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red chamber dream
you might remember from earlier in the year when a bunch of people from sda (which is the same as m2k2; it's where speed runs are posted) got together in real life and held a 72-hour speed run marathon, raising over $10000 for charity. well we're doing it again next year, and it's going to be even bigger and better!

this time, the marathon's going to last 100 hours and run from 6 january to 10 january 2011. the exact location isn't confirmed yet but will be in the washington, dc area like previous years. we're planning on renting a house or other large building to hold everyone, so if you're interested in staying with everyone there, say so in the head count thread on sda. there will probably be limited space so you may not be able to stay at the house (especially if you're not running any games for the marathon), but there are plenty of cheap hotels in the area too.

also, the video game/music festival magfest starts soon after the marathon and is right near dc. in previous years we all met there, and a lot of people from sda are going to attend this one too.

finally, check out sda's marathon board, particularly the planning thread, for more details.

so if you'd like to meet me, nate, and many others from m2k2sda, either post here or there to let us know you're coming!
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ryu: 2010-08-04 06:05:10 pm
Chances are rather high I'll have to stop studying for a while. I'm planning on trying to get work to make some money in the meanwhile. Should this work out I'd put soemthing aside to fly over.

but then, if I have a job I might not get free for those days ...
red chamber dream
hopefully it works out, though a job is pretty important lol. would be great to see you there.
I'm not coming.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
are sdaers enormous tools irl or is that just a show for the internet? this may or may not effect my decision.
Bananas GOOD, Kremlings BAD
Last year everyone was very easy to get along with and it was easy-going.  We didn't have any interpersonal "dramas" to my recollection. Maybe there were, but I didn't know.

That might very well change seeing as there will be a lot more people coming and there -could- be clashes.

I honestly think people deep-down knew that things might fall apart if there were bad attitudes present.
red chamber dream
nah they're way better irl for the most part, but still pretty high-strung.
Bananas GOOD, Kremlings BAD
...and that might have kept people in good behavior.
red chamber dream
yeah heh. there were a few people like me though who just like to dick around, so that was fun.
Club 27 Goals
I'll see if Andrew would be willing to go, and I could tag along with him. I think it'd be fun :D
didn't know andrew was gay.
Club 27 Goals
Hey now, he's %100 straight last I heard.
oh sorry i guess he's just a friend then.
Club 27 Goals
friends with benefits lololo

No but seriously we're just good friends right now.
i think he has the record for biggest number of people brought into the forum. even i can't beat him since rachel and fingercuffs and such people don't come on any more and all i have to show for rl people now is my sister who may or may not count depending on how we are counting.

he's even more bad ass because he rarely comes on or posts himself.
Club 27 Goals
It kinda bugs me that he NEVER posts, although not as much now as it did before. What's funny is he must be the biggest lurk ever, since whenever I ask him something like "Oh did you see blah-blah-blah's post in the social topic?" He almost ALWAYS knows what I'm talking about.
he's got invisibility turned on then because i've never seen him in the userlist.
red chamber dream
either that or just doesn't log in.
I think i throw this out every year but if anyone is happening to be driving through boise idaho on there way to this and need someone to cut the gas expense in half and some company on the trip, im your man! Also willing to just be tied up and thrown in the trunk if thats what it will take to make it to this lol
lol no way
The chances of me making it are pretty extremely low, and to be honest tate from here (also boise) I'd probably just train or bus there, I definitely wouldn't be driving, I worry my little car couldn't make it. And also it's my parents' car so I mean come on, not likely ha. But it would be real real to do it. :/
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ryu: 2010-11-03 06:55:42 am
i wish i knew where to fucking look for flight possibilities and prices. checked a reknown company and their prices fluctuate from 700 to 1000 euros for both flights (ger-us, us-ger).

but there should be cheaper possibilities. though i want to avoid the total bottom of the barrel

nate you remember what you were flying with last time you were in germany? i remember you were once in berlin while studying germanistik
lufthansa ... nicht so billig dann und fast sicher nicht so billig jetzt ;-[
ja, haha. lufthansa sind die, die ich vorhin abgecheckt hab mit dem genannten preisraum
mh looks like it might be cheaper around magfest after all. just found one for 500€ around that time

but it depends on how my work will look like. even if i have the money i might not be able to fly over without quitting my job. which won't be an option for me

i'll just put some money aside, just in case.
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ryu: 2010-11-03 04:06:03 pm
what are the closest air ports around magfest? also, who's going there anyways? think i heard about some people dropping out after the marathon.