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red chamber dream
the track is definitely all about the vocals and mood for me
it's the obnoxious synth or whatever they used lol, probably nothing wrong with the actual tune

but i am an old man and do not appreciate the finer points of modern popular music production, pretty much all of which sounds crap to me
red chamber dream
i get what you mean in terms of it sounding like it was too easy for them to make lol

i dunno about obnoxious, i would've hated this 5 years ago but i like the contrast between the cutting synth and chill everything else
red chamber dream
it does this weird thing where it shifts to a lower range near the end, pretty cool
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arkarian: 2019-04-30 08:21:07 pm
red chamber dream
pretty sure a lot of songs sound like this nowadays, is that what makes it trap music? i have no idea what that genre means
Bee Gee's - Night Fever

ark no i don't know either but it might be yeah
red chamber dream
i dug that. never heard of japan, but it sounds very 70s or maybe even 80s
they were new romantics I think so early 80s probably
one of those weird bands that lots of people seem to cite as a low key influence
red chamber dream
probably why it sounds ahead of its time - just checked it's from 79