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red chamber dream
Quote from Poision Envy:
haha you got samuel? that's pretty awesome

heh i was surprised too but i made it on day one so early adopter privilege ftw i guess
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
You mean you didn't automatically go for something 1337, like xXxSaMuElThEMaStErKiLlErXxX?
OK so for those of you who do have the system already, how are the games so far? From what I've heard NSMB U is one of the better 2D Marios in recent years, but otherwise I don't know if anything else has been received that well.
red chamber dream
nsmbu is fantastic. it's maybe my favorite mario sidescroller. the only other game i've played so far is epic mickey, but i'm only a couple of minutes in so i can't really judge it yet
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
Quote from tomatobob:
Quote from UchihaSasuke:
hm, this thread died quickly. not a good start for thw Wii U.

A small forum of jaded assholes not buying a Wii U at launch doesn't say anything about the Wii U's start.

well, it wasn't a totally serious comment. i just found it weird that no one posted in the following days.
red chamber dream
i've been playing it a lot, just doesn't seem like anyone else on the forum has one
red chamber dream
beat mario u yesterday, going for all the coins now ... the later levels are really fucking awesome
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i did beat NSMBU the day i got it but haven't played it to get everything yet because i'll do that when my friend has free time and she is on final exams now. we got 100% in NSMBW this way and it is easier than doing it solo (and more fun) and repeating the tradition with NSMBU is fitting (too bad the 3DS NSMB doesn't have single cart multi).
since i didn't get any other games, i have barely played. i've been mostly playing 3DS stuff.
i got nsmbu and sonic racing transformed.

just missing the console
i just played nsmbu and nintendo land at a friends place. nsmbu was total chaos with 5 people, but a lot of fun. problem is you've got to have the right friends with you though. i have some i could never play this with because they'd end up getting overly worked up.
from what i've seen it didn't seem much different from nsmbw. i think that's still far from being as good as mario bros. 3 and mario world. but a lot of that is because of the bland graphics that remind me far too much of cheap flash games. the 3d models are pretty good, but i'm not too happy with how everything else looks. it just doesn't look very interesting visually.

nintendo land is bloody awesome. i had a lot of fun with the mario chase game and the way they integrated miis works much better than i ever could have imagined
red chamber dream
hmm maybe i'll have to buy it
I take it you didn't get the deluxe system, then, since the game is supposed to come with that.
red chamber dream
correct, i didn't feel like paying 50 extra bucks for nintendo land and a stand
red chamber dream
i'll get it when it's much cheaper
I thought there was more than that in the deluxe over the basic one. Might just be the extra GB storage space I'm thinking of.
red chamber dream
yeah but who cares about that, i probably won't download many games and can just use my big sd card for everything else
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UchihaSasuke: 2012-12-16 03:00:32 am
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
there's also the promotion which gives you back 10% of your digital purchases. that's the main reason i got the deluxe (the extra game + storage + stand are nice too)

since i plan to buy most games digitally, i'm saving around $20 per game roughly (games are $15 more than in USA in my country and the promotion gives you about $6 back in eshop coupons because games are $60. that was too much to give up with a standard model)
red chamber dream
yeah see i was gonna do that but i just don't see the wii's shop and menu system being nice enough for me to want to use them
red chamber dream
would rather just stick with discs with nintendo's shit for now ... the next playstation and xbox though i'm definitely going all digital
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UchihaSasuke: 2012-12-16 03:28:42 am
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i see. for the same price it isn't really worth it to go digital with the current hurdles (i'd buy the discs if they were the same price). hopefully, they improve the system stuff in the coming year and include system transfer like on 3DS.
i got one for christmas. i've been enjoying the games i got for (mario u, nintendoland, sonic racing transformed) a lot so far. though the last one i'm not liking as much as its predecessor.. the game seems way less polished. i guess they changed too much for a lower budget sequel and didn't have the time/resources to get it on the same level.
the community features of the wiiu are actually kind of neat. it's nice seeing random drawings of people every now and then

my network id is ryu2k2
red chamber dream
nice. i'll add you next time i'm on. mine's samuel btw in case you missed it.
red chamber dream

it's both surprising and not surprising at the same time
i honestly didn't expect them to let us use actual gcn controllers. that's some cool stuff right there, definitely buying it.
Club 27 Goals
Weird. I honestly had assumed this whole time they had GameCube ports already.

So uh, congrats I guess, lol