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I like turtles.
Quote from ryu:
Beat KH III. Good: It's not a disaster like the past few Final Fantasy games. Bad: It's too easy and completely rushed near the end. Feels very incomplete.

I'd argue this was more due to story pacing than gameplay. If they had spaced out more of the actual, relevant plot between Disney worlds, it would've felt more organic.

It's definitely a bit on the easy side, but I'm betting along with most of the fanbase that Critical mode via DLC is coming before long.
Quote from Da Dood:
I'm starting Claire B tonight in the remake \o

I'm going to start over Claire B and be more stingy with my ammo this time. 

This game is really really good.  I love how you can just run from room to room, uninterrupted by door animations or camera angle changes. 
You were right about it not taking nearly as long.  I didn't always know where to go, but this time I wasn't looking at every little thing, reading every note, killing every enemy.  I got all the way to where you first meet the Umbrella scientist woman in just 3 hours.

My sweetie keeps teasing me because the game made me shriek and he keeps mocking me with all these shriek sounds.  I was running up the stairs in the NE corner of the station from the first floor, and I could hear Mr X's footsteps on the second floor so I just kept going up the stairs to the 3rd floor.  Well the footsteps I was hearing were on the 3rd floor, not the 2nd. So I ran right into him and screamed!  I hate that guy.
Finished Claire B

The first time around, I had no ammo at the end.  This time, I had more ammo than I knew what to do with.

I kind of don't like how they give you more weapons than you can carry.  You never know what you should bring with you.  The first time you play, you just have to guess.

Staring Claire A tomorrow.
Dood Trigger™
Finished Claire 2nd, Hardcore.

I enjoyed this second playthrough because the game is great, of course, and it was cool seeing Claire and Sherry again. But the B scenario/2nd run just feels too similar to the first. I can't play the original RE2 and NOT do both scenarios to make it a complete experience, but in the remake I'll be okay with just one.

Replaying the game made me appreciate some things more (the knife is super useful), but it also made a few peeves stick out.
Mr. X is more annoying than intimidating, and as you get better at the game this only becomes more evident IMO. As soon as I realized the way his appearances are scripted, I just kept rushing those sections until he wasn't there anymore. They could've given us an incentive to stay and fight à la Nemesis, or make his detection mechanics more rewarding. You need to be silent, which is a fair rule, but you also have to hope he's not searching the general vicinity, and he usually is searching the general vicinity. He also often beelines to your exact hiding spot, which just feels cheap.

Just unlocked 4th Survivor, and I think there's going to be DLC in the next few days or something, right? I'd be done with REmake 2 for now, but I might stick around a bit longer and try those extras.
I think they wanted to be faithful to the original RE2 and not make him Nemesis 2.0. Besides, word on the grapevine is that RE3 Remake is already a thing in development. Hopefully they'll improve the hell out of that one, cause I'm not a big fan of the original compared to RE1 and RE2.
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I came here specifically to post about how X is shit, and someone is already here doing it. All good.

X was amazing in OG RE2 B scenario because he was used just sparingly enough that every time he showed up you'd just about forgotten he existed, so it was a genuine surprise.

I thought the nemesis thing was overdone in RE3, showing up to impede your progress annoyingly often, but at least the encounters drive plot points in that game, and net you free gun parts if you bother to stay to fight him. X in RE2make is basically just nemesis except he pesters you far more relentlessly when you're trying to get shit done and you don't actually get any bonus for stunning him as far as I'm aware.

It was okay in Leon A because he doesn't show up until later on but the game makes you deal with him starting about half an hour into the B scenario and it's making it a bit miserable. Hopefully he'll fuck off again and let me get on with the actual game.

They definitely fucked this up in my view.
Apart from that I think it's really good, it's like someone took RE1-4 and put them all into a blender, and you get a little bit of all the games' strengths and also some of their flaws, which actually makes it feel more authentic somehow.
Capcom really do have an ego problem as far as stalker characters go though, that idea is nowhere near as good as they obviously think it is
also X's music fucking sucks, that bass drop is the most tedious piece of sound design ever
hey capcom this is how you create tension in music


not with a shitty skrillex bass drop
I got to play it in 21:9 which was really nice, more games are starting to support my 3440x1440 ultrawide although I don't quite have enough graphical horsepower to push all those extra pixels well enough in many cases
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Dood Trigger™
I think Nemesis isn't as bad as Mr. Xenomorph because at least you can fight Nemmy and get rid of him until the next big scripted appearance (also earn a reward for your trouble). Nemesis was also often tied to Live Selection events where you could get an insta win without even fighting. But they made Mr. X so visceral and relentless in REmake 2 that it's like you're playing Alien: Isolation, with the main difference being that in A:I you could use the environment and items to distract the Alien, and the rules of detection seemed more consistent.

I bet I won't mind Mr. X as much next time I play, because now I know I could've cleaned those hallways out of enemies and then Mr. X wouldn't be a big deal. Would still much rather have the old guy that would show up completely by surprise in specific parts.
yeah they've screwed it up and it's annoying because they were so close
I actually liked X far better in RE2 Remake. In OG RE2, he only served as a jump scare device. He'd burst in and startle you for a second, maybe give you a slap on the wrist, and then you'd run past him and forget he was there. There was no lingering threat or tension, especially if you already played through a B scenario and knew exactly when he was going to show up. But in RE2 Remake, he's a constant threat and you have to move quickly and quietly to avoid him and get things done. This makes replays a lot more rewarding because it forces you to plan ahead, learn the layout of the RPD, and know how to collect items and solve puzzles efficiently.

In other words, git gud.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
They probably could have done something to avoid him forcing the player to do laps around the library to get time to push the bookcases, though. That seems to happen a lot.
Well, during replays, the solution to that problem is easy - you push the other two bookcases into position before you get to the cube circuit section, so that you only need to make two more moves once you get the tool move the third bookcase.
Even scenario B gives you an opportunity to do so before he shows up.
it's the same complaint I have with prime 2 actually, the way the dark world doesn't actually contribute anything but just fucks with your HP to make things artificially harder
feels a lot like that
Claire looks great in this, they did a really good job on her
I like turtles.
Quote from DJGrenola:
it's the same complaint I have with prime 2 actually, the way the dark world doesn't actually contribute anything but just fucks with your HP to make things artificially harder

I don't really think of it as artificial, in fact I'd say it's a better execution of "forced hell run" that Other M tried to do, years before it tried to do it.

What the dark world really did was allow developers to get twice as much mileage out of the same room. ;)
red chamber dream
i dunno, it felt pretty artificial and annoying to me. better doesn't mean good
I like turtles.
I can see "annoying" up until you get Dark Suit but I'm not getting how it's any more or less artificial than anything else in the game. It seemed pretty well established and designed-around.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I would call Dark World artificial difficulty since they built in ways to mostly deal with it, looking to provide a different sort of challenge/experience.

The problem is it's Bad.