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Dood Trigger™
Chris of Duty in RE6. Just hit Chapter 4.

The first chapter is incredibly boring... dark rooftops, dark buildings, and let's not forget the dark streets. For a Call of Duty-esque campaign, this sure takes forever to get exciting. Nothing happens in this level, man. Just plain-flavored corridor fights. Maybe I should have picked Piers because at least his rifle is cool. But whatever.

I think the J'avo have a badass concept with the limb mutations, and they would've rocked with RE4-5 mechanics. But RE6 is faster paced and less methodical than 4-5 (and Dead Space, which surely was a key inspiration), so you end up just shooting them wherever you aim and the result is always in your favor.

Chapter 2 is IMO a bit more fun at least (and you can see things!). It has Not El Gigante, the introduction of those cocoon enemies, and a couple of decent sections in the snowy city. It also touches more on Chris' story, which is surprisingly personal.

Chapter 3, aka Invisible Enemies Are Never Fun, was a mixed bag. There was the shared fight with Jake and Sherry, which I'm sure would have been better as Piers with the rifle. Using the Grenade Launcher to drop the chopper was okay. Invisible snake was bleh. Then there was the jeep. That freaking jeep. I was so happy when Piers took the wheel, but then halfway through they switched seats. Dammit, haha.

I think I can finish tomorrow.
Beat DMC5 on normal this weekend. Fantastic action game. Gonna replaying on harder difficulties next.
red chamber dream
Quote from Opium:
Quote from arkarian:
i recommend reading online about the battle system. the game doesn't do a good job of explaining it, and once i read about how the systems work, i had a lot more fun with the combat

Can you recommend a source?

dunno, i would just google xenoblade combat tips
red chamber dream
or if you search xenoblade best builds, those kinds of guides usually explain the combat
red chamber dream
or do what i did and play as riki, and just heal everyone else while they do the fighting :D
Dood Trigger™
Finished Chris.

Yeeeah, that was... meh-ish? I try to enjoy this game, but it's hard to forget that I'm playing dull shallow fights in dull shallow rooms most of the time. It certainly wasn't terrible, just... insipid.

Also, RE6 gunfights are no fun. The cover mechanics in RE5 are basic, but the rooms in that game are designed for you to take advantage of the system. Like, it makes sense to hide behind this wall because now you can see/protect yourself from this and that enemy. RE6's idea of a gunfight is to simply spawn J'avo from all sides.

Enjoyable parts in Chris' campaign IMO:

- Chapter 2 (Edonia/snowy city) was no masterpiece, but coming from the drab buildings and literally zero things happening in Ch.1, it was alright. Giant boss wasn't bad

- Similarly, the jump from Chapter 3 (more dark dirty buildings) to 4 and 5 (ship, underground lab) was decent as well, with a less obnoxious flow and some interesting moments. The last chapter was pretty climax-y with HAOS. Too bad these compliments are directed more so at the pacing and cinematic set pieces than the actual combat scenarios

- I have to mention this even though I didn't experience it this time: Piers' rifle is genuinely useful, since Chris doesn't find a proper ranged weapon until Chapter 4. And Piers has that crazy final boss mutation thing. I really should have picked him

- Bits of story and cutscenes were neat. I like the bar intervention, the ending and the idea behind HAOS

Jake tomorrow. I remember his campaign had the most WTF variety segments, but I liked his melee moves. We'll see...
Dood Trigger™
Wesker Junior, Chapter 4.

His campaign doesn't start too bad... aside from forcing you to do the exact same Gigante fight as Chris. But you get a freaking Magnum within 10 minutes of gameplay, and the enemy placement isn't a total disaster. The only part I can't understand is the Ustanak turret chopper bit. Is the whole fight just shooting down the choppers? 'Cause it took a while...

Jake's melee is cool. If you have Melee Lv.3, double combat meter and something like J'avo Killer, you pretty much breeze through these fights without a single bullet fired.

Chapter 2 is the infamous snow storm... and... yeah. Hard to defend this part. I found the snow maze items relatively fast, but then it took forever to find the stupid cabin because well, the radar straight up lies to you. It says the exit is 80m closer, then 70, etc., but this initial track leads to a dead end. What you have to do is backtrack aaaall the way to the start of the area, and then the radar tells the truth. (To be fair with the game, I could have noticed that the cabin path was near the start, but hey, the radar shouldn't mislead you.) The whole chapter took 50 minutes to beat, and I wasted 20 minutes in this one map. :(

Cabin fight was shorter than I remembered. Maybe last time I played the game I didn't leave immediately when the exit opened. Snowmobile was trash, just trial and error. Then there were a few stealth rooms feat. The One Way to solve them. More chase scenes. And that was it, we got naked captured.

Chapter 3 was... nice? I like the White-Out prison escape, and the Chinese mansion is one of the few truly open parts of RE6 -- it's a big place, you don't need all tokens to beat it, and the path itself isn't strictly linear. I had 3 spare tokens in the end, and I recall being able to open a secret room with more of them... dunno if I'm imagining things.

With all the WTF variety annoyances of Jake's campaign, at least it feels shorter than Leon and Chris.

Will finish tomorrow.
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red chamber dream
so ... assassin's creed unity is good. like, really great

by far the prettiest and most alive world in any ac game i've played. the crowds, animation, and sound work especially are incredible

i wish this were one of my first ac games so that i'd be more willing to do all the sidequests and explore thoroughly. but it's still the same formula as previous games, and i'm not getting any younger, so i'm mostly sticking with the story missions. but the gameplay feels like the most refined version yet, and honestly, it's close to perfection. the free running and combat are the best yet in the series

if you've never played any ac game, this is the one i'd recommend. my personal nostalgia aside (and i haven't played syndicate), it's the best ac game (of the original formula anyway)
red chamber dream
it's pretty funny, considering it had such a terrible launch
I like turtles.
MM11 is simultaneously pretty easy and still very frustrating. The double gear trivializes most of the fighting (in a good way, it's actually a clever way to help you learn patterns), but the stage hazards - while better than average - still contain a lot of cheap shots that I'd have hoped Capcom knows better than to do by now. At least the vanish blocks only appear twice and neither time over spikes/bottomless pits.

At first I was a little salty that I didn't particularly love it, but then it occurred to me that I didn't really like ANY Mega Man game I've played the first time through it, even the ones I consider my faves. Knowing a workable stage order and being ready for the aforementioned cheap shots are basically mandatory for enjoying these games.
Dood Trigger™
Yeah, the stage route is an important part of the process. On the plus side, these games get more and more fun in replays.

MM11 does feel like you have to master the level, like every room is a puzzle. Other games have a nicer balance of challenging enemy placement >> breather corridor >> challenging platforming >> room with free items >> mix of challenges >> etc.

I've replayed all modern RE games the past 10 or so days, except RE4 which I'm doing next. I also replayed REmake 2 (Claire A/Leon B). This game is just so well crafted. The map, the gameplay mechanics and the enemies work really well together. There's not a moment where you're not planning your next move and considering options (and being tense!). I think this is up there with my top favorite REs.