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One shall stand, one shall ball.
Make sure your leadership skills are up to 20 so your companions can actually use their special abilities! I sure didn't spend any hours confused as to why I couldn't tell Parvati Hulk Smash dudes with her hammer. Nope! :v That really is a nice feature that I didn't know I wanted in New Vegas. I want Cass to be able shotgun whiskey then shotgun some dipshit to pieces.

The game's structured more like Knights of the Old Republic/Mass Effect than Fallout really, since it's not an open world and more hopping around to a few different points on planets, moons, asteroids, and such and questing around. It's kinda nice, I can totally do with more smaller, focused RPGs instead trying to make everything Skyrim.

And yeah the setting's really great. Dystopian Space Future is more fun than yet another barren post apoc wasteland. We just out here doing Firefly for a while.

Quote from arkarian:
nice job @ microsoft for acquiring obsidian

Yeah that was such a good get for them. And really good for Obsidian, getting to tap into that Microsoft money to not have to try and push games out sooner than they'd like to keep the lights on.
red chamber dream
i prefer the hub-based style too. it helps to mentally break up the areas, and games like f3 and even nv don't feel especially open world with how often you fast travel
red chamber dream
i'd also recommend playing on hard if you like a challenging experience. normal is very easy so far, which for me is fine, but i know a lot of people don't like that
red chamber dream
i also take my time and do everything though. just finished the first planet/area/map/whatever and did as much as i could, and i'm at 9 hours

if there's more than 4 areas, which i'm fully expecting, this game is gonna be a lot longer than the 40 hours i've heard in reviews
Dystopian Space Future

ok I need to check this out
red chamber dream
i'm legit shocked at how good it is

and the story's fun too, it's satirical and is about a space colony where corporations own absolutely everything
Looked at some webms and I'm not sure I care anymore. I imagined the whole game to be like the deserted space ship in MP3 lol
red chamber dream
i dunno what that is, but this is basically fallout

if you like fallout, you'll like this. if you don't, you won't
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from arkarian:
if there's more than 4 areas, which i'm fully expecting, this game is gonna be a lot longer than the 40 hours i've heard in reviews

It's definitely not gonna go longer than 40 hours. The devs were talking about it being more in the 20-30 range.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from arkarian:
and the story's fun too, it's satirical and is about a space colony where corporations own absolutely everything

The guy manning the Spacer's Choice store on The Groundbreaker is a treat to talk to. My poor moon son.
red chamber dream
man i dunno, i'm at 15 hours at level 12

the cap is 30 i believe
red chamber dream
there just seems like so much to do. i'm in the middle of quests on the groundbreaker atm
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arkarian: 2019-10-29 07:49:44 pm
red chamber dream
dang, the littlest item or sidequest that doesn't seem super important can lead to an entire new map to explore

i imagine there might be other ways to reach those areas but it's cool nonetheless
Dood Trigger™
Last spoopy challenge of the month: Silent Hill: Homecoming with the cemetery sequence break.

1. Clip into the mausoleum to skip about half the game;
2. No unlockable weapons.

The cemetery area in Homecoming has a sealed mausoleum that's supposed to be unlocked much later. By using a collision glitch, however, you can clip through the mausoleum door way sooner than that, get the Ceremonial Dagger, and use it in Alex's house to trigger the late game events.

It's a pretty easy trick. Touch the wall you wish to clip into, then strafe and aim your gun mid-strafe. Normally the collision pushes you back, because your arms shouldn't be going through the wall, but if you angle it just right, Alex will sort of 'glide' into the wall. You can do this in countless other places.

When you enter the mausoleum, the game thinks you did everything normally up to that point, so it automatically gives you the Shotgun, Ceremonial Dagger and other weapons, haha. You can do an even earlier skip with the Laser Pistol into the Shepherds' Attic, but I thought it'd be more interesting to ban unlockables.

Areas skipped:
Hotel, Police Station, Sewer, Hell's Descent.

Challenge Rating: 2/10
The skip is really easy, and the game itself isn't too tough. I played on Normal difficulty, though. No idea how bad this would be on Hard. The only mildly uncomfy part is not having a lot of serum upgrades (since you skip so many areas), so your HP is pretty low for the end game. And that sliding puzzle is still garbage, btw.
Finshed MediEvil PS4.  It was exactly what I wanted.  The same PS1 era 3D game with all its quirks and charms, but much better looking this time.  I'm glad they didn't try to fix its flaws because it would have been a different game, and I love the original.  Still have the disc.

Luigis Mansion 3 is on the table.  Need to grab these last trophies on MediEvil first.  I can never find all the fairies in the ant caves.  I really hate that level.
I like turtles.
TIL the MediEvil remake came out.

Never played the original but was intrigued to hear about it all the same.
The skip is really easy, and the game itself isn't too tough.

Homecoming and Downpour are the hardest Silent Hill games for me. I still quite vividly remember some of the tougher sections in both

Just started classic RE2 with Claire. I died in the intro section right after leaving the gun store. Uuuuh...:/
how the hell do you quickturn in re2 again lol
oh I jumped from original-easy to arrange-expert. thought I played on original-normal last time (but I just realized that was FOREVER ago, 2015 to be more exact)

anyways the difficulty modes in this game are a mess and I can't believe arrange-expert is supposed to be normal in the eu/us version of classic RE2. :/ so many zombies here it's near impossible not to get caught most of the time
Dood Trigger™
No quickturn in RE2, unfortunately.
Luigi's Mansion 3 is fun af.  I'm about 4 hours in and having a blast.
re2 just crashed on me when I was trying to open a box. :| glad I saved a couple of minutes before that happened
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Finished The Outer Worlds, I like it a lot!

It doesn't top New Vegas for me, but I'm super interested in how they build on it either as a sequel or in future, unrelated games.
man classic re2 is so not scary at all. don't think i'll be replaying this any time soon. maybe in 20 years or so
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Fire Emblem Three Houses is quite good!