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We're definitely still working on this, sorry we haven't updated this thread since September, but nothing really interesting has happened visually. All of the work we've been concentrating on have been control flow related, so it's rather boring to talk about. However recently we've gotten the frontend working and jack has been concentrating on that while I'm scurrying about trying to get basic entities in place for when we actually get in-game.
There's a youtube video of it getting to the title screen that's fairly recent

It's actually a bit further along now (it actually shows the menu text and whatnot), but there's no video of that.

I would make a new video if I could, but I've never been able to build the code successfully on my Arch install.
I am not sure if this is a new issue, but I cannot extract Metroid Prime 3 NTSC version with this tool. Half way through extraction, the program crashes with "this program has stopped working" error.