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ryu: 2019-11-13 04:02:50 am
Carcinogen got Kamiya to do live commentary on a RE2 run lol
One shall stand, one shall ball.
red chamber dream
oh god definitely watching when i get home

finished outer worlds myself at 44 hours. started another playthrough, on hard this time, where i'm going all melee and strength, killing everyone, and mindlessly obeying the board. should be fun!
red chamber dream
pokemon shield let's gooo

i picked sobble cuz he's so pathetic. i haven't read much about this game and haven't seen any of the new pokemon, including the starter evos, so this should be fun
I kind of watched werster's first playthrough and am not impressed. Gamefreak really needs to add a difficulty setting where these play like the classics
red chamber dream
the games were always easy
red chamber dream
i'd love a difficulty setting too but i can see why that would be a lot of work

play a nuzlocke if you want difficult
A lot of work to playtest maybe. All they need to do is turn off EXP share and add more pokemon to NPC trainers
red chamber dream

the more pokemon they add, the more experience you get though
red chamber dream
anyway i play games to relax not for a challenge so i dunno
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Also pokemon without EXP Share is miserable? Training Abra and Magikarp in Red/Blue sucked ass.