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Crouch on the edge of the platform to avoid all of the little floating things.

I like Big Butts and I can not lie
I just confirmed this to work on hard mode as well
Thanks, and I assume easy, too, right, being as there ARE NO ATTACKS TO DODGE? Seriously, WHY did they do that. But yeah, thanks. Even though I meant the beams too, and the Plasma Core-X, which I am TEH HATE!

EDIT: tdk, just tried that. It doesn't seem to work. I crouch there, and the floaty spore just goes in front of me then moves backwards into me. Am I doing it wrong?
Question: Why is the unskippable missle called bob? The guy on my avatar is called by "Klaus Bob" in REALITY but why is the missile called bob?
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[09:09:49] <Yoshi348> logbot, quote kennyman666 ekard ftw
[09:09:50] <Logbot> Quote ekard ftw: (ST218) Remind me why we picked Bob for the unskippable again? (Madrox1) ekard (Madrox1) afaik (KennyMan666) Ekard. (ST218) Sad thing is, no more explanation is required

In short, Ekarderif found it, and that's what he wanted to call it. And it caught on.
Ah, that was a lesson in the Fusion history!
Quote from MR.X:
Question: Why is the unskippable missle called bob?

I'm almost positive it is skippable, without emulation.  I've come about 5 or 6 frames off twice on my SP.  The better of those two tries, I actually saw about 10 frames of of possible improvement.  Unfortunately, if I am able to do it, I probably won't be recording.  I would advise more people here to try it.
in my experience the greatest problem is those last five frames.

however, i don't mean to discourage anyone. you should view my words as a personal challenge to you.
Yes, those last few frames would likely be the hardest.  You might press the A button too early (and hit the overhang), or press it a frame or two too late, and lose the charge.  Although I've never shinesparked there, because I could tell I was still a bit too high.  So maybe the last few frames are easy.  I don't really know.
Im stuck in sec 1 after the objective:Restricted Lab Jettisoned,how to get out of sec 1 now??? im stuck in the place where it show some fan icons.
Should be some other blocks to destroy to lead you to your next upgrade... try a power bomb and/or a diffusion missile to look for other ways out.
Not quite sure where you're talking about, but IIRC, the screw attack helps tremendously in getting to the top of sector 1.
right,i need help, please tell me how to get the expansion tank above the charge beam boss
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Here's a video I just created
thanks, i'll do it now. Wink
There is this room, in sector 6 that you need speed booster to get in. And after you get in, there are two power bomb tanks. I have gotten the top one, but the lower one i am stuck on. Also it is to the left of the room with a lot of the blue X thingys. HELP!

Though most of it uses silly space boosting, he takes the tank you're actually having problems with the normal way.
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That M2k2 guy
Hey guys, I've been trying the 1%SS for quite a long time and I keep having trouble on Mega-X...then I managed to hit him like three times in the upper left corner, near his starting position. Is it possible to keep him there the entire fight?
No, not really, but you can hit it very quickly because its invulnerability doesnt last very long. What I do, is every time I hit it, I sort of guess where it's going and fire my charge beam at it right after, keeping it away from me for most of the fight (although I usually still take 1 or 2 hits). I'd say I survive 80% of the time.

Btw, are you going for a record, or are you just trying to do a 1% SS?
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That M2k2 guy
My goal is sub-hour. I can be back at the ship by the time DD gets Peanut Butter, so I guess I'm doing good. I noticed that I take slightly longer to skip Adam, but he doesn't hold A during the Dear Diary segments, so I kind of assume it almost cancels out in the end. I keep accidentily getting the Etank in NOC before ME-X though, so I just go through making sure I don't get less than 101 health. In these types of runs, I tend to "die" at the gauntlet, just barely against nightmare, and once on the fishrates. Ridley is trouble for me, though. I'm pretty rusty on the last half of the game, but my sectors 1-3 (yes, including 4) are freakin' polished to a shinespark.
I has a situation. (Error made intentionally)

1% run, saved in the vertical hallway before battling Ridley, been stuck here since two days after the release of Fusion.

Is this a case of the Cyberdemon? (Protip: Shoot it until it dies.) Or is there a good strategy to actually beat Ridley without taking much damage?
infinite sj in the upper left corner and take potshots when it's safe.
The  Ridley battle in Fusion was made to be cinimatic rather than based of actual skill I think.
Question. Has a codebreaker/AR/something of that nature code been created that allows Samus to just have the Super Missile upgrade? On the official website, I see everything except customizeable missile upgrades.
Metroid Exp: Exploration - Great, Skills - Decent
I would advise against using any of the upgrade codes, as they will kill the game storyline and render the game unplayable. The only ones Ive seen that will not affect the story are the " 'do whatever' through walls" codes. However, the invincibility code doesnt affect the storyline but you must turn that one off before the Omega Metroid battle begins. (Reason it looks like this is you cannot stress that enough, as Nintendo fixed that battle so that you cannot use cheats)

Quote from LDreamNinja:
The  Ridley battle in Fusion was made to be cinimatic rather than based of actual skill I think.

That's why the battle can be so damn easy.