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there we are, got it

Leon A, Standard, 3 saves, no special weapons, no First Aid Sprays, S+ rank

still died twice on the final boss
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DJGrenola: 2019-02-22 04:50:18 am
DJGrenola: 2019-02-22 04:43:24 am
and that's Claire done, bit messy but meh

Claire A, Standard, S+ rank, 3 saves, no special weapons, no First Aid Sprays

Dood Trigger™
Nice, you're on a roll! :O

Going on a trip later today for 10 days. I'll take this as an opportunity to play some 3DS (also... see beautiful nature things and stuff...). I have a lot of games on the 3DS between Ambassador, VC and digital 3DS titles, so I'll just bring one game card with the system. Probably Resident Evil: Revelations. I'm still in the mood for RE.

I bought Super Mario Land 2 recently on VC, will very likely replay that. Also Shovel Knight! Let's hope it doesn't ruin my hand again like last time...

When I come back, I'll continue the REvisit with the modern games sans Rev 1 (possibly including Claire A/Leon B in REmake 2, which I haven't done yet, plus extras).
I'm doing the gummiship part of KH3...
I like turtles.
How far into it are you? The big gummi "superboss" is one of my favorite parts of the whole game.
Got the Orichalcum. Might do the remaining missions after getting Ultima Weapon. Think I completed the entire first area.
I want to play fangame Legend of Zelda The Golden Hero but I can't find it anywhere :(
That a rom hack?
No it was made with game maker.  I did find it, and played it for a couple of hours.  Got through the first dungeon.

I stopped because the design is so flawed.  Walking around obstacles is a pain because you seem to get caught on them often.  There's also TONS of houses and people you have to talk to.  There's no way to skip or speed up the text and it really ruins the game.
my copy of dragon marked for death finally arrived. as expected I can't find anyone to play online with :/
Played through Samus Returns again, and it just made me want to play AM2R because it's so much better.  I ran through the game 3 times because the 2 hour 100% runs are over so fast and the game is so awesome that I just want to start it over again.  It's my fav 2D metroid right after ZM and it wasn't even made by nintendo lol.  It's amazing.

Now I don't know what to play.  Any suggestions?
red chamber dream
finished ni no kuni ii. fun game with some good ideas and pretty visuals, but i lost interest in the side content by the end and just finished the story. there's a ton of annoying sidequests that i didn't feel like spending time on. i'd recommend the game to anyone though, it's a fun jrpg and it's pretty cheap now. i'd recommend the first game even more though

now i'm playing assassin's creed unity ... my first ac game since black flag. syndicate will be next, then i definitely want to check out origins. odyssey not so much...
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Da Dood: 2019-03-04 09:24:31 am
Dood Trigger™

In my trip I finished Resident Evil: Revelations. Took 7 hours from a fresh file.

3DS version. I had to play with low light and 3D off because recharging isn’t exactly simple where I was staying. At least this way the battery lasts longer.

I enjoy the game. The ship is a cool area to explore, almost the right throwback to classic RE we all wanted. It’s fun looking for upgrades, and it’s just nice having an important RE game to play on the go. It does feel a bit budget-y as they start recycling levels and all, but on the whole this is a fun time. Plus Raid mode is interesting.

That being said... yeah. The side scenarios are less and less fun every time I play this, swimming is so-so, and the shooting mechanics could have used some extra tweaking (weapon feedback, sound design, distribution of upgrades). I just kept thinking about how much more enjoyable Zero and CVX were a couple weeks ago, in spite of all their shortcomings. Currently I’d place Rev 1 as my second least favorite of the “real” REs, still ahead of 6.

Will start Resident Evil 5 next. I'm skipping 4 for now because I play that game all the time. Maybe after I'm done with all the other modern REs.
Dood Trigger™
About halfway through Resident Evil 5. Just hit 4-1.

I like that this game is a largely unchanged RE4. Modern REs tend to get lumped together as the same thing, but 5 was truly the last RE with the whole 'aim at head > context move' dynamic. Every game after 5 tried to make context moves harder to abuse, which is understandable, but damn, they don't feel as fun as this.

