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interdpth: 2008-11-24 01:13:59 pm
I am going to be hosting a class on how to hack for the GBA we will cover nearly every section including ASM hacking, pointers. If I hear a "hexer" or "how does I hex" you will be banned until the class is over. 

For this class.

You will need a copy of Metroid Zero Mission(u) rom.
TileLayer Pro
A hex editor(I like Hex Workshop)
Notepad, and a brain.
And a copy of Visual Boy Advance please download the developer edition, if we are able to get to ASM hacking I will give everyone a copy of a certain program.
This is for fun, and entertainment.

It could clash with SM hacking but try and pay attention.

It will be on IRC

Server: irc.esper.net

channel: #jzd

It will start at 6 PM CST

If you like the idea and you'll be in it, please post in this thread so I know how many people will be there.
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Leader of the "Council of XIII"
Boy, I wish I could be there. Wahhhh~  Crying or Very sad

In any case, it sounds like I'm going to be in class when this happens, so I'll have to miss out.

I think 6pm CST translates roughly to 5pm EST... Yup. Can't be there.
join and turn on logging in your irc client.
I wish, but my parents have locked me out of my computer, and only turn it on for me when I'm home and I've done my chores. I'm usually also at my college all day Tuesdays and Thursdays, and they block IRC. Maybe I'll just ask for someone else's log...
Sounds interesting, I'll try to be around.
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interdpth: 2008-11-24 01:17:04 pm
As I have no school it will probably go on for 6 hours or more, and I will upload a log of it when it's all done.

Come on people!

And i'll be in a good mood so even if you hop in later on i'll be glad to repeat stuff. :)
Zh: Est is cst + 1

So it'd be 7 for you

4 for pst

and I think 5 for GMT
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
CST is GMT-6, therefor GMT would be midnight. Which is a shame, means I can't be there (0:00-6:00am with school starting at 8:45am)
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Yeah, like P.JMan, I could be there at the start, but not for 6 (or even 3) hours as it'd start at midnight.  I'd like to offer a huge thanks, though, as it's a generous offer.  Since I'm hacking Fusion, it'll surely help.  Hopefully, there may also be a way for the 'certain program' to fall into our hands...  Wink

I'll wait patiently for the log.  grin new
this looks like it'll be interesting.  i'm not making a hack or anything, but i was using double helix and hex workshop last night with fusion to fool around with spritesets and their pointers, so this will make for a nice learning experience.
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Phazar: 2008-11-24 10:39:02 pm
I'm not a big hacker, but after educating myself in emulators and ROMs while I was developing the MPH section, I would love to learn how to hack.  My no$gba will come in handy for this.  I'll be there.
you have the debug version of no$gba?

btw, interdpth, by developer version of vba do you mean this:

Dude, google it.  It's the one that says developer.

interdepth:  Looking like I might not be able to to be there for very long, but I'm interested in getting the logs.
http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/vba/VisualBoyAdvance-Dev-1.7.2.zip  is the version of Visual Boy Advance you want.

Also Unlz-GBA is needed.
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Bond697: 2008-11-25 12:28:07 am
thanks interdpth.

i actually already have this version. i didn't realize that that wasn't the standard one. heh.

Quote from Xaggoth:
Dude, google it.  It's the one that says developer.

interdepth:  Looking like I might not be able to to be there for very long, but I'm interested in getting the logs.

why would i google it when i thought i had the right one? the one i posted does a lot of the same stuff(possibly more, actually - can this version of vba set breakpoints, interdpth? i don't see the option.) i was asking a legitimate question.
Oh crud, I just learned today that I'm busy tonight and can't be there.  Anyone is welcome to use Camtasia or whatnot to film the class and give it to me or anyone else who missed out.
Uh, it's going to be on IRC. Open your IRC client and turn on logging...
I know it's on IRC, but I sometimes can't get IRC to work anyway.
Heh, I'm most likely not going to be there either... Tell you what, I'll PM you a copy of the log when I get it. Sound okay?
Sure, you can do that.  It makes up for all those arguments we had in the Boardwalk.
Yeesh how many people are going to be here today it starts in 3 hours from now.
BTW, does it matter if you have VBA or no$gba?  I already have the no$gba that I used to film the Hunters videos, but it can equally emulate GBA games as well as DS.
I lack a required material that I can't (/shouldn't) get right now, but I'll still listen. I'm interested in hacking ZM once my SM hack is complete.
@ Phazar: Hey, I can be nice in one thread and defending in the other, even if the argument is quite silly. It's no problem to me. Wink

@ inter: I actually _could_ be there... It all depends. It's a pretty big might. I'm going to have to say, either you'll see me, or you won't. Sorry...
You need that version of Visual Boy Advance

A copy of no$gba debugger will be given if we are able to get into ASM hacking tonight