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Club 27 Goals
Well since some people here have taken a liking to the ponies, and I'm sure most people would prefer to keep it out of the social topic, so I thought it would be best to try and contain it in one thread.

So to start off, for those of you who haven't heard of it yet, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the newest MLP show, and this time it's being done by Lauren Faust (the same lady who did Foster's home for imaginary friends, the power puff girls, and some others I'm forgetting). This means it's actually being made by someone who has made successful cartoons in the past, and it shows here. (little fun fact: Lauren also made a one-episode long cartoon about a family that smokes pot all day. She made it with a few other people, but it's funny to note nonetheless).

The animation is very well done, All the characters have unique personalities, and the show does a very good job at entertaining people outside of its target demographic with its good humor and other things. The amount of fan art, comics, and other things are fantastic as well, and I'll probably end up posting a lot of the good stuff in here.

ANYWAY, here's some links for anyone interested, or if anyone is just getting into it.
(NOTE: if you haven't watched any yet, go ahead and skip teh first two or three episodes. Starting on episode 4 would be best imo. The first two are pretty boring and lame, and the most girly. It gets a lot better after that) No, start with the pilot and watch in order, Poision is a dumb /Kenny

A fan blog site that gets updated daily with all sorts of pony-related news, fan art, and pretty much everything pony related. A lot of the awesome things I've found are thanks to this site.

PensivePony keeps all the episodes on his youtube channel, which is great for people who stream.

Here is a google docs with EVERY episode for download in every format you could possibly want. webrip, hd, 720p, 1080p, etc.

I'll update this if anything new comes up or whatever.

Hi Poision
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Club 27 Goals
and to try and get this thread off to a good start, I'll start by post a video that everyone should see since, in my opinion, it's a great example of the show's animation, as well as the kind of stuff the crazy fans make.

Oh yeah and this

so uh, feel free to post any picture or videos or whatever.
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Quote from Poision Envy:
it's being done by Lauren Faust (the same lady who did Foster's home for imaginary friends, the power puff girls

This explains so much about everything. Some of the facial animations reminded me of Dexter's Lab, since I've seen more of that than Power Puff Girls and Foster's, but Power Puff definitely fits that better.

The number one reason to watch anything regarding this show is the animation, it's really good. Like if you're one of those people that complains about every cartoon these days being shittily animated (Hi, it's me, I'm that person.), you need to be watching at least this and also Adventure Time if possible. Though I might put ponies first, much as I love AT.

It's super easy to write this of as a little girl show for girls and babies, but it but it actually strikes me as something me more along the lines of Looney Tunes and some mash up of older Saturday morning/after school type cartoons, maybe a bit of Rocko's Modern Life. It doesn't really do anything new in terms of episode plots, I think every cartoon and 90% of sitcoms have done episode 3's plot in some form or another and you can tell pretty much exactly what "type" of episode each one will be after the opening if you've seen cartoons before. But the execution is what really sells it, the characters are distinct and well written managing to be at least a little bit more than just their archetype and the animation is always spot on. Each episode also ends with a friendship speech which is just deliciously corny, like any good children's tv show should.

Also lol Fluttershy
Club 27 Goals
fluttershy is indeed awesome. After the flutterguy episode she is def my second favorite (applejack and dash are tied for first, I love them both equally for different reasons).

The fan art is what really drew me into the show at first, since it's great.

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God that Flutterguy thing was such a good gag. That song will never not be funny.

The second best part of that episode was that Rainbow's inability to fly properly seems like it could have been solved by just, you know, walking. Or at least been less disastrous. Fantastic episode.
Quote from Poision Envy:
Here is a google docs with EVERY episode for download in every format you could possibly want. webrip, hd, 720p, 1080p, etc.


Why would anyone use Megaupload for this.

Why would you just not create and update a torrent instead of uploading everything separately to fucking Megaupload. At least use Mediafire!
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After seeing this:

It occurred to me that replacing Maggie Gyllenhaal with an actual pony might have actually improved the film as a whole. Also they really have given everything the pony treatment by this point haven't they.
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Poision Envy: 2011-03-31 05:41:34 am
Club 27 Goals
I looked up Twilight's voice actor and I was really surprised to see all the different voices she's done. These are the ones that really stood out: Powerpuff girls: Bubbles, Ben 10: Ben Tennyson, The Fairly Odd Parents: Timmy Turner, Teen Titans: Raven, Family Guy: Meg (singing voice). She's also done voices for animes as well. After finding that out I went ahead and looked up all the voice actors. Applejack and Rainbow Dash are voiced by the same person, and Pinkie pie and fluttershy are also voiced by the same person.

Every single voice actor I looked up (including the small background characters you hardly ever hear/see, like Celestia) had all done a voice for Homtaro or Inu Yasha, usually both.

Rarity's voice actor did voices in .hack//Roots, Black Lagoon, Death Note, Dragonball Z, Hamtaro, InuYasha, MegaMan, Gundam, Powerpuff Girls Z, and Zoids.

Shannon Chan-Kent, Pinkie Pie's singing voice actor, is also Misa from Death Note (lol). Four other voice actors also did voices in death note, but they weren't any important characters iirc.
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Yeah, Tara Strong does a lot of stuff, if you've seen a cartoon recently she's probably voiced something somewhere in it. She's the only one of them that's been in anything I've really watched before for that reason.

It's also really funny to me when Twilight gets irritated and turns into Timmy Turner for a second.
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Oh lol, Fluttershy/Pinkie was a voice on ReBoot. I think I recall that character being annoying, suddenly less so.
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Club 27 Goals
lol I took a few screenshots at that part too. Pardon my streetched shot though, they didn't have this episode in 1080p ;(

Club 27 Goals
My favorite mlp fan artist decided to draw a piece of fan art today (for april fools). Heres an april-fools related comic as well.

Club 27 Goals
this is the kind of stuff he normally makes

Club 27 Goals
he also made this adorable comic about dash visiting sad dash and borrowing twilights ballon and stuff.

I'll stop spamming pics now, honest

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I love how the balloon is in the opening title of every episode and it didn't show up in an actual episode until, like, forever. I don't know why it's so funny to me.

Also p sure spamming pics and stuff is the entire point of any pony thread.
Club 27 Goals
memes starting to come from memes. It's like a memeception.

Club 27 Goals
I forgot to include the pinkie pie shrug in that picture, which is kinda ironic considering she was the first one that started it all. oh well.

Oh btw if you happen to come across a fanfic called 'cupcakes' don't read it. It's really gross and has an unnecessary amount of gore and stuff. To sum it up, pinkie pie makes a cupcake out of rainbow dash. Picture very related to the fanfic, only its supposed to be pinkie, not rarity.

Club 27 Goals
okay this is too freakin cool to not post, def the best instrumental I've heard of winter wrap up so far.

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lol It sounds a little like some of the music in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Quote from Poision Envy:
Oh btw if you happen to come across a fanfic called 'cupcakes' don't read it.

Just simplifying things. Though honestly having Pinkie make cupcakes as opposed to Rarity making a fine pony coat is quite the missed opportunity. That's what sequels are for I suppose.
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Gonna just drop this here. It was up for avatar consideration, but I figured it wouldn't trasnlate as well as I'd like and cutting it down just seemed wrong anyway.

My Little Pony?  For real?
Yep. The new series. It's surprisingly awesome.

Rainbow Dash is best character.
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Nuh-uh, Applejack is.Not talking

Quote from Opium:
My Little Pony?  For real?

Yeah, it owns you should check it out!
Applejack is probably my second favourite. Her or Pinkie Pie. Gotta love how she accomplishes things only on account of how she never bothered figuring out that they're impossible.