
Good louck master-88.
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That M2k2 guy
...That's a HUGE improvement for a second runthrough. O_o Even after seeing the speedrun, I usually don't drop that much. Did you mimic the run room by room or something?
Quote from JaggerG:
...That's a HUGE improvement for a second runthrough. O_o Even after seeing the speedrun, I usually don't drop that much. Did you mimic the run room by room or something?

I watch Carlmii 100% run before my run. But im not really mimic much his route so i only watch it through once. I just mostly use vgmaps helping me memory good route better. Im not sure how much my route changes WR route, but i guess it is quite bit same as carlmii route. But i use 16 save points my run.

I as well surprised my run was under 1.30 (ingmame time) and i make it in two day. I allow alot mistakes my run, i just not care optimize segments, because game was enought unknow yet. I as well recorded my run mostly it help me remember route better next time "if i try redo my speedrun in future"

I am very glad if you guys thinking it is very nice improvement. Wink
Faster! Faster!

Definitely go room-by-room based on the map and actual play. Don't limit yourself to what others have done. But, taking cues from others does help for some techniques... like seeing some TAS runs. Sometimes those crazy guys have some decent ideas that actually translate to actual gameplay.
2:30.  5 E tanks, 230 missiles.  I definitely got lost a couple times.

What'd you say?
Great time Opium! When I first beat this it took me 10 times longer and I didn't have nearly that many items, do you plan on improving this?
I may try again soon.  I'm not even exactly sure what the max number of missiles is so I don't know if I'm missing any.  I'm too lazy to look it up at this point.  Problem is that I play through the game too infrequently and therefore haven't memorized the map completely.  I end up getting lost a couple times, particularly in that area dominated by gamma metroids and numerous vertical shafts.
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over 10 hours
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Finished my first playthrough with 3:11. I guess that's not bad for a first run.
This time I didn't get lost in that one shitty area that I usually got lost in.  I could probably shave off another 15 mins or so if I would put some effort into not messing up so many jumps, but 2:09 is what I got for now.  5 E-Tanks, 230 missiles.

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Prime Hunter: 2010-08-21 04:33:46 am
Prime Hunter: 2010-08-21 04:33:27 am
Wow, has nobody played this game in over a year or something?

Just stomped the Queen during my playthrough of the entire Metroid series. I decided this time to do something I hadn't done before and NOT use a print-out of the map that I found the first time I played this game. With that in mind, I did a lot better than I expected and only got stuck/lost twice. (Where I couldn't find the last metroid in an area and ran in circles.)

Final time was 2:49, which is an hour or so slower than my best time if I remember right. Seeing as I've only finished this game about a half dozen times if you include the run I just did, I'd say things went rather well. Ended up with 4 E Tanks and 170 missiles, and it seems every time I play I end up missing the High Jump Boots somehow. Other than that I think I got all of the other upgrades.
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I'm planning on playing through this game on an emulator. I don't really know what to expect, but I've heard good and bad. Hopefully it doesn't take me over 4 hours to beat. That's my goal, anyway.
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This game is pretty awesome. It's held up way better than metroid 1.
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I dunno. I find metroid 1 to be very enjoyable. Was just playing it (in school) today. But, on topic, am I the only one who finds the morph ball the only moderately fast mode of travel on this game?
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Running becomes as fast as rolling once you get the Varia Suit.
The wandering Space Dragon
I found that out. I have a lot more patience for this game now. Haven't had time to play it for a while though.
Quote from TheNomad44:
I dunno. I find metroid 1 to be very enjoyable. Was just playing it (in school) today. But, on topic, am I the only one who finds the morph ball the only moderately fast mode of travel on this game?

Your speed while running without varia suit is 75% of morph ball speed (which is the same as the varia run speed). In-air speed is 50% of morph ball speed, unless you're in an active spider throw (in which case it's equal to morph ball speed).

Because of this, it's always a good idea to only jump when you need to, and minimize the amount of time you're in the air (try to minimize 3-block jumps until you get the high jump boots, since you can only jump either up-to-2.5 blocks, or a full 4-block jump -- the only way to make a 3-block jump is to duck first, which requires a full stop and drop).

What I've been able to work out is if you don't have the varia suit, it's "generally" only beneficial to go into morph ball if you're traveling 6 blocks or more (this will of course depend on how you get to that stretch, how you get out of that stretch, what enemies are nearby, and how fast you are at doing the double-down-tap).
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2:02, 100%

Much shorter than I remember this game. Then again, last time I played this was in 1994.
Jagger ftw
9:30 100% first time. Although I had the game since 2007, I didn't really play it until last week when i was coming home from vancouver to tornto (by car 0_0). I spend like 3 days and hell of a lot of time getting lost, and without the map, I could only gotten the place right before screw attack; but once I got home with MDB.... BAM
Will try to improve but the game isn't bad apart from the lack of map and all the stuff look similar :(
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Prime Hunter: 2011-08-29 12:03:22 am
Just gave this a go earlier due to Irene coming in and causing us to lose power for about an hour or so.

1:55, high % (I think I only missed 3 missile tanks)

Edit: Oh wow, never knew there were 6 Energy Tanks in this game until I just checked the map to see if I could find what I missed. So that means I missed one of those too.
If I recall, the sixth ET is only if you missed one earlier; since you can only hold five. Or am I mistaken Think
The HUD would make it look like you can only use five at once, but there are still six on the map and I'd count that as part of the 100%, so I still missed it. Kinda like how in the NES Metroid you can use 6 E Tanks but there are actually 8 in the game. (Only know that because of watching somebody's Let's Play of the game recently)
sub 2 hour is really good, imo.  I think this thread will see a lot more posts once M2 comes out on VC for 3DS.  I've been wanting to play the game again, but I'm waiting for the 3DS release.  I haven't played M2 on a handheld since I had it on Gameboy 20 years ago.