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Game Lover
I've had Fusion since release, so I'm not really a new player, just a rusty one. :P
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kirbymastah: 2013-10-08 08:38:40 pm
kirbymastah: 2013-10-08 08:36:28 pm
well if you have videos/stuff, i can watch and point stuff out.

Or you can watch recent speedruns too, and see where you lose time :P

For what it's worth, you can watch my 100% save-state run (most strats apply to any% anyways) and see where you lose time -

Every room was done in real-time and such so yeah.

I guess in terms of specific tricks, the main thing I can think of without having watched you play are double missiles. They shave off a few seconds each, so I recommend practicing them, especially double-missiling core-x's on arachnus/zazabi/serris since those are the easiest.
Game Lover
How did you do the wall-jump on the platforms in the docking bay room? I've been trying to practice that, but I can't get it down. Is that strat necessary for a 100% under 2 hours speed run?

Also: I tried the double missile trick, the Core-X moved away from the second missile when I fired it. How do you fire so quickly?
Do you mean the walljump at the start of the game? A crapton of practice. It's not necessary for a good time honestly lol, it saves only like a few seconds over standard (though at a top level, a few seconds is everything).

For double missiles, it just comes down to timing and positioning. Learn exactly how long the cooldown is, so you can press B immediately after cooldown ends to shoot the 2nd missile as early as possible.

Standard double missiles are, aim up on the ground, shoot a missile, immediately jump and while holding A to ascend, shoot the second missile as early as possible.

You want the core-x to come from high up and from the side; the key is that the core-x's hitbox is a box, so you want the "box hitbox" to fly sideways into your two missiles (meaning you want your two missiles to be as close to each other as possible).
Game Lover
Oh, holding A. I didn't think of that. XD

Also, how do you 'soft-reset'? I would like a 0:00 Main Deck save... at least one that wasn't saved on the ship (meaning, as soon as I got out of the ship, I saved in it. I still had 0:00, but I imagine I lost a few seconds).
if you complete a single segment run without saving, you have a 0:00 file with the timer, or you can just reset right after gaining control and get a save without the timer, you don't need to save in the ship to get a 0:00 file
Game Lover
I knew that last part; however, I read about 'soft-reseting' while Adam's talking to you in the ship. What is soft-reset? How do you do it?
uhhhhhhh, where did you read this?
Game Lover
... I don't remember. Oh well, I'll follow your instructions. :P

Edit: I tried your method, and it didn't work.
alright, let's see if i can explain this.

there are two ways to get a 00:00 main deck file:
1. start on a fresh file (delete the old one) and soft reset once you gain control of samus. you soft reset by holding a+b+start+select at the same time.
2. start on a fresh file and beat the game without saving. this is preferred by speedrunners, because you get the metroid symbol next to the file (and you can check your in-game time while playing).
Is there anything I should know about version differences before I get myself a copy of Fusion?

If so, which should I get for running, because I'm sure I'm going to want to do that after I do a playthrough...
Pretty much every runner runs on either a NTSC or PAL version, which are almost identical. Japanese is obviously the fastest, but I wouldn't really recommend if you are just starting out since you can't compare/race with others.
just to clarify, japanese text is not always faster for all game. for fusion, japanese text is faster, but it doesn't affect the gameplay at all. any version is fine, but we use ntsc for races because they're based on real time.
Well I will get an NTSC then.

So, a crab decided to boost me forward and cause the powamp to blow up.  I presume there's no backup to waiting on that case, is there?
nope, you have to wait.
Hmm. I guess I just have to remember to fire the missile before landing on the left platform rather than a short jump from the platform. Thanks.
Fuck kihunters
Fuck kihunters
Fuck kihunters
Fuck kihunters
Fuck kihunters

I died to a kihunter while psuedo-screw attacking... am I missing something or did I just lose my PB to the stupidest collision?