Another thing about RE5 is that the scenario design is pretty simple... you enter the room, trigger 45 enemies and eliminate most/all of them to proceed. But this game's areas are like big playgrounds, with numerous tactical points, goodies to find and things to interact with. Even when the room has a stand-out gimmick, they always leave the strategy up to you. Rev 1-2 don't offer many of these moments, RE6 sure doesn't either. Those games feel much more confined and scripted.

I still think the game looks great. The environments are super bright, which admittedly doesn't lend much to the tension, but the backgrounds and models are so detailed and... clear looking? Like, in RE6 you can see that they're trying to hide the lack of detail with shadows and specific angles, while in RE5 everything is displayed as clearly as possible, like the dev team is extremely proud of their work. Dunno if I'm making sense, but hey. The cutscenes are badass too. Neo Wesker is awesome, he shouldn't have died.

The forced AI co-op is my least favorite thing about RE5. Okay, Sheva doesn't quite ruin the experience, don't get me wrong... just give her a different weapon type so she doesn't steal your ammo, and she's mostly fine. Still, man, you gotta keep an eye on both characters, no matter how you slice it. I would have loved an option to play the full game solo while the partner magically only appears in cutscenes. Kinda like Dead Space 3.
red chamber dream
man re5 is such an underrated game. it's no re4, but it's way closer than most people make it out to be. i had a blast with that game as well
Played through SOTC a couple more times.  Well, almost.  The game is pure fun until you get to the final boss.  That fight is such a technical mess that 9 out of 10 deaths are due to purely technical problems. He lets go for no reason, or you try to jump from had to the other and the button doesn't work, or you go to stand on his arm and fall right through it, etc.  It's such a great game that it's a shame that the final showdown is such a disaster.  I just try that fight once or twice and die from those kinds of ridiculous reasons and just start the game over.  The other colossi are an absolute blast.
Dood Trigger™
Finished Resident Evil Cinco. Too many words ahead.

I did better in the military base and tanker ship than in the ruins earlier. The tribe enemies kicked my ass... I got salty and rushed through most of the ruins (the big laser room is easy to cheese by reloading checkpoints to despawn enemies, haha... so cheap). In the base I was more methodical, and by that point both characters had vests.

I really enjoy these last few chapters. The cover mechanics are basic, but still fun, and there are some interesting combat situations. The ship deck is huge and you can hit enemies from a long distance with the rifle. And that 6-3 music... so good. Damn spongy JJs, though, probably my only complaint about this act. The first JJ ate almost all my ammo by himself.

The free Rocket Launcher from 3-1 was used on 5-2 Uroboros because that guy takes forever with the Flamethrower IIRC. A good alternative for the RL would be the space laser boss, but that's an awesome fight with the satellite gun. I like this about RE5... every boss has some sort of weapon gimmick you can abuse.

My loadout was: starter handgun, Ithaca (shotgun), Dragunov (rifle). I gave Sheva an SMG so she wouldn't waste ammo that I could use. Then in the JJ/Reaper gauntlet in 6-3 I switched to the BB-style Magnum and Grenade Launcher. RE5's inventory is really cramped... 9 slots is nothing when you're carrying 3 weapons + ammo. Sheva was a good mule (she carried grenades and prox mines and never used any), but I was afraid of giving her herbs because she likes to heal ASAP. And sometimes you give her an item just to manage inventory space, and she uses it/gives it back to you instantly. Argh. So my grid was pretty much always full. I had to do some heavy Item Tetris™-ing to combine herbs.

The game is brilliant, but man, it is so much better with 2P co-op. I'm glad I have that experience because I would've considered RE5 "just" an 8/10 game if I had played solo only.

Debating if I should do RE6 next... it's like an 8 day commitment for a... not so good game. I'm kinda curious about it, though, it's been a while. I remember being more forgiving of it last time I played, but it is RE6, so who the hell knows...
Dood Trigger™
(I apologize for the constant walls of text. I can dial back if it annoys everyone)

Started Resident Evil 6. Leon campaign, Veteran difficulty, fresh game (well, plus Skills).

This game... is a disaster.

