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red chamber dream
i still need to play tropical freeze. the first one was ok but nothing exceptional i didn't think.
They taste best with salt
Never actually finished the first one myself. Not a bad game at all, but it just kinda had a different feel from the SNES titles.
red chamber dream
i hated waggle to roll ... that alone dropped its quality a lot in my mind. glad it's not in tropical freeze.
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Toozin: 2014-08-11 04:57:47 pm
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
TF has it's own control weirdness where you have to select between control stick or dpad imputs instead of having both active at the same time, and selecting dpad moves the button imputs around. It's completely bizzare and I can't figure out why they would even do that.

That aside TF blows Returns out if the water.