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You can only chat with friends. If you wanna talk, hold down X and speak into the microphone. If you wanna send them a message, there should be a thing on the screen that you tap to send them messages.
Okay, I'm stuck at the part where you land at that planet after you defeat Kraden, there is this hole that you can roll in at the bottom, but I can't get to the one on the top. I tried bombing up, but I always come up short. What do I do?
red chamber dream
Don't remember exactly, but I know you're not supposed to go up through that whole. Go around a different way and find a new path or visit a different planet.
Anywhere, everywhere
Where is this hole? Is it filled with lava? If so, you have to time your bombs to ibj up. It only gives you a UA expansion, so if you're having trouble you don't need it.
But that planet is the only one I can go to or stay. Would the offical strategy guide tell me what to do?
Cook of the Sea
Dude, don't use player's guides.  Just find a FAQ online, like on
Ready and willing.
Oh btw, if you want to use spoiler tags you have to enable BBCode. I fixed that for that post, but you might have turned it off for everything in your profile. Since it defaults to on, I'm guessing you turned it off yourself and would therefore know how to turn it on.
red chamber dream
Also, spoiler tags on Hunters info aren't necessary anymore, but thank you for the courtesy anyway. ^.^
Guys, he's not talking about Magma Drop or something... >_>

He's talking about the entrance to the maze in Echo Hall.

And to answer the question: You don't go through the top. AFAIK it's impossible to enter that tunnel from that direction. You instead go through the lower tunnel and go around the maze. You don't use the upper tunnel until you've beaten Weavel during the escape.
Okay, I just read it on game faqs, and what you have to do is find a hole through the top part of the maze, and continue to finish the maze. And I was talking about the maze in echo hall.
Is there a topic with a list of online cheaters?
Anyway, I just tumbled into this guy named Je.xiao. He, using trace, flew all over the place sniping from out of the levels boundaries. I may be wrong, but trace isn't supposed to do that, right? He lost to me anyway... laugh new
Bangaa Bishop
You can change your name whenever you want, so such a list would be pointless.
well, thats true.. Damn, Nintendo should do something about those damn fuck idiots, the whole online thing is starting get old because of them..
Bangaa Bishop
Once they drive the playerbase away and all they have to play against is themselves they'll get frustrated and everyone else can come back XD
everybody knows it's true
Best thing to do is just do what PeGe did and own all of the hackers. Their hacks are probably their last straw in being decent in the game, so such humiliation will cause him to stay away from online forever.
right then, sorry to crash in but ive got a problem. where do you find impearialst,and what wepons do you need to get to it.
I only have volt driver,magmaul, judicater(sp?) and battlehammer
everybody knows it's true
Imperialist is in the second part of Arcterra. You should be fine with your weapons.
right,but where do you find the 3rd alimbic artifact for the second octolith in the celestial archives (i've the one in the docking bays and the one through all the portals.)also, wheres the 3rd alimbic artifact in arcterra.
(please answer soon beacause i'm going on holiday on friday!!!)
everybody knows it's true
Ugh, too little single player experience for me to remember. Someone else post or go to
I'm pretty sure that the third one in celestial archives is further on past the part with all the portals in that place with the vertical cylinder shaped rooms. I remember havin to fight some of those 2 legged monstery things to get it.

As for the third one in arcterra, I don't really remember, but if you use the map and just go through any places you haven't been to, it shouldn't be that hard to find.
dunnit now! :P

now how how do you get to gorea 2
Bangaa Bishop
You are given clues from scans in various places;
You have to shoot the big colored things on the walls during the gorea 1 fight in the correct order (the colors are based on the weapons) with the correct weapon. Once you do that, after you defeat gorea, you will fiight gorea 2, where you get the omega cannon. I dont remember the exact order but if you put together the clues you'll get it.
In my logbook, it says I have 100% of all of the scans. Yet my game file only says 98% complete. >_>
Anywhere, everywhere
Do you have all 7 etanks, 95 missiles, and 400 UA?

Oh, and wrong place.
No... I didn't think that mattered. o_O

If it did, I assumed my total would be less than 98%.