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I'll be back. Maybe...
Fusion doesn't play nicely with my AR. It opens security doors from killing Nettori before Zazabi. :-[

Also, there is Bob. Bob is not my friend.
And the fact that it still takes game time while collecting items (though that isn't really my concern, given that I don't go for time anyway).

The thing about the percentage points is that they come back and hit you when you want to 100%: there are more optional items (even a first-time player only needs 20 energy tanks against SA-X)

edit:oops... page break
Im doing a 1% run. Im at the part where you face the spider that has the space jump. Even with that energy tank in that small tunnel, i still cant beat him. The closest i got to killing him was at the Core-X. I think i had to use 1 more missle on him, but he ran into me when i had about 36 energy. I THINK when he touches you can take 50 energy away, so...does anyone here have a solution?
Charge beam for his "space jumping" part.  For his fire blasting part, charge beam.  Don't use your missiles on bosses that can be damaged by the charge beam.  Not in a 1% run.
whats the deal with the speedbooster blocks in the restricted area?

there are 3 blocks located in the cylinder between the laboratory and the save room

i saw it and tried to bust through it but i could only knock my head up the celing

does anyone know whats the deal with it?

edit: thanks for the correction
I think there's a missile hidden somewhere around there.

And BTW, it's Speed Booster, not Boaster. >_>
thanks, its corrected

but, as i said, i could only bust my head up the ceiling

how do i get the missile tank?
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
there's an invisible wall there when you pass there the first time. but when you come back later you can boost upwards and get a power bomb tank.

lol i still remember that one.

Heres what it looks like when getting it in a speed run.
How many seconds savepoint took time?

I know Zero mission savepoint took 6 seconds game time, but how many second i lose game time Fusion when i save my game. ( This game not include enought accurate clock)

This questions sounds very stupid but it is important question because, i speedrun this game just now. i hope somebody good speedrunner answer with me possible soon.
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
it takes exactly 62 frames, from when you step on the pad till the ingame timer stops

if you have speed booster saving will interupt you speed gaining, which varies your time lost at each sector, if you save after adam.

if you save before him, you lose 97 frames (not including the non-ingame time) minimum, from the left of the recharge room till the ingame time stops on the navigation pad
Quote from P.JMan:
it takes exactly 62 frames, from when you step on the pad till the ingame timer stops

How many seconds are 62 frames?
I like Big Butts and I can not lie

:-s  Ok thanks

If you mean savepoint took only about 1.30 seconds. Zero mission save took 6 seconds, fusion save is over 4 seconds faster than zero mission save  Shocked
1 + (1/30) seconds. :P
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
or 1.066666666666666 Arrow  Arrow  Arrow
I need some help. I'm at the part where the SA-X chases you. I tried it like 10 times, but I still get killed. I neep some tips!
Where are you when the sa-x chases you? In other words, which sector are you in?
I'm in sector 2.
Anywhere, everywhere
The very first one or the unavoidable one?

I'm assuming the unavoidable one, so here's how to do it.

The second you drop down, freeze it with a missile, then run through the door.

In the next room, immediately drop a power bomb, then turn around and freeze the SA-X again. Now hurry through to the next room.

In this room, just hold L and hit all of the targets and jump over the walls; don't worry about the SA-X at all. It shouldn't hit you.

In this last room, just jump over the wall and stay there. THe SA-X won't see you, and you are free of it!

Hope this helps!
I'm guessing thats the one after you get the space jump. What you do is when you drop down, quickly fire a missle at the sa-x to freeze it. Jump over it, and run into the next room. Once in the room, quickly lay a powerbomb. After that, fire some missles at the door behind you until you hear the sa-x become frozen. Then run left into the next room. Aim your beam diagonally up while running to shoot the shutters. In the next room, quickly get behind the pillar sticking up and wait for the sa-x to enter the room and leave. Once its gone, go back into the room with the shutters. Lay a powerbomb to find some missle blocks. Shoots the missle blocks, and then you're on your way.

Edit: you beat me to it. Wow, that took a long time to type.
I did it!! But I had only an enery tank left, and I died!!
yeah, keyhunters suck.
I believe their "stingers" take away 137 points of damage each time they hit you. Worst enemy of 1% speedrunners.
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
yeah make sure you have a charge at all times (unless your worried about your thumbs health)
Ice missiles - they finally have a use - they PWN keyhunters like no other. Well, until the plasma beam. Anyway, any tips for dodging all Nettori's attacks? The plasma beams are easy, but i still phail.