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Now a little background about me. I consider myself a movie critic as well as a game critic. This movie came to me in a dream, at least 2/3’s of it are directly from a dream, where I was Samus Aran. The rest of it, the last 1/3, just neatly fit together like a puzzle piece. Now normally in the mornings, I wake up and feel depressed and suicidal. But in this dream, after I woke up I felt glorious, like this would be an excellent feature film, like no other of its kind. Like my life had meaning and purpose. I call myself ReincarnationOfSamus because I feel like I am actually Samus from another life, and that Metroid will actually happen in the future. In my dream where I was Samus I felt right and like who I actually am supposed to be. Right now I am born male, but I feel in the future I will reincarnate into the right body. I do not ask for money in this script because I know people will just steal my ideas and not pay for it. But at least we can make a Brilliant Nintendo film, without it being terrible like many feature films. 

In the beginning it starts out like Metroid Prime, there is a distress signal on Pirate Frigate Orpheon. But it is a little bit different. Samus encounters 2 human researchers at the start of the vessel, a blond girl and a 1 wheeled robot with a british accent. (The robot is not a human, but is called human because he is a robot of the humans.)
Samus encounters these 2 at the beginning of the ship, in the first room inside the ship in Metroid Prime. They join together and start exploring the ship, but the robot keeps bumbling, making stupid decisions and bumping in to things. Eventually, because of the robot’s bumbling the ship starts falling apart. Samus gets incredibly irritated, and the walls collapse in front of the team, trapping them inside the ship. They get a message saying they have only 15 minutes before the entire ship collapses and falls apart (not explodes). The danger is that only Samus has a space-suit, and her ship can only hold 1 person. Samus asks the 2 where their space ship is, and they tell her it won’t be back for a half-hour, they sent it elsewhere for a multi-tasking errand (getting veggie pizza. Samus is a meat-eater, starting a minor argument between the two girls, later in the movie Samus starts becoming vegetarian the more she knows the girl).

The 2 seem unable to have any ideas, panic and say they are doomed. But Samus starts thinking, she finds flat boards, as flat as large as she can, and uses her Charge Beam to molt them together. She takes a break and sips off her plastic bottle of water, but realizes it leaks at a molecular level, even when the top is closed tightly. So she urgently finds plastic wrap to cover the entire thing with, and also finds a mattress (from one of the Space Pirate living-quarters) to put into the make shift spaceship, because it could be a while. Eventually the ship falls apart, and all 3 safely are inside the make-shift spaceship, with a limited supply of oxygen. The camera exits the ship as they fall to Tallon IV, but then the music changes to urgency.

They realize the ship is not working correctly, it is falling too fast. It will burn up in the atmosphere. Samus then has an idea. If Samus can merge her Cyborg DNA with the girl, the girl will be compatible with the Nanotech which makes up her suit. Samus cuts the girl on the hand and merges her blood with hers. Samus’s Nanotech now enters her blood. (Shows a CGI cutscene of microbes and bacteria like Metroid Prime.)

Samus takes the girl and robot into space. Since the robot doesn’t need oxygen, Samus takes turns switching the Varia suit on and off with her. The Varia suit envelopes the girl, then it envelops Samus and the girl is exposed again. Samus endures 10 seconds of space, the girl endures 5. And each time, Samus uses her Jump Boots to slow their descent. This is an endearing, powerful scene of friendship and sacrifice. Eventually they make it through the atmosphere, very slowly, and Samus enters her Gunship, quickly creates a makeshift parachute out of spare rope and material, and throws it to them, so they all safely fall to the ground. (This creates a minor plothole question…why does samus not simply let them ride on top of her gunship? Well the answer is, its too hot. It just went through Reentry. Thus in the movie this should be mentioned somewhere in the dialogue.)

They enter the ground, and it is just, lush green Beautiful forest and green grass. Samus starts singing like a Disney musical, one of the best songs you ever heard. She starts singing about the ruins of the village, and “this used to be my home, they took me in as one of there own, now it’s my turn to save their home”. Samus takes the hand of the girl and its clear they have romantic feelings for each other.

Then they walk to a shopping mall. The planet, unlike Metroid Prime, has rudimentary humans on it. They are peaceful humans with not much technology (which is why they couldn’t help Samus on the earlier scene.) They don’t believe in having much technology, and just love the peaceful Chozo which is why they decided to make it their home, after the Chozo left mysteriously. (At this point in time, the humans cannot decode Chozo lore and don’t know they are sitting on the Great Poison.) Now the movie is a little bit like Super Mario Movie, where there are so human elements like shopping malls and flatboards, and it’s not just dark technology constantly. But it’s a serious movie, way more serious than Super Mario. Think of it like Star Trek where you do see some common human elements from the 2000’s, but it fits into the movie and its still a serious movie.

So Samus and the girl go into the shopping mall, the robot goes into the mall but takes a turn to the Electronics section and is never heard from again. Samus is browsing clothes, talking to the girl showing her the mall, Samus says “This mall is just the same as the one from my childhood home!” Samus starts singing about the beautiful mall from her childhood home, and spinning dancing around like a Disney movie. The girl is browsing clothes, Samus goes around behind a pillar on the wall and comes around, sees Ridley next to the girl, holding her head. Ridley turns off a hologram and all the humans in the mall were fake, and the mall was ruins. And this is when the movie turns very dark. Ridley says “You’re next”, laughs and then leaves. Samus is in shock and trembling, does not even try to fight Ridley. Samus goes to her friends dead body, crying and trembling. The music starts to turn evil, like a variation of Magmoor Depths, but is not magmoor depths remix, it’s own original song, more Disney evil sounding.

