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think I'll check it out eventually.

playing breath of fire ii. game's brutal. random encounters every 2 or 3 steps, grinding is required to keep up with enemies. I spent almost 4 hours on a single dungeon yesterday lol

however I had to leave the place a few times because I was running out of MP to heal and depoison. in hindsight I should have just bought a ton of items to deal with it
FUCK Breath of Fire II, man. That game is such a lame, grindy shit show. Especially by the late game.
The sad thing about that game is that it had a lot of good things for it on paper: good soundtrack and visuals, a cool town building system, shaman fusions, etc. But every good idea it had was botched by poor implementation and its normal JRPG gameplay loop is a mess of broken combat mechanics and an infuriatingly high encounter rate. I don't know how I had the patience to finish it.
Yeah I don't expect to beat the game anytime soon lol

Started replaying the Zero series. Trying very hard to beat every mission in the first game this time. Doing good so far.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
So PS4 Spider-man has stealth missions where you play as Not Spider-Man. Just a regular person with no skills whatsoever.



I like turtles.
Everyone I know who has played it asked the same question.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
And it's such bad stealth, too. The camera's super close the the character so your field of view is none and since you're a regular ass person you have no radar or anything to help you keep track of where anyone is in this get caught and instantly die scenario. I thought we got past shoehorning this kind of thing into every game like 10 years ago lol, it's bizarre. Doing Spider-Man things was too fun I guess, had to calm the player down.
I like turtles.
Yeah, it's extra puzzling because the parts of the game the player actually signed for are all tight and entertaining. Insomniac has definitely had a thing for mandatory playable character swaps over the years, and sometimes they're pretty clunky (or Clanky).
red chamber dream
i finally got bored with the witness after finishing the main game. there are a ton of environment puzzles, and i found a lot, but it's time to move on. would definitely recommend the witness to anyone

now imma start detroit become human ... hooray for ps plus games
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I just remembered Epic Games store gave the Witness out for free at some point so I actually do have it and can play it without giving Blow money lol. I'll get to it eventually.

Quote from Turtle:
Yeah, it's extra puzzling because the parts of the game the player actually signed for are all tight and entertaining.

Yeah, god, swinging around the city is just The Best. I always get annoyed with the chase, something/someone missions or collectables in AssCreed but in this game those are best ones lol. I also hit a stealth bit last night that was actually good, though, because it was all about directing Spidey from the ground so you could point at a guy and make him disappear. If the stealth sections were that I'd have been ok with them. Reminded me of a couple points in Arkham Knight where you were working with Robin and got to decided which of you got to ruin some dude's night.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I am hesitant to bring up combat related gripes about Spider-Man because I can attribute many of my issues to me being bad, but I maintain that the dodge indicator means jack and shit as far as indicating whether or not dodging is a good idea. I have seen motherfuckers pull a 180 powerslide to punch me directly in the dick during a dodge that was by all indication correct, I have even seen so Cool Moves by enemies I have Perfect Dodged? It is a bit irritating.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Also hot tip to game developers, the reason the Batman games put the Counter Indicators over the heads of the enemies and not the player character is that that is, in fact, a far more useful bit of information than a little halo popping up indicating that somewhere in some space an enemy might be thinking about taking a swing at the player character. Cute as it is to do the Spidey Senses thing the fact that it is just up constantly in most fights is actually quite confusing!
One shall stand, one shall ball.
On a positive note, since I do actually like this game quite a bit, the boss fights where you're fighting two villains at once have been a blast. The two I've done were really well designed.
bought resident evil 2 remake. maybe a bit early but I noticed it was getting dark outside as early as 9 pm lol

not sure when I'm gonna start playing it though
Copy X is giving me such a hard time it's unreak. I must be missing something. Couldn't you easily hit him from below?
complaining really helps with these things. beat him on my first attempt today lol. the game's ending is fantastic. on to zero2
beat breath of fire II. great story and characters, but holy shit the dungeons were the ultimate chore.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Didn't that one have a famously terrible localization?
yeah good thing I learned japanese and don't have to deal with that
Yeah, the gameplay in BoF2 is total garbage. Did you at least use a FAQ for all the town building stuff? Picking the right people to join your town gets you some of the best equipment in the late game (because of course it does).
On a more positive note, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is really good. I've beaten the Blue Lions route and I'm currently going through the Golden Deer route. It's a ridiculously long game if you try and beat all four routes, but I'd say it's worth it cause the various story reveals and consequences of choosing a particular side are entertaining to see play out.
yeah I went with a guide. didn't see the benefit of getting the best townfolks though. all the equipment there was either available elsewhere or made obosolete through items found in the final dungeon. :/
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I don't have a Switch but, man, it makes me happy to see so many people have been enjoying Three Houses so much. Nice to see Fire Emblem is doing well.
red chamber dream
i still need to play awakening lol
I like turtles.
Still the only FE game I've played. I liked it a lot, but apparently not enough to care about any of the others.

Or to make me less annoyed by its over-representation in Smash.