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Just a quick question, in what order do you fight the other bounty hunters?
Agent Heart
(if you go to VDO first)
(if you go to Arcterra first)
Thanks, I will make sure to go to Arcterra first then, Noxus and Trace FTW!
I have problem. Where I find alimbic joist? I need scan that to get 100% complete the game. Its in the object.Can someone help me?
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suttsman: 2007-12-05 01:05:43 pm
Agent Heart
I haven't played it in a while, but iirc it's one of those ceiling supports in the ring of the second Data Shrine in the Celestial Archives. Keep your scan visor on and your head up and you'll find it.
after getting supercooled plasma beam how do u find other beams cause i can't get anywhere in the game cause all i have is the purple beam in short
Metrokraid: When you got judicator then if you want new weapon you go to the alinos then go to the room where you meet spire first time there near artifact you see A judicator forceshield you shoot judicator to it and then you go there and there you see hallway there you see a door dont go there then you go forward there you see A scan you scan it and there will appear a platform you jump to the platform and then the platform takes you to the top of the room and there you see A judicator room you use judicator to it and then you get to the new area.
i can't find anymore than one alambic artifacts to activate the portal
You can't get the Judicator as your first weapon, you get the Battlehammer first.  Then I think you get the Volt Driver.  What have you done?!
well were is the battlehammer then i'm very ticked right now
I think it's on VDO.

EDIT: No, it's on Pagebreak.
plasma beam v.2.0
you got judicator first?
yes i got the judicater first is there really an order? if so i need help biggtime cause i'n at a standstill in the game with only: 4 octoliths, Imperialist beam, magmaul beam, and Judicater beam so help Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
plasma beam v.2.0

dont you need the art behind the [glow=green,2,300]green[/glow] door to get the [glow=purple,2,300]judicator[/glow]?

leave me alone. 8-)
metrokraid: Try going to GameFAQs.
Thnx................................ This is confusing Question
What's confusing, the game, or GameFAQs?
ummmm............... actualy both
You're going to have to specify what's confusing for me to help.
plasma beam v.2.0
yes its posible to get judicator first.  now just go to VDO and you will find the battlehammer
How is it possible to get the Judicator first?
i really need help for about 3 days ive been trying to get the imperialist i no where it is i got the magmaul only problem is theirs a force field right in front of the magmaul door. and i cant find the switch can any help?
[glow=red,2,300][/glow] i cant get to the vdo boss..... im stuck got the magmaul judicator and battlehammer and 2 octicloths 55missles and 160 au. anyone know how to get to the vdo boss?
metrokaid how did you get imperialist beam?
red chamber dream
adsfklhaljakafadokfal. Don't double (or triple) post for no reason. Increasing your post count means nothing here. Just edit your first post using the "Modify" button.