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im trying to rebuild my modified iso because dolphin aint working atm
That's not what I'm asking, is root where all your paks are?
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Antidote: 2016-03-23 02:59:38 am
Then that's all you need to point to, root/fsroot doesn't exist, that's why it's giving you that fatal error.
Try again but only point to root not root/fsroot.
should extract the iso with nodtool?
It shouldn't matter what you used to extract so long as you have the dol and an apploader, but yeah nodtool works best with images extracted with it.
Antidote i have been able to rebuild the image
Nice! and it works fine?
I've updated the nodtool link with a Release build, the last one was built in Debug which is what caused the ucrtbased issue, please redownload and give it a try!
so using prototype 7, i just found out how many files really are in the isos
~10k being a conservative estimate.
there are way too many files that make up the prime games
While that is an amazingly astute observation, it doesn't really have anything to do with URDE or contribute to any conversation.
It's been a while since we updated so I'll give a condensed rundown of our activity:

Jack as been working hard on the character, gui, and model runtimes. He's also started working on the state manager which is crucial for us to have inter-object communication.

I've been working hard on locating functions and classes with probably around 1,000 found within the last month and a half alone.

Again sorry for the lack of updates, we're extremely hard at work making this happen!
Is it possible to make edits to a blender file and then convert it back to a CMDL?
Not currently, at least not with our tools, we do have the ability to cook models back to CMDL, but we don't have it exposed at the moment.
We also don't have full skin and rig cooking in place yet.
Wow, this thread has languished, fear not! URDE is not dead! In fact jackoalan has busted his butt working on the renderer and implementing some neat features, such as the Space Warp used by the charge beam, and the Thermal Visor effect:

Yea that is a really neat effect to have working now.. and here's how it works:

Whenever Samus has the Thermal Visor equipped, the entire scene is rendered in two passes: Cold and Hot
These passes are mutually filtered on a per-surface basis, so any arbitrary set of polygons in the scene can be designated "hot" by the shader artists

Initially, all the cold surfaces are rendered, which is the vast majority of surfaces in practice.

After this, a greyscale copy of the cold scene is blended back into itself twice in a pointer-offset manner (exploiting the 8x4 tiling of the IA4 texture format to get some 'glitchy' noise into the filter)

Then all hot surfaces are drawn using a simple greyscale sphere map, mapped using the modelview (same as Mode0 UVs) with additive blending to really make them pop

Finally, this greyscale  composition is used to access a 16-color TLUT palette stored in a hard-coded TXTR ref: "TXTR_ThermoPalette", creating the distinctive 'thermal' effect for the entire scene (biased to hot objects because of additive blending)

The game will animate multiply/add color coefficients based on the area's thermal environment and Samus' proximity to world objects that affect it.. pushing the filter into saturated overdrive at the max palette entry (which is that pale, bright yellow)
Very cool stuff! X-Ray next?
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Antidote: 2016-08-04 07:34:41 pm
Possibly here soon, but currently Jack is working on extract, and he's infinitely better than I am at figuring out the graphical logic.
Jack has been working on the camera filters and blurs recently, and one of them was of particular interest:
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jackoalan: 2016-08-20 04:21:43 pm
Yea, XRay is rolled into the same call as the camera blur filter.

It's drawn as a 4-sample 'zoom blur' with quadradically-scaled UV coordinates to get a good spread. The framebuffer is copied as a greyscale I8 texture and run through TXTR_XRayPalette to get the inverted color effect going for each sample. TEV is also configured to make a 4-way average, resulting in a nicely stylized blur; all with GX magic.

Here's what the regular CameraBlur is like:

It's a 7-sample hexagonal blur (one is the untransformed sample) with adjustable radius by the engine.
AxoiDL has it's own official youtube channel, and to celebrate it's creation, why not a video of the world trans manager working?
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Kargaroc: 2016-09-18 09:43:48 pm
Really excited for this!

Is there any IRC channels or whatnot that I can follow for more info?  I've just been watching the github repo for a while.
the only IM thing we have really is a Slack, though I am relatively active on IRC via metconst and CloudIRC on esper