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Any volunteers to test some maps? Let me know here. You will get the pc-dev-editor where you can test and even create your own maps, all on the fly in WYSYWYG-style. It will be accessible to dedicated people pretty soon.
I am doing some music tests while solving a level. So I share it with you. There is a brief vid-description shortly explaining the goal of the game. The simple game rules will be explained in detail soon, but you can already shape a picture;)

Let me know how you like that by your impression:

I am showing an example for a pure action/dexterity level. Check this out and let me know your impression;) The main focus of the game is technical excellence and game-design.

Club 27 Goals
Looks like a pretty neat puzzle game. You really like to emphasize the perfect controls huh? :P
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so .. what's special about that? that's like a rythm game "press button X at Y time"

it's lacking interactivity, because you're just following a preset route
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The special thing is fun:P

I can keep my posts short.
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The introduction series has started. It is very important to  explain the game in just few lines of code, ehhh I mean text. I try to keep it as simple as possible but keep all the necessary information.

Let me know I made a good job in making you understand so far.

did a good job explaining the gameplay functions
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New vid: Controls
I intend to use those explanation screens in the game. Let me know it is understood.
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The vids are especially usefull for testers.
Next one: Crystal-Blade and a hint:
I decided to not explain how the game-logic works in further detail because I don't want some "clone-devs" to steal and ruin the idea. But this enemy is simple and already understood by watching some gameplay: Now enjoy some fun with Venus Flytrap;)

now, that's looking like something. color me impressed
And what about sweet colors of gameplay? Do you see it:P
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J_SNAKE: 2011-02-04 03:08:37 pm
A composer of mine asked me to make a new gameplay-vid featuring his music. So I designed a new test-map this night on the quick. I want gladly to share it with you. I put a bonus section just to provide some inspiration in one slap at the end. It features Tokinsom's Minitroid track and an action-driven solution approach. Be prepared to discover something new so check it out. Don't be lazy and let me know how you like it:P

Now Crystal-Thief is presented. I hope he is well understood. It is a very important enemy-type. Enjoy watching some interesting concepts.;)
There is only one more intro left and you officially know how everything works. If you are interested feel free to read my youtube-channel-description about the editor and fan-levels related stuff.
Now enjoy some sweet gameplay candy;)

Venus-Flytrap: Finished Intro
This is the last intro vid. You now officially know the rule-set and can roughly estimate some qualities of the game. I wanted to make it a bit of a lesson in addition. So there is certainly something to learn from it.

If you like grid-based puzzle and/or dexterity games, this game will make you happy.;)

TrapThem on smartphones: The only shortcoming
Beginner's play 2: Enjoy how can be done the wrong way:
Beginners Play 2:
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Now I am searching for interested testers who are also allowed to create their own fan-maps. Despite its small space TrapThem offers you maximum game, so much to discover. If you are interested then feel free to convince yourself. Just contact me on youtube or RetroAdvance@web.de.

These are some of the test-levels:

Do you have a beta that people can play - minus the need for continuous feedback?
Looks like something I wouldn't mind messing around with but don't really have the time to be an official tester of sorts.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
I was also just curious: Are you likely to implement a timer feature?  It seems that with some of the levels having multiple ways to be completed, there may be some room for competition.
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There is no need to test for bugs. I just want to see how you approach the game. Just play it after you watched the intro-vids or play it simulaneosly to verify the current intro-vid you are watching. Just play the stuff that appeals most to you and report me your experience. That is all I want.

It shall please several tastes. If you like slow-paced puzzle-challenges requiring creativity and heavy analytical thinking to be solved then try "thiefwork4" or "guillotine1/2". If you like action try "teamwork" and "thiefguide1". If you like stealth and deflection there is the "stealth"-series to start with. However start with easy maps like "bottle" before approaching more advanced stuff.