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Dood Trigger™
Thanks, guys.

I started God of War PS4 (aka Dad of War) a couple days ago. My first playthrough. This game is incredible. I'll post my thoughts when I'm done with it because there's a lot I want to talk about.
Dood Trigger™
Dad of War final thoughts...

I assumed the GoW series was over, outside of cash grabs like Ascension, and I was honestly fine with the OG trilogy and nothing else... until this game happened. It might be the best in the franchise (have to go back and replay 1-3, but it'll be a tough fight). Everything about it is so polished and enjoyable.

The combat is more technical and strategic, and with the world design being more free, there are now tons of reasons to explore that aren't just plain ol' HP/MP upgrades: there's armor, crafting, all sorts of perks to equip, optional quests and challenges.
Don't get me wrong, I like the gameplay in the classic GoWs, but they've always been more about the spectacle to me. Killing enemies in the old games was secondary to the dude with the flaming beard stomping an entire city in the background.

Story was really good. Characters grow and change, and the relationship between Kratos and Atreus was pretty sweet and real. There were some intriguing themes too. Interesting how they kept so much of the Norse mythology in the background. This was more of a personal story, after all, and holy moly the things they can use now if there's a sequel.

This is also one of the most gorgeous games I've ever played, art-wise and technically as well. Every room is memorable, every angle you look is like a goddamn painting, and the way the camera shifts from gameplay to cutscene is super seamless.

I'm struggling to find anything negative about this... I guess there weren't as many ridiculously huge scale fights as you'd expect in a God of War game, but again, personal story and all. And the game still kept the action interesting with whatever challenges that were thrown at you.

It was pretty dang incredible. I was tempted to do some optional things, but I might take a break for now and come back another time, maybe in NG+.
Does anyone truly know the trick to get Colossus #4 to lie down so you can get on his back? 

Sometimes he does it right away, sometimes I try it for an hour or more and he won't even do it once. 

There's tons of different sources online that claim to know the trick, but they all have a different answer and they all don't seem to increase the likelihood of getting the colossus to lie down.