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arkarian: 2012-11-18 09:09:54 pm
red chamber dream
so, has anyone else got one? i'm actually impressed by the controller and hardware itself. shame none of the tv/internet services stuff is there yet, but from what i've used of the controller so far i suspect it will be pretty great.

haven't played enough of epic mickey 2 to have any sort of opinion on that yet. will be checking out new super mario bros u tomorrow for sure though.
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What'd you say?
My big question is will the Wii-U die out like the Wii did? Everyone was so hyped up, everyone bought one, and it quickly faded away. As of now, I'll just stick to retro gaming.
red chamber dream
i dunno, i've been playing my wii fairly consistently since it was released ... there are a lot of good games on the wii
What'd you say?
Huh, well, you're one of very few. Hopefully you enjoy the new system just as much, if not more.
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I agree about the Wii.  Of the current generation, it's my least used system by some margin.
red chamber dream
do you just not like good games or ... ?
The Wii was the shit back in the late 00's. Played stuff like Brawl and Mario Kart with my friends a lot. Then I got a PS3 and decided to catch up on a bunch of games that I missed over the years, so nowadays my Wii usually collects dust unless I feel like replaying Prime or something.
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Of course I like good games.  I've bought loads of games for all systems, and the order I would play them in, from most to least, would be PC, 360, PS3, Wii.
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I play mostly retro stuff on the Wii these days. The Wii IMO had plenty good games, though. I can say that I had A LOT of fun with at least 15 Wii games.
red chamber dream
it's got a lot of really good smaller/weirder sorts of games that never would have gotten the budgets they did if the wii hadn't come along. stuff like umbrella chronicles, wario land 5, lost in shadow, shattered memories ... all great games, and there's dozens more.
What'd you say?
When I think of good games for the Wii, I come up with the Zelda games, Metroid games, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and The New Super Mario Bros. Then again, I haven't really played many games, nor have I looked at any reviews. So, I'm probably far misled as to how many good titles there are.
I haven't checked Wii-U out much, but so far, I'm not that impressed or eager to get it.
Most of all because it's not backwards compatible with the Cube, and I got a Wii from a friend, but accidentally it was the newer version which doesn't support GC games either. So I'm quite bummed by that and have actually not played at all on it, even if I have both Mario Kart and MP3 for it... It just stands there and collects dust and I guess I'm a bit depressed over the whole thing.
Another thing that IMO would make the console better is if they could release all the controllers from all the way back to NES and make them usable on a Wii-U. Because I just can't play e.g. a NES game on a GC controller, nor do I like to play SNES games on a GC controller.
I think Nintendo has lost a lot of their greatness during the decades of development. And as far as I'm concerned, the last good console they released was the Cube. And there are many great games for that console.
I think they make all us retro fans a disservice with the marketing they have. It's always been NES and GC for me, and a bit of SNES (since I didn't hop on that bandwagon by the time it was released).
It's like Nintendo just want to develop, develop and beat the other consoles, without thinking that it's quite OK to be retro about gaming.
Heck, on PC I can still play games old as dust and enjoy them a lot more than most new games.
The development on the console market is going in the wrong direction and it feels like it's not properly focused.
Surely, by saying all this, I guess some people would call me overly rigid and nostalgic.
But gaming for me was rarely about the best graphics possible and odd gadgets and Internet connectability.
So all the talk ever since Wii was in the news, got me everything but excited.
I'm not sure I actually want this. I only got a Wii just to play Brawl and MP3 but then after that I wasn't that much interested in any other games. I bought Zelda SS and the new 007 Goldeneye and a few more but never bother to finish most of them but Brawl and MP3. After that I just played old school games on the virtual console until Homebrew came and just abused the homebrew just to play an emulator. But if the new Smash Bros come I may fool myself by just buying that game again and never play any others just like I did with the Wii which is the only thing I fear doing again.
red chamber dream
why should the wii u be backward compatible with an 11 year old console? gamecubes cost 30 bucks.
Anywhere, everywhere
Quote from arkarian:
why should the wii u be backward compatible with an 11 year old console?

Well it is backward compatible with the Wii. oh ho ho ho ho

I honestly don't see any reason to get this at this point. I'm sure as more games come out / some of the OS load time problems that have been reported are ironed out, I'll have more incentive, but for now, I'm holding off. Looks like a fun system, though. I really like the design of the controller.
red chamber dream
it's not really though, it's just an emulator afaict

but yeah i dunno, i just like fucking around with new hardware. can't resist picking up the latest game consoles cuz i'm a consumer whore. i did get the white model though, so i'm not THAT much of a whore ... right??
What'd you say?
Wait, a chance to call Ark a whore? Yea, you're still a whore. aiwebs_017
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Ark, I know you have to do a full system transfer - so you may not have done it or may not want to do it - but have you transferred your Wii saves to the Wii U? I'm wondering if load times are at all improved, especially for something like Prime 3. I'm doubting it, since it just seems to be a Wii emulator, but I'm still curious.
red chamber dream
haven't tried (yet, i guess) ... i don't see a reason to really, since my old wii (two of them, actually) is still sitting in my tv stand.

there's something to be said for not having to swap out discs when i'm playing, say, both a wii and a wii u game at the same time.
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Yeah, I figured if/when I get one, I probably won't transfer as well. Playing brawl without GC controllers would just be criminal
red chamber dream
i dunno, the d-pad on the wii u is vastly superior to the gamecube's; it's the best d-pad nintendo has ever made ... i'd imagine the pro controller has the same one
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hm, this thread died quickly. not a good start for thw Wii U.

at least the system can play Wii games in upscaled 720p or 1080p. i need an HDMI splitter to play with 1080p and stream at the same time since i can only get up to 720p with component (1080i blows).
the system actually has the Wii processor inside it. it was reported that the CPU is an upgraded version of the Wii's processor and the system becomes a Wii when you run BC (Wii mode). it is pretty much what the Wii did when you played GC games on it or what the 3DS does when you run DS games on it.

i bought it at launch because it's going to cost the same for a while and i'd rather have it now than wait for a price drop, especially if it's going to be a few years. there's also that promotion that you get some cash back with digital purchases with Deluxe models and i decided to go full digital with this because i'd be saving about $15-20 per game due to digital costing the same in all of america (i can finally buy with USA prices and not the local ripoff prices)

so, is this the thread where we post our Nintendo network ID? mine is UchihaMadao.
red chamber dream
Quote from UchihaSasuke:
at least the system can play Wii games in upscaled 720p or 1080p

no, it can't

Quote from UchihaSasuke:
so, is this the thread where we post our Nintendo network ID? mine is UchihaMadao.

sure. mine is samuel.
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haha you got samuel? that's pretty awesome
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Quote from UchihaSasuke:
hm, this thread died quickly. not a good start for thw Wii U.

A small forum of jaded assholes not buying a Wii U at launch doesn't say anything about the Wii U's start.