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red chamber dream
Right. If you are going by SDA as the official source, then no, a SW run with a faster time will not be the new WR. At m2k2, SDA is the only speed run site that really matters, and when most users talk about "getting a new WR", they are referring to getting a WR at SDA.
This is pretty random but oh well. I've been attempting a speed run for the past few months, but I always get bored by the time I beat spire for the first time. and now that my L button is broken, it could be a while before I'm even able to play the game. >_< Frigging gravity.

oh, and someone at the nintendo forums was calling a speed run a "rush record". Woah.  laugh new And then someone posted jackie's little video of his recordin the same thread, and didn't specifically claim it as his own, but he was makin other people think it was his.  Rolling Eyes
Yeah, I'm gonna go check that out and kick some ass.  Thanks for the heads up primetime.
lol, its probably way far back in the list by now. Like page 20 or 30 at least.
Good ol' search bar.  Took me a while to get the username part to work.
Quote from primetime:
now that my L button is broken, it could be a while before I'm even able to play the game.


Do you use a DS Lite?

If so, I think maybe there's something wrong with them. A LOT of people who have DS Lites that I've talked to eventually said something about their L button being broken, and that happened a bit to me as well. Nintendo might have released a bad set of Lites.
Yeah, I do. But it fell out of the car and onto the street when I opened the door. And it landed on the L button. So thats why. Fortunately I should be able to replace it tomorrow. I was going to do it today but EB games was out of em.

Edit: oh, and I don't think its just the lites cuz it happened to my friend on his regular DS and he was just playin normally.
Well, my dslite is still fine.  My old fat DS didn't have any problems either when I had it.

Anyways, about the guy.  Yeah, I seem to pissed him off now so I'll be making at least 2 more messages before bothering him.  Don't wanna make a mountain out of an anthill
red chamber dream
Molehill. The expression is "make a mountain out of a molehill".
First Play Through

Total Game Time:  8hours 42minutes 22seconds
Gorea Phase1 Time: 11minutes
Gorea Phase2 Time: 2minutes 18seconds

Total Enemies Killed: 1107

Item Percentage: 81%
Working on a 100% run. So far, I just finished Arcterra 1; got 4 Octoliths and all weapons.
Gawd, I should start Speed Running again.  I know I can beat 1:27.  Oh yeah btw, I restarted my MPH card because I had a 1 disconnect on wifi (BSoD).  At least I still have the video to prove it on Youtube.
Well, did Alinos Part 3 today. I decided not to save when I got to the ship so I could check my scans real quick; good thing I did, too. Turns out although I was not missing any lore or objects, I WAS missing three creatures. I've confirmed them to be Trace, Triskelion, and Magma Voldrum. Luckily, all three can be found on Alinos; just need to keep resetting until it says Trace is on the planet. The Magma Voldrum, however, is a loss; I'll need to boost up to the top of Alinos Perch during the escape and scan it real quick. I'll lose maybe 15 seconds if I'm quick, so it's not too big of a loss.

Anyway, if you couldn't figure it out yet, I'm almost done. I'll post the time when I finish, which might be as soon as tomorrow - assuming I decide to finish then.
Sorry for the double post, but I finished my run.

Total Game Time: 1:52
Deaths: 0
Gorea Battle Time: 5m 52s
Hunters and Guardians Defeated: 45
Complete: 100%

New WR. :D
red chamber dream
Well, it'll be the new WR once it's up on SDA, at least. But congrats!
fork is so loyal. we <3 that about you.
Quote from Arkarian:
Well, it'll be the new WR once it's up on SDA, at least. But congrats!

It won't be anytime soon; I didn't record it (no camera :(), and it doesn't look like I'll be able to get a camera for a while.
Total Game Time: 6h 08m 55s
Percent: 15%
Missile Expansion - 0
UA Expansion - 0
Energy Tank - 0
Octoliths: 100%
Overall scans: 2%
Equipment scans: 85%
Lore: 4%
Bioform: 0%
Object: 2%
Deaths: 25
Hunters Gaurdians Defeated: 60
Gorea Phase 1 time: 0h 06m 13s
Gorea Phase 2 time: 0h 06m 31s
Is that a low% run? I've tried those before, but too hard. >_< Congrats on completing one.
Unless somebody has found a way to skip a weapon or Octolith, 15% is still the lowest possible percent as far as I know.
All I know how to really skip is a key, but they don't count towards the %......
My first complete time:

Clear Time: 16.35.03
Gorea battle 1: 57.02 (minutes)
Gorea battle 2: 15.43 (minutes)

47 death
Hunters & guardians defeated: 72

That game was hard, my opinion hardest game on Prime series. Gorea 1 took almost 1 hours to beat, because that boss was frustrating and long. Gorea part 2 took 12.45 minutes beat.

I think i,ve never speedrun this game, but i not sure yet. Maybe near future.

My first completion is slowest first complete time here. Hah hah laugh new
Lol.  I'm stuck on the second boss.  I'm still what I call a "Metroid Prime Dummy", and without lock-on, I'm really, really bad.  With practice, I'll get better at this game someday.  I predict I will get a first completion time of 25 hours or more.
25 hours are really bad first comletion. My 16 hours is bad enought. I think your first completion must be faster than 25 hours. I think easily sub 20 hours.

Looks my Gorea battle. Actually it is slowest here. Slower than Youshi348 Gorea battle. I really have trouble destroy his hands. Last round took almost 30 minutes and battle total took 57 minutes + second form 15 minutes  +couple deaths. Battle took almost 1.30 hours total.

This game is really difficult speedrun.
Are you sure I can get sub 25 hours on my first run of this game?  As I stated, I'm a Metroid Prime dummy, especially without lock-on.  It would be a pretty awful time, but I'm not exactly an expert at this game.  I can't even beat the second boss.  (Or, at least, I haven't yet.)

Although, I haven't played through much of the game, so who knows.  I may get 10 hours or something, but I doubt it.

I agree that this game would be really hard to speedrun.  Maybe the hardest.  The lack of lock-on makes a big difference, doesn't it?