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Run Samus, you can't go anywhere!
Hello all,

I am starting this topic to allow for TASers to discuss strategies in hopes that future TASers may have some knowledge and wisdom to start off with as they begin their runs.  I welcome everyone to contribute as they wish (some how-to tutorials from our TAS veterans would be AWESOME!!!).

Also, I think it would be pretty cool to see all the veterans of SM meet up sometime for the fun of it - this is a really neat community, and I could see it being a really fun time had by all.  I hope I'm not the only one who's ever thought of this to be a good idea.......... :P

Anyhow, let's try not to get too off-topic.  Let's get this thread rolling!
I highly doubt I need to say this, but for those unclear on what a TAS is, go to http://tasvideos.org/WelcomeToTASVideos.html, or just search for one among these forums.
Thread title: 
1. There's really no need to worry about SM TASers having to find places to discuss TASing details (especially considering that the well-known TASVideos forum is specifically designed for that, and has an irc aswell as a Discord server).
2. Regarding SM, about the whole community is on and is using Discord for discussions like these amongst other things ( https://discordapp.com/invite/rT2fWZt ).The link to this place is on the main page of the SM Wiki ( https://wiki.supermetroid.run/Main_Page ) and that page also has info on other announcements and events.
3. Regarding SM activities, the Metroid2002 forum is effectively dead (and has been for years), and if anything (other than Discord or twitch or TASVideos), then the Metroid Construction (which is still active and also has an own Discord server which is where one actually will find the SM hacking folks more than directly on the forum) forum would probably be the next best place for threads like this one. I'm just checking into this place from time to time (and at this point I might be the only one doing that) looking for if there's still more and more lonely SM people here that don't know yet where all of the SM activities are happening nowadays, aswell as for new people that don't know any better than trying to contact SM people on this forum.

Other than this, there is only a few SM TASers anymore, and for the original game there is Sniq who will be finishing a new 100% TAS expectedly in a few weeks (since only Tourian is left now after all 100 items have been collected). If you want information or feedback or resources/material from TASers or about TASing, I'd suggest joining the Discord servers or checking some links among the ones listed on here out: https://wiki.supermetroid.run/ED%27s_stuff

Regarding SM community veterans meeting up, I assume you don't have good insights into that because a good amount of them is connected and talk to each other regularly, but if you refer to SM TASers, then some of them aren't around anymore or are hard to contact (e.g. via personal messages on TASVideos). If you mean a meeting in real life, then that is rather unlikely to happen I'd think, and the best way to do something like that would probably be by means of some speedrun marathon event.