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tiki is playing piano!
it happens
kinda weird to watch someone play the piano then lean over to make a comment on the chat.
i taught him how to play this song.
well he keeps messing up. fucking fantastic job you did
It always takes me like 10 tries to get that capsule
noo he went under.
reset lol.
i love this game btw.
lol you can't see any of the parts falling down from the first stage boss because it's half framerate.
this boss is evil for speedrunning too.
you're actually watching a stream nate? cool
gotta love tiki's commentary too
i'm in the library ;-[
theoretically easier to get more work done in a day if i keep changing locations
looks like you're working hard
rotfl. shame tiki can't go to the marathon
time to head home
I beat MMX5 In 3 hours. I played it straight it was fun beating Sigma with Gaea Armor.
oh yeah well i beat it In 2 hours!!!!