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Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
If you could introduce new powerups to the Metroid series, what kinds of stuff would you put in? Some examples of mine (few of them serious ones):
- PPC (Particle Projector Cannon): Plasma beam replacement, based on Kinetic Energy rather than Fire. Punches through enemies and sends them flying.
- Swarm Missiles: Get the advantages of Seeker Missiles, but using a single missile, covering a wide area and keeping the enemy at bay.
- Dual Grapple Beams: Link gets Double Clawshots, so the next logical thing to do is give Samus two Grapple Beams.
- Chameleon suit: This suit is green, a yellowish-tan, and a dark grey, with a camo-themed color pattern on it. This suit masks Samus' presence from most targeting systems, and if she moves slowly enough or stands still for a sufficient period of time, she can charge up a cloaking device. This cloaking device will remain active if she is moving quickly, but not for very long. In addition, it will flicker when ever she uses weapons or certain abilities.
Rocket-Jump Boots (comedy-powerup): If you fire a Missile at the ground below you just as you jump, you will go flying, higher and further than Super Metroid's Gravity Jump glitch could ever take you. Tip: You can go even further with Super Missiles.

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Part-time philosopher
Loving the chameleon suit, think it'd be more appropriate as a standard upgrade than as a suit in and of itself though. I'd post some of mine but i'm up way past my bedtime...
PPC: kinetic energy seems like it would step on the Missile's toes, if not the Boost Ball.
Part-time philosopher
How about giving Samus a melee weapon?
Hey can some one tell me metroid trilogy friend codes
red chamber dream
uh uh....Grundor.!
I've always wondered if elements could be combined with seeker missiles, like how ice missiles are in fusion and prime 3. It'd be neat to be able to switch between elemental missiles, and then have the ability to fire multiple targets simultaneously with a certain element using missiles... and make it actually USEFUL for combat too coughprime3cough
Deep Suit- Allows access to dangerously high pressures without reinforcement from shields.
(Echo visor)
Maneuvering jets/magnetic boots- toggles to allow 3d movement in no gravity areas.
you know how in super princess peach there was like an emotion bar where you could get some power-up based on what emotion you made peach feel, what if there was something like that for Samus. For instance she would run faster when she was scared of something, or have more health when she would be thinking about Adam. the potential is limitless.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
They did something like that called the entire plot of Other M.
red chamber dream
wasn't that aspect of super princess peach derided by feminists everywhere

you don't want to upset the feminists!!!!!!!
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Well I mean making crying Peach's super power is pretty bad.
Peach Crying is amazing for speedruns though :(
red chamber dream
i've always really wanted to play that game
Quote from arkarian:
i've always really wanted to play that game

It's actually a legit platformer, and I tried a few IL's too. It's actually surprisingly a good speedrun game too, with really good movement and depth in vibe management :P Only problem is, you have to save every toad to beat the game -_-''