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I just want the most powerful missile that doesn't have ice. Wouldn't there be the possibility for a code breaker code?
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
36300131B 0003 for Super Missiles
With this cheat ON, you can't get Bombs/Power Bombs, so turn it off when you're done 8-)
I can't believe I just now noticed this. Samus' "super missiles" look like her missiles on any other game. The regular missiles look like canisters, must be GF created.
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Her Diffusion Missiles (without ice as shown at the bottom right) look like SM's Super Missiles as well

Hereis a pic showing the MF missiles compared to the SM missiles

Yeah, I noticed that too. I definitely saw a green warhead in them. It's also easier  to notice if you do something to make the missile "bounce" off something. I figured out the problem with your code. The 6 shouldn't be there so it's 3300131B 0003.
It's pissing me off that i cannot get past Nightmare. (exception to that dang spider, it took me 12 tries to FINALLY defeat him)

Right now, i've been using the nightmare arm glitch you shown with the psuedo, but i just can't seem to get past him after the mask-explosion part. I can make him turn orange, but i died about twice because of a bit of ignorance is his floating around part.

Does anyone have any tips? I've used one 1% challenge guide on GameFAQs, but it didn't help, i still die, even though i know how to dodge him, but i randomly fail to jump at the right moment, and die on his back, much as the same is being unable to predict lasers most of the time and get hit down to one-hit left. I can't even take his mask down to red too!

So have any of you guys have some advice for me? I'd really appreciate it.
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Look at Sesshoumaru's 1% run
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
I suggest trying to "jump rope." The main problem there is starting it, because sometimes he moves in a position that doesn't give you any options. It's tough. Just keep charging (and don't forget to save your missiles for the faceless phase, but 15 isn't nearly enough, so still, keep charging).
Perhaps I should make a vid of how the fight would look on my 1%. Will see what I can do.
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
I'm sure the fight can approximately be described as "kickass."
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Which would be the most amazing thing ever, since Nightmare doesn't have an ass Mr. Green
Edit history:
BioSpark: 2007-12-20 05:28:23 pm
Here it is!

Some notes about it:
- I should have fired one more time in the low gravity phase, but a few diagonal shots were fine.
- Nightmare always went counter-clockwise, and shooting it where I did usually stops it. Whenever it moves clockwise, it will usually stop on its own in the same spot.
- Double core-x hits ftw; I got one or two more than I usually do, making up for the time lost in the low gravity phase.
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
O_O I never thought of trying to double-shot it like that.

Yeah, you had more than enough time to shoot once more in the second phase. That looks like a pretty lucky fight, though. Do you fail miserably right there fairly often due to his random decisions?
For this recording, I got it on the first try. >_>

Yeah, nightmare usually doesn't give me too much trouble during the single-segment. Neither does Ridley. Perhaps I should record that next.
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
Yes, definitely. I had trouble getting him just right.
I don't think it will be as interesting as nightmare, but at least everyone will see what my strategy is. I'll try to get it tomorrow.
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
Do you use the Space-Jump-In-the-Top-Left-Corner strategy, or the Kill-Before-It-Reaches-You-Or-If-You-Mess-Up-Then-Roll-Under-It strategy?
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Or both?

I usually take a hit and live, but I don't usually miss every double shot. :(
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
Okay I had no idea that method could be so effective. I heard you could keep space jumping in the topleft corner, but I never realized you could actually hit it and keep going. >_<

That makes it loads easier, I suppose.
cool vid.

btw biospark anri-chan rc1 is out now with gba support so can use that for better vids.
I was wondering if there's any way to return to the sectors after obtaining Screw Attack.  All the sectors have those impenetrable door locks on the recharge room doors.  Is there a non-gamesharking way back?  Because otherwise, I'm stuck with 9 E-Tanks when I'd much rather have over 12.

By the way, I'm on the "final mission" of the game, when you have to fight SA-X and Omega Metroid.
Doors open when you beat game.

If you need energy against bosses you can find recharge room in main deck.

If you speedruns 100% run your must be avoid that last navigations room before item collections because it locked all sectors doors..
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alright . . . . . random question here . . . . .(searching didn't find anything . . . . *sigh*)

would the secret message be faster than going through AQA than exiting the normal way?
If you get the secret message, then you have to go back through AQA to get to the next item, because there's no way to get to it from that exit.