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find a glass tube and lay a power bomb.
To eleborate on what Nate said, go into that long shaft in AQA where it actually looks like some kind of underwater ecosystem.  Go to the bottom of that shaft.  Go left, get into that tube, and then lay a Power Bomb.

Whenever you are stuck in a 2D Metroid game, lay Power Bomb.  They never fail to show you the way.  Except here.
Armor Guardian
Quote from njahnke:
find a glass tube and lay a power bomb.

What Metroid game are you talking about?
the one with ridley.
Well, Echoes has a "power-bombable glass tube" (Sanctuary Fortress first floor, forget the exact room name... it's close to Hall of Combat Mastery, I think) and doesn't have any kind of Ridley in it... but the n00b tube<-->Ridley connection does hold for Super, Prime 1, Zero Mission, and Fusion.  Never noticed that.
And, soroki - that little part you're on had me stuck for awhile on my first Fusion playthrough as well.  We'll try to get you through this section without completely handing it to you on a silver platter - unless, of course, that's what you want.  If you want it handed to you, check this link with lots of Fusion FAQs:
Falcon Zero's is pretty good, if you want a suggestion.  But, it's always better to complete a game the first time with as little help as possible.
Quote from njahnke:
the one with ridley.
Isn't that the one with the big bad ugly boss at the end? :P
Quote from MonsterERB:
And, soroki - that little part you're on had me stuck for awhile on my first Fusion playthrough as well.

Yeah, we should start a "Raise your hand if you thought were stuck in a trap after Nightmare" topic 'round here.  That's happened to *a lot* of people (Myself included) a bunch of my friends, and even a few people 'round these here parts.

And mods, I was just kidding about the topic.  >.>
I didn't think I was stuck there.  No, the place which had me wondering if I was doing something wrong was TRO after getting the bombs, because the section after that until the next boss/return to the top seemed so long, especially because I didn't go into the hatch leading to the save room below the room before the bombs, so I was nervous about not having saved and also wondering if I'd missed something important there -- though I didn't put those two together until I backtracked much later to see what it was. :P  However, that may be why the water part didn't throw me off at all.
Quote from JaggerG:
Somehow I get the feeling that Sasuke has no idea what we're talking about and Deathnoble just assumes he hit it when it was a lens.

Somehow I get the feeling that JaggerG should stop annoying me with this worthless gunship.

Anyway, as far as the Nightmare trap goes, I didn't have a problem with that at all. Which part caused the trouble?
lol. go > 1 month late flame response ...
Well seeing as how I haven't been around much over the last month (exam revision, yadda yadda) I would kinda hope to see something a little more welcoming than someone bashing everything that I say, that's all.
Dude, it's not a flame, it's a statement.  Jagger didn't think you knew what the rest of us were talking about.  And I agree, you didn't seem to get it at all.  The original question was how did Sess manage to make it so that the boss doors were eyes every time instead of lenses -- the time-wasting isn't that it took multiple shots to kill them, it's that sometimes it takes a while for the door to become an eye to begin with and thus vulnerable at all.  Your statement that a single charged point-blank shot would destroy it was irrelevant, because you still have to get the eye to damage it and it might not become an eye for quite some time.  But when you said that in the context of the actual question of getting an eye rather than a lens it implied that you were saying that it could be killed immediately at point-blank range even if it were a lens rather than an eye -- which is not the case. There was no indication at any point that you realized that the question was on when the eye first appears, not how to kill it after it does, hence Jagger's statement. 

To answer your other question, they're referring to how after you get the gravity suit you boost into sector 4 (?) from 5 and can't return to 5, and that the way to get to the last security room is a bit obscure, so lots of people thought that they were stuck.
That's not really where I got stuck - I found the level 4 security room (red doors) in about 5-10 minutes.  I got stuck in the little bit afterwards, right where you need to get past a certain "blowfish/pufferfish" thingy in a tight corridor.  You know...
the one you have to freeze with an ice missile from a distance, so you can morph and hop over it

The strategy needed there just eluded me, for whatever reason.  The only spot in all of Fusion where I had to get help.  I spent about 2 hours exploring every available nook and cranny, and spent about 2 hours kicking myself in the arse once I looked up the answer.  Moral - ALWAYS try to figure things out on your onw.  Moral #2 - TRY EVERYTHING, even if it seems like there's no reason it should work.  Sometimes, it does.
The Level 4 locks were a problem at first, until I found the bomb blocks near to the maze which leads down to the Security room. The rest was a breeze.
Mister ...
Sorry, that ended up in the wrong place......... I'm new here...... 
YEah, I've been stuck here too before. Before the Reed Security door hatch. TOok me 1/2 an hour to find it
By using a charged beam at point-blank range (so the flare from the shot at the end of the arm cannon also hits) instead of missiles.  That way it only takes one shot.

You can just edit the new stuff to say into your first post, by the way.
Who are you talking to? Only it's kinda hard to tell.

About the Secret Message trick. Is it particularly tough to do, or is it fairly easy by M2K2 standards? I've never tried it myself, so I would like your views on it.
I first pulled it off with savestates, but the second time I tried it (In a different run) I pulled it off the third try, no savestates.  So, that's my experience with it.
Fair enough. I suppose using savestates first time is OK, since you get a feel for what you have to do, and can then work on it.
Quote from Sasuke_Kun:
Who are you talking to? Only it's kinda hard to tell.

Yeah, that tends to happen when posts get deleted. =)  The person whose post is above mine had had another post before that one asking the question I answered.
Oh. Now it all makes sense. Kinda gets confusing when people's posts get deleted and you end up replying to a post that no longer exists.
Quote from Sasuke_Kun:
Fair enough. I suppose using savestates first time is OK, since you get a feel for what you have to do, and can then work on it.

Yeah, after I got a feel down for the exact spots I needed to drop a Power Bomb and the shine points, I was good to go.  Like learning to ride a bike. :P
Mister ...
Here's a question...

I was reading this forum and people were talking about a 1% run, but I don't see how it's possible, since you need missiles to kill most bosses, or need a bosses ability (space jump, plasma beam, etc.) to finish the game.  If you really need all the basic items to finish the game, then isn't it impossible for a 1% run?
they don't count for %. only tanks do.
Time bomb set get out fast!
I've always liked that -- Fusion plays fair in that it doesn't punish you for things you have no choice about.  Compare that with the Prime games, which give you a whole whack of percentage points for plot items (Artifacts, translator modules) which you can't even use.