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I'm still somewhat interested in the series but just can't find the time to get into it again
omg the train stage in zero 2 is godawful
Was Mr. X always part of Claire A or is this new in the remake? (actually is there even still a concept of A/B routes?)
red chamber dream
wait what's zero 2
mega man zero 2 lol
Dood Trigger™
Might be easier to do the forest or the ice level first! At least you'll have a Sub-Tank and/or the Ice Chip to make the train less of a pain.

I'd recommend looking up the various Forms and how to unlock them (it's not super clear in-game). The Power Form gives you just a bit of extra strength that allows you to kill some annoying enemies in one hit, like those stupid spike balls on the train.
That's great insight I'll be keeping in mind for when I play these games again on the upcoming collection.

I beat Z2 yesterday. Playing the third one now. I actually did the train stage last and still had all that trouble. Beat it after complaining on here though. Sometimes that just really helps lol
One shall stand, one shall ball.
At least you're done with it and playing The Good Zero Game now.
red chamber dream
Quote from ryu:
omg the train stage in zero 2 is godawful

Quote from ryu:
Was Mr. X always part of Claire A or is this new in the remake? (actually is there even still a concept of A/B routes?)

ohhh haha i thought these 2 comments were related and was like ... is there a resident evil zero 2 that i don't know about????
Too bad there isn't lol

beat Claire A last night. awesome game. I'm not even disappointed that it isn't like the first remake. think I'll dive right into Leon B instead of postponing the second run to another year
Leon B is really tough. I'm constantly nearly out of ammo. But maybe it'll get better. Think Claire A was similar early on
I finally decided to platinum dark souls 2.  The only things I'm missing are the master of pyro, sorcery, and miracles.  So I got everything except the ones I need to buy from Chancellor Wellager in NG++.  I farmed enough Lord of Giant souls so just unlock the Shrine of Winter right off the bat for the next two cycles, and I'll be set!  Gotta get this done before Thurs night when Link's Awakening comes out.
you make that sound so easy lol
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I mean it's more tedious than difficult, really.
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ryu: 2019-09-19 04:04:53 pm
Beat both stories in RE2. Didn't the B scenario have more differences in the original? This seemed to be almost the same as the A  game.
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Opium: 2019-09-19 04:44:51 pm
Quote from tomatobob:
I mean it's more tedious than difficult, really.

Definitely.  I got master of sorcery and master of hexes last night by getting the last scrolls from the Eleum Loyce.

Now I have 2 miracles and 1 pyro to buy from Wellager in NG++.

When I go into NG+, I can unlock Shrine of Winter right away.  I think from there I can just go through the castle to the crypt and then get king's ring, then go back to castle to kill throne defender/watcher, then go get ashen mist heart from aerie, then fofg for the giant memories, then go back to castle and kill nashandra?  Is that right?  What am I not thinking of?

If I already have the Souls of Giant, then do I even need the ashen mist heart for anything?
One shall stand, one shall ball.
You need the Heart to go beat up the Giant Lord in one of the memories, and I think that's it.
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Da Dood: 2019-09-20 11:57:44 am
Dood Trigger™
Quote from ryu:
Beat both stories in RE2. Didn't the B scenario have more differences in the original? This seemed to be almost the same as the A  game.

Yeah, it's probably the biggest criticism about the remake. The B scenarios felt like they were thrown in at the last minute. IIRC the game was only supposed to have a story for Leon and one for Claire.


Yeah that's what it feels like. Kind of what's the point of the B route here. Still great game.

I also obtained The Evil Within II and Silent Hill Homecoming. Still planning on replaying the original RE2 before moving onto those.
Played through Link's Awakening.  It was exactly what I expected.  They were very faithful to the original game as far as design goes.  I genuinely felt like I was playing the original game but with better controls and better graphics.  The way it scrolled instead of being a bunch of connected blocks made the world feel so much smaller, but also more comprehensive.  I don't see any reason to play the original again.

Now I'm kind of slumped.  Not sure what to play next.  There's Blasphemous.  Momodora? The Messenger?  Hyper Light Drifter?  Recommendations?
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I liked Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight a lot if that's the Momodora you're talking about. I kind of bounced off of Hyper Light Drifter, I should get back to it, though, since I apparently took the hard route first and got entirely too stubborn about trying to clear it.
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Da Dood: 2019-09-30 04:25:52 pm
Dood Trigger™
Spooktober begins tomorrow.

This year I'm doing horror challenges. It's a good excuse to replay my favorites while keeping the tradition of doing something fresh/thematic. I may not do ALL of these in the end, but here are my ideas so far:

- Resident Evil 2 Remake: No heals
- Resident Evil 3: Kill every single enemy in the game
- Silent Hill: No save, no continue
- Silent Hill 2: Handgun only
- Silent Hill 3: Continue my Extreme difficulty climb (Extreme 6 is next)
- Silent Hill 4: One Weapon Mode w/ Pickaxe
- SH Homecoming: I'll try to beat HC with a super silly sequence break where you clip into the mausoleum and skip 60% of the game
- Dino Crisis: No item boxes
- Dino Crisis 2: Hard mode (never played this on Hard)
- Fatal Frame 2: Something like base camera or Hard difficulty. I really wanna play this again

Parasite Eve would be fun to replay, but I couldn't come up with an interesting challenge. It's just that I'm kinda bad at this game. I dunno what I could do to shake things up without too much frustration. Maybe I'll think of something during the month.
Also, I replayed all RE games earlier this year, so I'm giving priority to other franchises.

Should be fun!
- Silent Hill: No save, no continue

You'll also have to play on hard to make that a challenge :)

That sequence break in Homecoming is new to me. Have to look it up
Dood Trigger™
Oh yeah, I only play SH1 on Hard! Most of these will be on the hardest difficulty.

I'm kinda worried about the final boss for SH1 because you can get stunlocked by the lightning and take like triple damage, haha...
Dood Trigger™
Who needs a nuke when Jill Valentine is in town? Resident Evil 3 "Kill all enemies" is done.

1. Kill every enemy in the game, including Nemesis appearances;
2. Finite resources only, which means no Combat Knife or unlimited ammo;
3. Hard difficulty.

Yeah, holy crap, there is a ton of ammo in RE3, even if you obliterate every monster in the game. You do have to ignore some enemies in the beginning and come back for them later, otherwise there may not be enough bullets to drop Nemesis @ the RPD... but soon after that, you're free to go full Rambo.

I double checked every room at the latest possible point, sometimes triple checked. There weren't many notable respawns. There were a couple of de-spawns, though, unfortunately. Like, you ignore the enemies in a room, then you come back later and a cutscene plays and the enemies have disappeared. Oh well.

I also killed some enemies with Live Selection, like Nemesis in the restaurant. But even if I chose to avoid the Live Selection stuff, I would still have more than enough for everything. I didn't even use the Magnum or the Minethrower and still had a surplus of every ammo type in the end.

Challenge Rating: 2/10
It wasn't all that different from a regular playthrough, to be honest. There's just so much ammo everywhere. I'm giving it a 2/10 because at least Nemesis requires some planning in the beginning, and because Carlos has to manage Hunters + Drain Deimos + Zombies galore with just one Assault Rifle clip.

One down, quite a few more to go!