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So from your ad experience, how does the updated description sound to you?
Dood Trigger™
Sounds much better.
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J_SNAKE: 2013-05-05 07:44:28 am
How do you like that little clip. Do you think I should keep it as a short teaser?

Trailer prototype. Let me know how you like it.

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J_SNAKE: 2013-06-22 03:40:58 pm

Indie Lover
your game showed up on my greenlight queue just now! congrats on putting it there!

it was kinda strange seeing your game there in fact...
anyway, best of luck in your project!
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J_SNAKE: 2013-06-22 04:00:22 pm
J_SNAKE: 2013-06-04 06:36:36 pm
Ok, so TrapThem's release on Desura is around the corner and I hope some of you guys are going to appreciate it:

Get the Windows Demo here:

I would like to share the bigger picture why TrapThem has been created:

In the long run one big goal of mine is to create a "metroid-rethought". It is an original game taking the roots of metroid but expanding them to its own thing. However I want  to add new mechanics and deeper repercussions to the game. In order to do that properly I decided to elaborately study the qualities of these mechanics in separate projects. One of them is TrapThem:

Here the focus is on new  block-mechanics. In contrast to the game Boulder Dash you now have the complete control about where the boulder will collapse, it is not pre-baked to certain locations. In addition the boulder is sticky and will connect to its neighbor-blocks when it is resting. It might sound hard to understand on the first read but once you take a glance at some footage you will see it is fairly intuitive.

Now with new mechanics comes a new universe to explore, and that is what TrapThem sets out to do. By now I can confidently say the amount of variety and depth of play TrapThem can generate in a tiny space is astounding. In the end its valuable results will carry over to other bigger projects. Meanwhile I hope TrapThem gets the attention it deserves.

TrapThem is intended to be a complete game by release, from beginning to the end. Every finite gameplay detail has been spent a lot of attention. The gameplay will get pretty technical and demanding. Grow in its system, develop more and more ideas and techniques to solve the challenges.
I have created TrapThem-Remote Control in addition, a puzzle shooter alternative to TrapThem with new caves to explore.

The game is complete waiting to be released. Interested can get the Windows-Demo here:

Here is a short impression:


There will be smaller side projects in the future since I am considering to get into android and playstation mobile development. But after the release of TrapThem-RC the work on big projects like Super Metroid Tournament will start. Interested will follow it on the SMTac youtube page until announced otherwise:

There might be some of you on the fence with this. TrapThem is now included in the indieroyale bundle together with 7 other games, which is dirt cheap.


Thank you and keep playing smart;)
TrapThem is now greenlit. Thank you everyone who supported it:)

Trap Them is now on Steam:


For the puzzle fans on here, I hope to see few of you around.
Here is a short interview on Budget Gaming Review with some good questions. It reflects the mindset behind the game well:


A review for german guys:

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J_SNAKE: 2015-10-09 04:02:34 pm
Trap Them - Sniper Edition is now available on Steam (formerly known as Trap Them - Remote Control).
It is a puzzle shooter alternative to Trap Them with new caves to explore.

Steam Store Page:

Have an intriguing puzzle-solving time!