Samus is now alone and lonely, shows her frequently just sitting on stones and staring, doing nothing but contemplating. All the humans on the planet have actually been wiped out by either Ridley or the Great Poison. The movie starts to become about lonliness, and how her character starts to break. She frequently shoots harmless animals, just because. She eats them for their meat, but then it shows she kills some just for sport. This explains how in the games, she always shoots everything that moves, even somewhat harmless animals. She becomes, a dark silent anti-hero. In the movie, Ridley and Kraid have speaking roles. And one of the Space Pirate experiments becomes a Traitor, complains to Samus that he was a prisoner being experimented on by these sick scientists. Also, Metroid Prime has a speaking role, constantly infecting her head with Dark Telepathy and manipulating her throughout the movie. Metroid Prime expresses Jealousy of her life and how ugly he is, constantly declaring that “No matter what, I will win, I will be you, as powerful as you are, and your world will fall to poison. I will rule them all, even the Space Pirates. Even Ridley will bow to me. I will enjoy the beautiful life that you have. It is regrettable that Ridley had to kill your girlfriend, I specifically asked him not to. I wanted her for myself. Hahaha. But alas, in payment for his defiance I will give you this. To defeat Ridley, shoot him in the place which is where he has the least strength.” Metroid Prime, being a puzzle game, has a lot of puzzles, and so the movie will have a lot of riddles as well. Samus is immediately angered and frustrated by Metroid Prime’s advice. But then in the heat of combat, when she is about to die, and her vision is fuzzy, it suddenly comes clear what he had meant. Ridley’s weakness is that he is heartless, his heart has no strength. Thus she shoots him in the heart, with a Missile, and he dies.

At this point in the movie, Commander Adam constantly advises Samus to call in for his assistance. But Samus repeats over and over that this crusade is “personal” and she must do it herself. At this point, she is infected by the poison and partially Mind-Controlled by Metroid Prime. She is lured into his lair, thinking she is going to save the planet, which is what Metroid Prime wanted all along. Metroid prime obtains a sample of her DNA after he physically attacks her in his Jelly form. The natural mutagenic properties of the Poison start transforming his DNA into hers. This starts to create Tumors inside of him, Samus shoots him exploding the Tumors, but a drop of him remains. The drop is pure, free of defects and after she leaves, he, feeding on the ambient energy of the poison, asexually replicates, regains full consciousness and transforms into Dark Samus. Metroid Prime cannot fully be explained by Science however, even when just a puddle of cells, he still maintains a level of telepathic consciousness, as he had access to and studied all of the Chozo spiritual lores, especially the lores of the Chozo Ghosts. It is implied, but never fully stated that Metroid Prime’s goal is to rule the galaxy, by infiltrating and mind-controlling the Space Pirates, as well as the Galactic Federation, and eventually hoping Samus will take them out for her, so that Prime will have the power over their infrastructure. Samus, having a psychic connection with Prime, detected that Prime was being truthful when he said that he told Ridley not to kill her girlfriend, so it explains why Samus often hesistates and does not shoot Dark Samus instantly when engaged in combat with him/her, Samus actually has a bit of compassion for Dark Samus/Metroid Prime. After Prime is “defeated”, the planet explodes like at the end of Metroid Prime. But it is revealed that it was not Prime who caused the explosion, like the game implies. The movie reveals that the space pirates engineered an auto-destruct device when it detects both leaders, Ridley and Kraid have fallen. And it gives about 10 minutes for the rest of the Pirates to escape before it explodes.

Also, one of the subtle plot arcs of the movie is that Samus, being an orphan, doesn’t have a full personality. Metroid Prime is actually like a sister to samus, having no family of his own. In the beginning of the Movie, Samus’s girlfriend acts like the second-half of Samus’s mind, convincing her to be good and vegetarian. But after her death, Metroid Prime is now the second-half of Samus’s mind, and Samus is actually fighting with herself and her own morality the own movie. It is implied that Samus is not actually a lesbian, but bisexual, and her attraction to Commander Adam is because she wants someone who is strong, who can defend themselves, who will not be killed again like her last love was. And also, he is male, it is loosely implied she chooses this on purpose, so she can completely forget her alternate reality about her lost love and put it out of her mind and not think about it over and over again. During each movie sequel she becomes more and more schizophrenic, and her personality gets deeply and deeply confusing and tangled with each movie, partially due to Great Poison increasing with each movie, and partially due to the hardship and trauma she has to endure. Sometimes she starts to get forgetful and lost, occasionally hallucinates as well, due to the loneliness of her environment. But whenever she is on the radio with Commander Adam in the movies, she acts stoic and always says everything is under control.

Also, in the first movie most of the music is original songs, not taken from other games. But there is a scene where she has a mental breakdown in the Chozo Ice Temple and has a spiritual collapse, where she wants to pursue spiritual goals and awakening. But the music that plays is from the Chozo Main Temple, not Ice Temple. Also the intro music of the Distress Beacon is featured in the game. The end credits music has the Classic samus theme orchestral music.

Also, later on in the movie, the Robot returns, reprogrammed by Ridley as the Mecha Hive boss, fighting you and you must destroy him, like Rundas, and it truly gives depth to the epic choir music playing in the background.
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hey, can you do one of these for the sonic movie now?