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one of the most gloriously bitchy records ever (NSFW)

So Kids See Ghosts might be the first good album that Cudi has been involved in for almost a decade. Very short, but very good.
red chamber dream
oh yeah? i'll have to check it out despite not being much of a kanye fan
red chamber dream

looks like we're getting a new coheed album soon. i'm loving this track, sounds like a mix between their good apollo albums and their later afterman stuff
back on a tim simenon kick at the moment

red chamber dream
dang, that's pretty cool

love the samples
red chamber dream

best tool song? best tool song.
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Opium: 2018-10-13 12:36:17 am
Any of you guys into classical guitar? I know, it sounds boring. But just search Youtube for Mariusz Goli. I'm blown away by his guitar play. Can't stop listening to his stuff.
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I feel like that post was made by Mariusz Goli