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Ok, that PB is getting a lot more consistent. It just comes from a crapton of practice. I can get the frame-perfect spring ball about 50% of the time, and if I miss it, I can try to space jump and grab the ledge for the PB tank before falling all the way down and having to redo it. So I expect myself to get that PB tank within my first 3-4 tries, and definitely without wasting 2 minutes on it <_<
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Can't you just hold Jump as you land to immediately springball?
nope. that actually takes a few frames before you jump. crumble blocks only have a one frame window.
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kirbymastah: 2013-04-23 12:01:53 am
New room strat I found on accident for the long stretchy climb after wide beam:

Saves a bit of time since you don't have to go to the far right wall to land on the second frozen stretchy. Haven't figured out if it's consistent enough, nor whether it's possible to do it without standing on the frozen flame dude.
So apparently while recording videos to refurbish some of m2k2's website, I found this:

I timed this strat with some slightly better optimizations (running earlier after planting the power bomb; unmorphing then morphing to avoid the bounce, etc) and it ends up being about a half second faster in-game time than what I've been doing the entire time <_< Not sure if biospark and dragonfangs have been doing my strat, where you run to the right to charge a shine in the save room on the left then shinespark right, but yeah.

Also helps in RTA, since you never have to enter the save room; starting to run from inside the door by the save room gives enough distance to reliably charge the shine before the room with the power bomb tank. So you have two less door transitions.
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BioSpark: 2013-04-24 12:39:02 am
BioSpark: 2013-04-23 11:58:24 pm
why didn't i think of that? i'll test it out later today both for tas and personal rta runs

also main site comes through with something useful lol

edit: i know why i dismissed it. i probably thought those blocks were speedbooster blocks.
intersting. for tas, the powerbomb strategy only saves 1 frame, at least from my testing. however, an even better idea is to just quickly break the blocks with screw attack instead of laying a powerbomb. this method ended up saving 34 frames
I'm not sure what Kirby's been doing, but the power bomb strat was ~2 frames faster(aka human error makes it pointless) than what I usually do, screw attack the two morph tunnel blocks then run to the far left of the save room and shinespark back to the right. Breaking the right blocks with screw attack before going to the left at all and then turning around inside the door saved ~20 frames though.
such discrepancy :o
I've been doing the same normally, but when I tested it in-game time, using the power bomb strat is like a half second faster. I'll probably try it again.

The idea is after planting the power bomb, be at the door and go through it just as the blocks are cleared, then only run up to the door by the save room (don't enter the save room) then run right, which gives you enough distance to charge a shine to shinespark for the power bomb tank. Though I guess screw attacking would still be faster, but that means you also have to screw attack the bottom right blocks since you aren't charging through then with a speedboost
well we both found screw attacking the right blocks first to be faster, so yeah >_>
Okay guys - please tell me the Yakuza fight is completely random. Or even better: please tell me it isn't and how I can get through it consistently. It's driving me crazy - this one and the Serris fight pretty much prevented me today from finishing my first 0:49 run - these two individually cost me like 20-30 seconds each, so I got a low 0:50 instead.

Basically it was my best run, every single Shinespark was spot on and I had some crazy luck with the eye doors, so I don't think I'll be able to reproduce the run on such a level, so what's the point ... as you can tell I'm pretty discouraged and frustrated by now, so I guess I'll practise a few things, before I get back to running.

Still haven't pulled off the double core  missiles - I can get them sometimes, but it's rare and I don't think I have ever done it with Super, Ice or Diffusion missiles. Maybe it's harder on the GBA SP? I have no clue...
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The Super, Ice and Diffusion missiles have a slower firing rate than regular missiles.
yeah, serris and yakuza are basically random. also, i don't see why the controller should matter. in fact, i do best when using a gba sp. the buttons are very responsive.
As for yakuza: but it's still better to jump right into it and escape the grab everytime he doesn't open his mouth - I might have jumped into him like 4 times and still nothing happened... 
Quote from BioSpark:
also, i don't see why the controller should matter. in fact, i do best when using a gba sp. the buttons are very responsive.

So, it's just my fault Very Happy
As for the timing: do you fire the first missile while still on the ground and then jump during the second firing OR do you shoot both missiles in the air? And does the timing differ for Super, Ice and Diffusion missiles?
according to dragonfangs, if you get grabbed by yakuza above his top height (aka like, above the top of the screen if you're standing on the ground) then it doesn't skip a round, so you shouldn't get grabbed until he crawls down past it.

For double missiling in general, I shoot a missile up while standing, then immediatley jump up and shoot my second missile while rising. The timing slightly differs for all four types of missiles, so you have to learn the timing for all of them.
Hi !

I tried to finish an any% SS but most of the time I failed between BOX and Varia.
The fact there is no eye door and hence no red X made energy management hard in this part of the run.

I see three solutions :

Recharge at recharge room
get the e-tank after box
Get the e-tank in the beginning of NOCT
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JamJam: 2013-09-18 02:11:54 pm
what specifically is killing you. is it the sidehoppers or the ice X.
Sidehoppers after BOX:

You should have at least 3 supers left after BOX. After climbing out of box's room, you can charge beam the flying dude, then just fire a missile forward. that will always get the first sidehopper.

In the next room, super missile the two sidehoppers after bombing the block (the one to the right of the block should never hit you). If you're out, use charge beam.

For the blue X in sector 6, all I can say is, just memorize which blocks are safe to shoot and stun them appropriately.

For SA-X skip in sector 6, the most consistent way that I use is after it uses its power bomb, WAIT for it to start moving, then do a small hop (against the side of the broken floor). It'll turn, and either run or shoot; either way, it'll jump over you, which you can then climb right and run easily.
you don't need to hit the flying dude. you can never get hit by that.
Just failed another run on an ice X. -_-'
I died because of accumulated mistakes between the end of Serris and the e-tank before the SA-X.

It's a long part of the game with no refill.
When I'm low on missiles I use the same solution than in Kiby's tutorial video (take the m-tank just before the barrier). But I usually have around 100 hp left and die on one of the ice X.

The question is what should I do if I killed BOX with only 99 hp left ?
Don't know if someone know the time needed for each e-tank ?

Excuse my poor English. I'm french. -_-'
You basically have two options

1. Get better at sector 6. You're having some issue with not knowing an ice-x location, or haven't gotten good enough at consistent strats, so put a save at the start of sector 6, and grind it until you can do it without touching an ice-x 90% of the time.

2. You can get the e-tank after BOX, but I dont recommend it; it's very slow.
Ok ! Thanks.

This weekend I will train sector 6 on emulator.
Till then I'll try to finish a SS run in order to have a PB to beat.
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Maybe this was asked, but are there any general speed run tricks? I'm at 44 min and about to get the Ice Missiles and I'm going as fast as I can. :/
Not really many general speedtricks, just knowing where to go and small optimizations -

Newer players lose the most time on bosses as well, so they requires practice