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my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i can't remember at all if there's an explanation for the game's name. i don't want to rewatch the cutscenes just to end up empty-handed so i thought i'd toss this here and hope someone remembers if there's an explanation (or if there's just no explanation at all)

inb4 this turns into another bitchfest. better save that for the game's anniversary in a month.
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I don't recall any outright explanation, but I figure it's just a take you pick of "Mother anagram" or "Madeline" kind of deal. Or "Metroid" if you want to make it redundant and stupid!
otherm mother rmothe ermoth hermot thermo
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Essentially, no.
I like turtles.
I suppose it could be a reference to the ending of the original Metroid but I think that might be too clever for the people who brought this game about.
I believe it's a take your pick name like tomatobob said. Either way it's a god awful name...
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i see. thanks for the input. good to see my memory didn't fail me.
I saw it as a reference to MB. Literally, the other "M".

But yeah, never indicated in-game.
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"Don't you love our subtle* references to motherhood in this game?"

Bangaa Bishop
I basically assumed the "Other M" was MB. Or maybe other mission.
Other M = Mother

Meaning the other Other M meaning Mother brain.
Madeline was Mother brain.

That's what I think it means.
Bangaa Bishop
Or it could mean "Other M" as in "Other M(etroid games are way better than this one, go play those instead)"
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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Other M, if you were to print it on a ring and spin it, would say: "Mother".
And the game's initials already spell "Mom".

But none of that justifies it's shittyness. Personally, I would've preferred a Metroid HD instead, and it should've been less than $10. It would certainly justify Samus' panic attack when seeing Ridley.
The Diffusion/Spazer beams could've replaced the Long Beam, though.