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That reminds me. Probably useless, but if you charge up a Power Bomb and unmorph, you fire a charge shot. Works even if you don't have power bombs yet.
I just realized something. If you WERE able to fight Ridley early, you would get stuck because of the lack of Grapple Beam. That could be why the developers prevented him from being fought early no matter what.

I know, what are the odds, but still...
Umm... Where do you need the Grapple for him?
To get out of his room after beating him.
Without it, you would be stuck in that room forever after beating Ridley.
Hm, does it really need the Grapple? I mean, can't you go out the same way you came?
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TheMG2: 2010-09-27 01:52:24 am
He destroyed the bridge.

EDIT: Heck, there is a whole Where's Waldo scene centered around that.

"Where's the exit?" *Ridley destroys the bridge*
Didn't you come to the room from the bottom, from the vent and had to Grapple up to the "arena"?
>.> No, you walk up a large curve on the outside.
No you didn't. You don't go through the vent until after you beat Ridley.
Hm? Ohwell, have to play it through again today then. I'm currently at Sector 1 after killing King Kihunter, so that won't take long. Expect that my main plan is to open a 5 Seeker Missiledoor with normal ones. At what point did the first one come by?
Sector 2. At the entrance to the gravity sector.
I know I'm going to walk past it. -.- How many Accel Charges are available by then? The one from the bathroom (Whole station has 1 of them?) atleas, but we're there other one before it?
There are two bathrooms actually. One of them is pointless.

I can't remember the other accel charge. Too much hard mode.
#1:  On the way to Diffusion Beam in the Bathroom
#2:  Sector 3, in the room where you get the ice beam; bomb the third round plate on the floor
#3:  Sector 2, underneath a rock
#4:  Sector 3, before Ridley

Those are usually the ones I pick-ups.
Which of them can be gotten pre Seekr Missile Door?
#1 and #2
So 3 can be gotten only after it? Or could you backtrack to the door after getting it?
Wait, not sure about the one in Sector 2.
The one in sector 2 is in the room with the tree spider giraffe. You may be able to backtrack to the seeker door if doors don't lock behind you. But I don't see the point. Accel charges don't let you fire missiles faster, they wouldn't help with opening the seeker door early.
Yeah, learned that later on. *headdesk* I'm at the door now, and at best I've got 3 locks off... I'm sure it's doable, even if useless.
Well, if you can get 3 locks off at a time that means you're about as fast as I am it would seem. That's about as far as I could ever get with it.
Hm, I dunno if I actually we're getting 3 locks... At what point does the lock "close"?

I suck at both awapping and blocking strats. -.-
Bangaa Bishop
I know this would be useless but is there any way to get into the area where the exam center is without a cutscene? e.g. is there any way to just walk around that big outdoor room?
Why? (and no I don't believe so)