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Considering that Miles and I are the only people to ever pull off a 6% run, I feel the new, easier strats I found deserves it's own topic.  I am sure there are other people who have wanted to do a 6% run, but found Miles's strats to be way too difficult. 

Finally got around to recording this.  There are a lot of new things in this video (and the others on my friend's channel). 

If you read the description, you can see my friend made sure to put my m2k2 username in.  I just hate editing videos =(

NOTE:  The commentary is not the greatest and gets off topic at times.  All commentary was LIVE commentary.  If you don't want to hear it then just mute the video.  Please actually watch the videos though.  Thanks.  (However, I think it is still does a good job explaining what is going on, especially for people new to sequence breaking and whatnot)  Also there are some wonky audio issues at times and not perfectly synced commentary/visual. 

MAJOR NOTE:  Part 6 has badly synced commentary.  The commentary seems to be a half hour out of sync at each point.  Just mute this part until I ask my friend to fix it, otherwise, things will get really, really confusing. 
Part 6 is fixed now, with synced commentary

First of all, I am pretty sure I have found a (somewhat) consistent method to cancel the light show.  Copy the way I boost into GFMC compound.  When you are prepared to unmorph, the angle on the control stick is some combination of up right.  Next, you want to hold the control stick left/up left.  As soon as GFMC finishes loading, flip on the scan visor and dash pure left until you here the wii/game cube start to spin.  Next, you want to morph right away and boost in a circular, clock-wise motion.  In many cases, I was able to get the light show to cancel in less than 20 seconds.  Here is an example:  watch from 7:41-8:50

The goal is to get stuck in the part of the room where the emerald translator is (the ground also dips down a bit in this spot) this spot seems to be the best method for getting light show cancel instead of blinding bombing and boosting, which was the old strat Miles used. 

Second, of all, there is actually a nifty back-up strat if you don't think you will be able to make the transition to ing hive.  You can get back in bounds pretty easily, and as long as you shot the light beam door before hand, you can use the next room's light beacon/purple enemy things to heal your health. 

Third, and perhaps the most important thing of all, is that I use a much easier strat when skipping Quadraxis.  There is no need to bomb jump around the room like Miles does.  Using this method makes it extremely easy to fall off or activate the boss battle by accident.  Here is what I do instead:  watch from 24:40 to 47:04

As you can see, it is very easy to bomb jump on top of the room before Quadraxis.  This saves energy compared to Miles's strat, which involved going under the room instead.  You could actually start the bomb jumping with perfect energy if you managed to find a way to bomb jump past the rotating gates, but I never could manage that.  Instead, I bomb jump up one of the cylindrical shafts and un-morph and reach the sky walk of the room and quickly morph again, leaving me with 87 life units instead of 77 or something like that with Miles's strat. 

Also, you can clearly see from the video that you can just keep bombing jumping straight ahead until you reach the sky walk of Quad's room.  This is very easy to do and you have enough health to reach temple security station and collect the energy, which I will demonstrate in a future video.  It can be kind of nerve racking because you can't spend that much time positioning yourself before morphing onto the room you want to go to (sometimes I have bounced of the room and fell) but it is still much, much easier than what Miles does.  It should be entirely possible now to get both the energy and bomb jump around the gates in one segment. 

My strat for bomb jumping around the gates is similar to Miles's.  That part is a giant pain in the ass.........

Also worth noting is in torvus, there is absolutely no need to deal with that stupidly difficult bsj in forgotten bridge.  Just do this instead:  watch from 29:01 to 39:23

Thread title: 
The first two videos are private.
I know the one video had a huge audio desync, not sure about the other.
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Metroid177: 2014-06-02 10:15:31 pm
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Oh damn, they weren't private when I made the thread.  I didn't think he was going to make them private without even telling me.   
If my friend can't get the audio to sync properly I may tell him fuck it, just put part 6 back up without the commentary.
I have no idea why he took down part 5 (the first video) though.  I am going to have to talk to him about this. 

Sorry, everything should be resolved within a few days. 

Edit:  Part 5 is back!!  Shouldn't be long before part 6 is back up!!
Edit 2:  Part 6 is back up!!  Go watch it!
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kirbymastah: 2014-06-02 06:28:10 pm
ohey this'll be really nice once i finally get back into streaming 6%. Thanks a lot! ^_^
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Metroid177: 2014-06-02 11:02:51 pm
Part 6 is back up!!

Edit:  Would also like to point out that even though I messed up pretty badly (see 30:21) but was still able to complete the first half of the wall crawling. 
Quote from kirbymastah:
ohey this'll be really nice once i finally get back into streaming 6%. Thanks a lot! ^_^

No problem.  That's the whole point of this.  I know more people can def. do 6% with these new strats.  I will def. try to watch that stream.  Will be so fun to see someone else do 6%.
Proof that you can collect the sancutary energy without doing what Miles does.  Read the youtube description for more info and/or just watch the video. 

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I guess I should post some of my stuff here so that it's documented for all to see.
I came up with this today. It's super easy and it makes the last two gates a joke.
If you're fast enough I think that you can also use this to skip the first two gates before the safe zone as well. I'm not sure how the energy works out, but I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't have to bomb jump over the gates at all.

Edit: So M177 made  it over 2 gates at the end with only losing a little over 30 energy (the morph was definitely not opimtal because he did not want to risk falling into the next hole back in bounds), and I've confirmed that if you do this right you can mash X and hold forward to clear one gate. This means that as long as you make it to that room with 27-28ish energy you don't have to bomb jump over any gates. That being said if you clear both gates with 1 skywalk trip you could potentially have to use less energy with an optimal morph. I'm only estimating, but I think you'd probably only need 20ish energy to clear both? Testing this with correct energy amounts is dumb and takes forever, so I don't know at this point. I'll do some more testing, but I think eventually bomb jumping over the gates will have turned into using the skywalk for all of them.

The first two strats I show in the video are things that are known by some people already. I'm just making a video for documentation purposes. The third strat is something that I came up with. I tried just bomb jumping over the energy controller to hit the load trigger, but you get stuck in the wall and cannot make it to the top. It's kind of weird, and might take a little bit of practice, but we now have an alternative to the dash if you are really bad at it for some reason. I personally prefer the dash to this, however.
thank fuck

Also this is a way easier alternative to doing the gates, they are actually cake like this
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I made it over the first two gates with just 13-14 energy!!

Basically there are certain spots on that pillar where you can get "stuck". By that I mean you can not press anything on the control stick and just bomb jump in place over and over again. From there you want to do a 3BJ, but you want to start holding in the direction that you want to go just before the first bomb explodes. This will ~almost~ guarantee that you unmorph facing the correct direction as long as you unmorph late enough. Getting over with less than 20 should be pretty easy with this, and it's not all that challenging once you understand it. It's pretty much all positioning.
Thanks to the new morph ball invulnerability route, you can activate Sanctuary Fortress and leave it to Temple Grounds this way - skipping the Hive Dash for people who don't like it.