People mention the controls as the big argument for 6 > 5, and for the most part it is really cool having all these movement options and new attacks. I like doing Quick Shot into melee, counters and dodges. The combat gauge is also interesting, especially with perks like 2x meter and fast recharge. There's still a couple of dumb issues, like how when you turn the opposite direction the character does this inexplicable wide circle. But overall, this is fun stuff.

The level design, though. Holy moly. This game simply doesn't want you to enjoy it. Slow walk sections, extremely dark areas, one mini cinematic event after another, haphazard enemy placement. Everything in RE6 happens in very tiny and controlled doses. Cabin-style fight? Sorry, we'll just split it into 4 parts and give you one drab, cramped room at a time.

Also, you never actually get to plan anything in this game. I mean, you make decisions in terms of reacting in the heat of battle, but there are zero moments like RE4-5 where you enter a room and see enemies in the distance and think "hmm, this might be a good spot to use a Scope Weapon Thing". The rooms where you fight are just insultingly dull. Where are the ladders, windows to jump through, traps, platforms? It's all either a narrow corridor or a flat square. The Pueblo in RE4 has more possibilities than all of Leon's story in 6. It is so obvious that their priority was making the campaigns extensive and that designing the levels came much later.

You can't choose a loadout, either, so if you don't want to be showered with useless ammo, you do have the option of yelling at a cloud, I guess. Customization in RE6 is disappointing in general. I don't dislike the Skill system, but they didn't have to remove traditional weapon upgrades altogether. Then there's the health pill thing...

I still want to keep playing because while RE6 is a disaster, it's the kind of disaster where morbid curiosity takes over and you can't stop staring. And I do admire the whole scope of the story, the cutscenes, and just how urgent the game feels. I'm not terribly motivated to do the other campaigns right now, though. We'll see when Leon's story ends.

I only did chapter 1... bleh, haha. The pacing is awful too.
I played through RE5 when it came out, but I literally can't remember any of it and I know I wasn't terribly impressed. I never bothered with 6.
I thought I'd give Xeno Chronicles another try.  Last time I played it a long time like over 40 hours, and stopped playing it because the battle system made no sense to me. 

It still doesn't, and there are tons of other things in the game that don't make nay sense, but I'm going to try it anyway and see if I can enjoy the game without understanding it.
red chamber dream
i recommend reading online about the battle system. the game doesn't do a good job of explaining it, and once i read about how the systems work, i had a lot more fun with the combat
I think it helps having played World of Warcraft at some point lol
Dood Trigger™
Finished Leon's story in RE6.

His campaign is probably the most traditional in terms of content variety. I gotta admit that the game flow got a little less obnoxious as it went on... maybe it gets to a point where you subconsciously embrace the spectacle and stop trying to make sense out of the design. I also rushed through 99% of these areas, so yeah. Took 6 hours and some change.

The levels are just so mundane and shallow, though. I like the events happening around me, but the action barely ever corresponds to the cinematic excitement of it all. And it's baffling how much they managed to screw up the weapon feedback. Rifle headshots aren't nearly as satisfying as in 4 and 5, and some of these enemies feel like you're hitting sand.

Genuinely enjoyable moments IMO (I might do this for every campaign since... there aren't that many positives anyway):

- Plane level was a nice Air Force One (movie) kind of deal. Still too linear and impossible to make a plan, but this is one of the few parts where the claustrophobic level design makes sense, and I like the idea of Deadly Virus on a Plane

- Some of the bosses, when the game actually lets you fight them: Deborah, Ustanak, C-Rex. Centiboob looks hilarious, so at the very least he has my sympathy. I also like blowing up Bug Derek's legs in one Magnum shot, but for some reason he was taking too long to grab the lightning rod zombie this time

- Bits of fighting here and there... it feels great to land a counter on those blood enemies

- Cutscenes are good, and the story scope is pretty amazing from Leon's point of view. From city outbreak to worldwide outbreak. When you arrive in China and the gas nuke explodes, damn. That was a cool moment

Chris next.
Quote from arkarian:
i recommend reading online about the battle system. the game doesn't do a good job of explaining it, and once i read about how the systems work, i had a lot more fun with the combat

Can you recommend a source?