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You can get it early, but you need bombs. You do the bomb jump on the rock or the bomb space jump from the door (both suck but are doable).
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Here's a thread that's a little dated and incomplete, but it's probably the best resource out there. https://m2k2.taigaforum.com/post/metroid_prime_wii.html
loving low%
max% no Ice Beam

saw R_Web's twitch VOD on how to get into Crashed Frigate

started a new file since I had already gotten Gravity Suit (making FJ impossible) on my max% no Ice Beam file (which was at 70% iirc) and spent hour getting past that door. Unloading a room while you're in water with IS makes the game sooooo annoyingly blue it's headache-inducing >_>

After doing all of this I figured the other side of the room Frigate Access Tunnel ALSO needs Ice Beam to be opened from inbounds (I used to think it's just a regular door), meaning I can't just get the 3 items in Crashed Frigate, X-Ray Visor, CHOZO and GTC Missile and do Crashed Frigate backwards INBOUNDS but have to wallcrawl past all of Crashed Frigate in order to bypass that fucking Ice Beam door connecting Frigate Access Tunnel to FCS. >_>

Maybe someone can confirm that wallcrawling past all of Crashed Frigate backwards is possible before I turn off the console in several hours due to going on vacation.
Yeah it should be possible.

These might be helpful in how to transition, but the only useful SWs are Great Tree Hall or Main Ventilation Shaft Section A.
loving low%
thanks for the quick reply :)

Main Ventilation Shaft Section A

oh yeah forgot about that SW enabling me to do most of Crashed Frigate backwards inbounds; that's something^^
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loving low%
ok I'm at ship with 77% now, having gotten all items except for
- the Missile Expansion in Overgrown Cavern next to FCS
- all 17 items in Phazon Mines (9 Missile Expansions, 2 Energy Tanks, 2 Artifacts, Phazon Suit/ Beam, Grapple Beam, Flamethrower, Main Power Bomb Upgrade)
- Ice Beam, obviously

Even though I have all 4 Power Bomb Expansions, it only counts all of them together as one (!) item in terms of %, due to not having the Main Power Bomb upgrade, if I am not mistaken.

I think 77% is max% no Ice Beam under the condition of being saved at ship. The item in Main Quarry could be gotten but there's no return to ship afterwards.

These might be helpful in how to transition, but the only useful SWs are Great Tree Hall or Main Ventilation Shaft Section A.

also Main Ventilation Shaft Section C has a SW so I didn't even have to wallcrawl past a single of those huge doors ^^ (idk if MVSS B also has a SW but I'd suppose so)

w/o Gravity Suit (which was the case for me) you need GTC SW (or Life Grove SW) to get past the room Connection Elevator to Deck Beta since you cant climb that room inbounds w/o Gravity Suit AFAIK
Oh cool I didn't think of that room having the same geometry.
Hey there,
Any tips for clearing Elevator access A without spider? Double bomb spacejump is stopping me.

I've gotten a solid feel for single bomb space jump at the furnace. Seems I can never jump after DBJ->instant unmorph. I've seen a claim that BSJ cannot be done after after a regular DBJ, but then there are videos doing exactly that...

Is there a room easier for practicing this trick? Something I'm missing..? I can BSJ into the spiderball tunnel in the furnace with a near 100% success rate, so I'm certainly doing something wrong here,
Try to copy what Draconif does for the BSJ in this video:

This setup is the easiest setup (imo) because it doesn't require you to press any directions while you're laying the bombs.
Thank you skull for the quick response. I am in awe. I have succeeded. That camera lock helps enormously. Now I can finally cut Thardus from my runs again!
Awesome :)

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