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red chamber dream
Quote from Gamma_Metroid:
Okay, guys, since I'm definitely horrible at the secret message, I'm trying something slightly easier.

That's not slightly easier, that's way easier. Just letting you know.
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I normally wouldn't care, and would've just hit "Mark as Read", but the latest post thing had me confused.  I see what you did thar, Ark.  I see what you did thar. </nothing constructive>
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I just got a quest.

why don't people segment fusion? the ss 1 % have soo many mistakes that could probably make it sub hour.. and there is a billion save stations that is on the route... why?
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Considering how short the game is there isn't much point in segmenting it really. Saving also happens to take for freaking ever in this game so I think it may actually add more time than you'd save by doing each segment perfectly.
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What if you do two or three segments?
Saving adds about 10 seconds every time. I think the main reason, however, that there are no segmented runs on SDA, is that the single segment runs were actually just faster than the segmented ones, so there was no point in keeping them up.

Also, I'd like to see you do 1% SS and not make a few mistakes. Besides, IIRC, that's what BioSpark is doing right now.
Heh, progress is slow, I've only done a few tries. If I actually survive one time without too many mistakes, I should have 0:51 or 0:52.
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Well, it only adds 4 seconds and 22 frames to the ingame timer
Quote from P.JMan:
Well, it only adds 4 seconds and 22 frames to the ingame timer
Don't forget loading time.
My idea for a segmented is to use 8 or less saves.
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Quote from uNsane:
Don't forget loading time.

No, that is the loading time
I thought that was saving time. Silly me.
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Quote from uNsane:
Saving adds about 10 seconds every time.

Is that saving plus loading or just saving?
... It doesn't really matter. This isn't TAS or something. All I have to do is pick the saves carefully.
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Save at every three or four points (you can make up some lost time easily, given the mistakes are known).
red chamber dream
There's more to it than that.
I have two ideas writen down, one with 10 segments and one with 6 segments.
6 segments would be murder. I can't even imagine doing AQA and PYR in one segment, what with all those nasty shinespark/charge stuffs.

Let's see... for me, I'd have to go with save in SRX, then TRO, maybe before first SA-X if the eyedoor and Zazabi were perfect, then before Serris, then PYR, then either NOC or before Mega-X, then before unlocking yellow doors, then ARC before power bombs (long segment, though), use ship, then before Nettori, then at NOC, then before Ridley, then before SA-X, so 12 or 13 segments for me. Maybe that's just the sleep deprivation talking.
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That M2k2 guy
Guys I keep failing single segment any% attempts at SA-X. The kind of help I'm looking for is moral support, but some strategies might be useful, too. Mostly, though, I just need practice. >_<

Does anyone else seem to only have trouble on SA-X? O_o
The strategy I use on him is easy to do without getting hit at all.  Once SA-X enters the room, I go to the platform that is on the lower right (this is the first one that you go under when you first walk across the bottom of the room from the entrance).  I hold a charged shot and then jump down, releasing the shot at SA-X as soon as I hit the ground.  I immediately space jump back up to the platform and charge again, then repeat.  Sometimes SA-X will follow you up to the platform, which is actually a good thing because it's easier to know his whereabouts when he does that.  Simply step off of the platform as soon as he touches down on it.  After you land on the floor, he will land on the floor right next to you - then release the charged shot into his face and space jump back up to the platform to charge again.  Easy as pie.
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I tried and I can't do it. SA-X is easily the hardest boss in the game. I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem at least. I need more tips!
seriously - if you get my method down then SA-X is the easiest boss in the game.  probably won't hit you even once.
All aboard the soul train
Quote from Acheron86:
I tried and I can't do it. SA-X is easily the hardest boss in the game. I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem at least. I need more tips!

I can beat SA-X without getting hit once... I can tell you how to do it.

This won't guarantee anything, but:

Once SA-X enters the room, head to the lowest part of the map. When facing SA-X, shoot her (Charge Beam, of course). SA-X will try to jump at you, so back away a bit, while charging your next shot. When SA-X lands, shoot her again. Rinse and repeat until you're almost at a wall, then find away to get behind her and repeat the whole process. When not attacking SA-X, always charge your beam. If you don't think you can jump behind SA-X, shoot an Ice Missle and it will freeze her.

Her second form is easy. Whenever he lands, shoot a charge shot. Easy.

If low on health in the 3rd form, ram into her with the Screw Attack to make her release health. Defeat her as a normal boss.
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BioSpark: 2008-09-01 12:50:13 am
Quote from Acheron86:
SA-X is easily the hardest boss in the game.

Wow. SA-X is pretty easy.

I'm sure you've seen my strategy already Jagger, so I don't have any other advice besides that.

Edit: here's the strat in case someone hasn't seen it.

All aboard the soul train
Owned. That was pure epic.