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This topic is for everyone's questions on how to do something in Super Metroid.
Any new (or recent) topics asking for specific help will be locked, so do not make any. Use this topic instead for questions on getting certain items or doing certain tricks.
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Beware: off duty ninja
*raises hand* I feel like such a noob for this question but here goes.

what is the minimum percent for playing through SM? I mean the "default" low percent, like prime's 29%, or echoes 22%.  I would like to start breaking SM, but with my style of learning the tricks, I want to play the game through, and do it with excellence without the tricks first. then i learn them, as I know the game like the back of my hand, making it a little easier.
15% glitchless or 14% with glitches (two versions - with Ice Beam or Speed Booster).  There's a vid of Smokey doing 14% Ice up at the Internet Archive (I think).  For details, see Kejardon's low% walkthrough at GameFAQs; I don't think much has changed with this one since then except that an easier way with 14% speed has been found.  Oh, and it may not include the mockball to get super missiles early rather than fighting Spore Spawn, but this isn't exactly a run you do for speed anyway.
Beware: off duty ninja
how true. . . . what with the perils of the dreaded low % ridley ballte I hear so much about X_X

at this point, I'm not  using ANY glitches at this point, so is this 15% using conventional SB techniques for SM?  (single wall jumping, mockball, etc. . . )or is this a true default percnet? because in order for me to do what I want to do, I have to use no techniques whatsoever to do a few runs to get to know the ins and outs of running the game as meant by the programmers . . .  but in a low% fashion. so if comebody could clarify this then that would be great, [sarcasm]as I am very tired and ahve not slept in 10 years [/sarcasm] then I will go and add sequence breaking as I am able to do the tricks in that context.

edit: GAH! Yoshi beat me to my point!  T_T
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You didn't read that carefully, Chan... he's talking without sequence breaks. He wants (I think) to do an expansion-less run first to get the combat down before throwing the breaks in there too.

EDIT: Do'h. Beaten to the punch.
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You probably can do 15% without any glitches.  Just fight Spore Spawn for Super Missiles instead of mockballing to the early ones.

You may have to do a diagonal bomb jump to get into the Wrecked Ship though, so if that doesn't count, you may want to get 16% (grapple).
Yeah, I was just replying to the first sentence in a rather literal fashion, not realizing the context of the Prime and Echoes percentages because I'm not familiar with them.

Should note that although Kej's walkthrough suggests doing Ridley before Draygon for 14% Speed, it's not necessary, and there really aren't any sequence breaks in the 15% path.  However, even the 15% path requires some tricks/techniques, particularly in Lower Norfair, both the entry and the pillars and ceilings/floors/platforms you'd normally screw attack through.  For those reasons, you might want to bump it up to 17% for space jump and screw attack, 18% if you take Scarlet's suggestion of grapple beam -- though I don't know how tricky it is to cross the missile lake with a super jump (and hitting the door, I mean, not Scarlet's one all the way to the Wrecked Ship), and I think the platforms after that can be jumped normally, though carefully.

However, I get the distinct impression that the bosses pretty much require what Kej called the pseudo-screw attack wall jump, so you might want more stuff until you learn it...?

Drat, I know I had something else to say, but I lost my post before and forgot it.
Beware: off duty ninja
well, I have an issue here with this default low percnet stuff.  .. . . for the sake of argument, do items that have no use to beat the game (spring ball, reserve tank, x ray visor. . . etc. . . things that can be skipped without any glitches or SB techniques) actually count as a major game item that needs to be aquired, despite the fact that you use no SB techniques if said items are not collected?
This includes PB charges and the Murder Beam, Space/Time, and how to execute them
Ok, i need definite help on how to glitch through the Zebetities.  Was it fixed in later versions?

And i just need the steps in general. :P
It is truly your lucky day, since all the steps can be seen on the site attached to these forums.

