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ajbolt89: 2010-09-08 04:55:11 pm
lol no way
Prime's old english site was so awesome. Have you checked
I have a fusion question:

On my GBA cart, I always had a save file that was at the beginning of the game and had the little metroid thingy next to it, so I had a pause-screen timer and item counter.  I now have fusion on my 3DS and I completed the game, and my file has the little metroid symbol next to it - except it didn't start the game over. In fact, if you select that file it puts you like halfway through the game since that was the last time I saved,  I thought that once you beat the game, it put you back at the beginning?  I know it saved something, because I have the little metroid logo.  I just want a new game that has the little logo next to it. I'm confused.
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From memory, once you've beaten the game, when you select the file, it gives you the option of starting the game from the beginning
yeah, you just have to hit start over. if you want a file that has the logo and skips the first cutscene, you have to beat a new file in a single segment.
I'm so stupid. I thought that it started over automatically.  Thanks.
btw, I ended up getting 1:36 98%.  Now bad for not having finished a game in a long ass time.  Does 98% mean I missed two items?
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Turtle: 2011-12-17 03:53:26 pm
I like turtles.
Yeah, I think it's one percentage point per item.

Still working on my own playthrough.  Let's see if I can beat 1:07 this time.
1% per energy tank, missile, or powerbomb expansion
Found myself playing this on 3DS and thought I'd drop by to wave hello to tdk.  How's that 0% going? =)
it's not lol. dunno if i'll ever get around to it.
What's the easiest way to get past the Sector 2 (TRO) SA-X - the one right after the auxillary power? I'm stuck on it, and I just want to get past the SA-X as painlessly as possible.

Win Guy
Depending how good you are, you can freeze it as soon as it sees you and then just outrun it, but repeatedly freezing it is a bit easier. If you're having trouble try freezing it, running forward, and then refreezing it when it catches up.
Thanks, Metroid_Zelda Fan! I finally found a save room afterward, so now I'm past it for good!

Win Guy
Huge bump, but alas, it's an help topic. <_<

So, I'm doing segmented 1% seriously for the first time (I've done it before but I think I got stuck on Nightmare and was like lolnvm). About 1/3rd in I decided to speedrun it in order to learn the game.

Currently, I'm sort of stuck on Yakuza. It's not that I can't beat it, it's just that that 2 round (or 1 round, depending on how you look at it I guess) is so difficult. I've only gotten it like six times afaik and I'd generally die on the Frenzy phase. I'm sure it has to do with not doing the first part correct (shooting upwards). What would be the optimal way of doing that? Just missiles, Charge + missiles etc (2-3 on the ascend, 1 on the descend at the end of the jump)?

Also, lately, I've been getting killed by SA-X during the vegetation TRO part. I'd freeze it, jump over and morph, lay a PB and freeze SA-X either once or twice, then start running. But instead of running after me, it starts shooting which is stupidly difficult to dodge. Perhaps I should wait a bit with running so that it sort of catches up?
here's how an optimal 1% fight should look:

hope that helps.
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kirbymastah: 2012-12-17 11:34:11 am
kirbymastah: 2012-12-17 11:25:19 am
So... a few things to ask about.

I've been working on 100% lately, and I'm wondering how to optimize yakuza, BOX refight, and ridley.

Phase 1 Yakuza is easy, but how do you make his mouth open immediately? or is it luck? When he starts bouncing around, though, is it best to use close-range charged wide beam shots?

BOX refight I'm completely wtf on.

Ridley, I'm assuming I go very aggressive and all-out with diagonal wave beam shots since I have a crapton of health anyways?

EDIT: Also, is there any trick to making the Mega-X fast? Does it matter if you hit one of the X flying around it in circles?
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for ridley, the more the wave bean is inside him, the more it damages him. diagonal shots are better most of the time.

for mega-x, shoot the charge beam inside him to do a ton of damage. you need a bit of luck to get him to come at you. i just get hit while doing that since i have a ton of e-tanks.
yakuza is random, so you can't really do anything. charge beam shots are the best to use.
aight. Now that I'm doing 100%... is there a consistent way to get that stupid power bomb expansion above where you fight BOX in sector 6? All i can do for now is do a spring ball the frame I land on the pitfall block, but it's horribly inconsistent...
What'd you say?
I know which one you're talking about but I can't quite remember the method. I want to say return after you get space jump (if you don't already have it), but I'm most likely wrong. It's been years since I've beaten that game, I'm gonna have to pick it up again.
I get it during the sector 6 cleanup, on my way back after getting the PB in the restricted section, so I have space jump.
What'd you say?
My memory of this game is so faint compared to all the others I've played. Perhaps you could look up some 100% speedruns? Preferably single segmented as they tend to use strategies that are more reliable.
there's only one, wassup dawg's, and he spends like two whole minutes trying to get it. i never practice 100%, but i'd try just ball jumping off of the block. i'll have to try it later, but i'd imagine pausing might help
yeah as of now, i just spring ball off the block. it seems to be OK (at least I don't spend 2 entire minutes getting it...), but not consistent at all. I guess I should try pausing.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
that PB is tricky. i spring ball and inmediately unmorph to grab if the ball doesn't make it.

making it is a toss up practically. i've got it on first try when i least expect it (like the sector 2 crap on crumble blocks. you know that room..)