If you didn't catch all that, it's approximately: Turn off Screw Attack, freeze Rinka just as it's spawning, get hit, jump through the Zebetite while temporarily invulnerable (flashing).
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You need to spinjump onto the Rinka after you get hit, first.
The whole reason the trick works is because spinjumping onto the frozen Rinka will move Samus left a pixel, past the zebetite's collision box. Once you're there, you're technically insite the zebetite and free to move around in it. You need to be invincible, though, or otherwise the zebetite will hit Samus and push her back out.
Alright, question regarding a little speed trick I'd like to put into my current SM run.  Right now, I've finished off Phantoon/Wrecked Ship, broken the n00b tube, and saved in Lower Maridia in 0:29.  My previous run, I climbed all the way to the top of the "Main Street " room, headed down in the next room to get to the tunnel with the super missile, then diagonal shinespark out of that room.
I saw in Smokey's 0:36 that he climbs only a small portion of the Main Street room, going through the second door up on the right (NOT the one with the green gate), then walljumping up to the top of the room and out.  This brings him to the bottom of the room containing the "super missile tunnel".  Look at the pic to get the idea of what I'm talking about:

Red = my path in the last run; green = my desired path; * = where I'm getting stuck; blue = the shinespark out
Anyway, the trick looks like it saves a good 20 seconds, so I'd like to include it.  Problem is, I can walljump all the way up to the "*" in the pic, but can't get through the door.  I always bump into the rock surrounding the door and can't get through.  Is there any trick to pulling this off?  Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks.
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Smokey does a little wall-jump off the top before wall-jumping through the door up top. Or you could freeze the little fishy and jump through.
@ Mr. Aran - the diagonal shinespark isn't the problem.  I can do that in my sleep.  (Just hold down the aim up button before sparking.)  Try it out, it's really dead easy, and much faster than your method.
@ Ekarderif - yeah, I saw him do the walljump in his run, but I can't get enough height to get through the door.  I'll just try practicing a bit more.  As far as freezing the "fishy", I'll have to give that a try.  I didn't think there WAS a fishy that high up in the room.  I'll give it a look next chance I get.  Wink
You have to jump off the wall slightly below the top or you will hit the ledge beside the door.

Or you could freeze the fish.  >_>
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Yeah, wall jump from under where the door was, I think that's what I did, anyway due to the fish being killed from the diagonal spark to get up there.
Quote from Red Scarlet:
Yeah, wall jump from under where the door was, I think that's what I did, anyway due to the fish being killed from the diagonal spark to get up there.

I spent five minutes trying to wall jump up there like you. I couldn't do it, so I ditched the shine spark that kills the fish and froze it for leverage. I plan to try it again though.
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Er, I mean jump up from below the door to the part of wall under/in the door before the room transition and get a wall jump off..you should be walljumping when the room transition occurs.

I've never thought about it though, it's just always gone fine for me heh.
Thanks for the suggestions, guys.  I tried the walljumping for awhile, and just couldn't get it.  So, I went for the "frozen fishy" method.  Walljump up to "*", shoot-shoot-shoot, jump on frozen fish, jump through door.  Probably 3-4 seconds slower... but I'll take it; the path now saves 26 seconds instead of 30 seconds - which to me is quite sufficient.  I did the rest of the Maridia stuff, saved before Draygon in 0:34.  Could have been a bit better, but I'm wanting to get the run done before Christmas.  Wink
I've got a preliminary save after Draygon-plasma-Norfair in 0:42 (saved next to Ridley elevator), but I should be able to get that down to 0:41 or even 0:40 without too much trouble.  The Draygon fight was just so-so, and I must have wasted at least 45 seconds to space jumping mistakes.  For whatever reason, I've got trouble getting the "timing" of the SM spacejump down, whereas I NEVER have had that problem with any other Metroid game's "infinite jump".
Anyway, in my previous run of 1:23, my save at the Ridley elevator was 0:57, so I'm already 15 minutes ahead of that time.  A few more attempts at this segment and I'll be at 0:41 or 0:40 - 16 or 17 minutes ahead.  I'll be skipping screw attack (which I got last time) and the e-tank in the middle of the hideout (which I got last time) - that should save 2 minutes right there.  I'll also be going for 2 tricks in Tourian which I didn't do last time - Zebetite skip and murder beam on Mother Brain - should save another minute.  Less screwups throughout the rest of the run should save another minute.  So... I figure I'll be 20-21 minutes ahead at the end of the run, for a finish right around 1:01-1:02.  Makes me wish I had been faster at the start of the run, as a finish of 0:59 looks much nicer than a 1:01.  :x
wall jumping to the wave beam is evil...i keep falling.
There are worse wall jumps... seriously, practice wall jumping somewhere else (without spikes), then try again. There's nothing fancy about that one.
i know but it requires exellent timing, and i never get it right...i need to practice more.
The timing isn't any different then normal wall jumps... and it's not the end of the world if you hit the spikes.