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red chamber dream
it's all about rita tbh
red chamber dream
vesperia is highly overrated though. play graces f, fools
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I mean Patty literally adds nothing to the story on her own, so she's only a real character in that you can't skip her entirely. She doesn't matter at all. But her story is just

so dumb lol
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Quote from Da Dood:
RE2 is one of the easiest games ever, and yet it feels so tense. There's not that much danger gameplay-wise, but the atmosphere is so incredibly crafted that it feels like any new camera angle might be the one that kills you. Silent Hill 2 is pretty similar in this regard, I think.

I got some decent challenge out of Hardcore difficulty on the Remake. I haven't played it on Normal, though. Maybe it's a lot easier weaker zombies and no ink ribbons.

Quote from arkarian:
vesperia is highly overrated though. play graces f, fools

Graces f is trash, though. I regret playing that one till the end of the main campaign. At least Vesperia is fun for the most part. Graces f has some of the worst towns and dungeons in the series and the main plot is cringe galore.
Anyway, the RE2 remake is fantastic and you all should play it. It's amazing how much the game manages to capture the pacing and feel of the old school games without having to resort to the shitty old tank controls and weird camera angles. It brought back ammo crafting from RE3 and counter items from REmake, and you can even use the latter as sub-weapons if you want to. There are plenty of puzzles, lots of hidden items that you can uncover from backtracking, and some of the best boss fights in the series. Capcom really knocked it out of the park with this one. Holy shit.
red chamber dream
man i've heard nothing but great things

can't wait to play it next year.. i'm still working through 2018 games
Quote from arkarian:
lol i've never even played a version of the game with her in it. i certainly don't consider her an actual character

she has some cool looking attacks though, like that roulette wheel or whatever lol

she was exclusive to the japanese only ps3 release u til a few years ago, so almost nobody played that version until recently lol

I have to put off on the new RE2 for now because money's tight (same reason I didn't get Vesperia on Switch)
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Da Dood: 2019-01-31 06:12:40 am
Dood Trigger™
Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, played most RE2-related segments... until my disc stopped working, haha.

As a nostalgia thing, this game's alright. Honestly, these survival horror light gun shooters just waste a lot of time trying to build atmosphere... except you can't control the character, so you have no choice but to watch as they explore the room reeeal slowly. It's not like Time Crisis or House of the Dead where the action is non-stop.

I played the Wii version, which I assume is more fun than using a traditional controller, and it was still pretty mindless. To be fair I used my cleared file, so my weapons were OP.

The RE2 sections are very oddly distributed in this... you spend more time in the basement + sewer than in the main part of the police station. You'd think they would have made the RPD the main course here. Even in the station, you backtrack through a lot of the same rooms instead of really exploring it. I do like some of the recreated cutscenes, at least.

But yeah, sadly my disc started stuttering in the lab near the end, and then it gave me an error message. I can't see a scratch on it or anything, but it doesn't seem to read anymore. I don't mind that much because this game is just okay. I tested other discs and they seem to work fine, so it's probably just this one.

Starting REmake 2 tomorrow. If I have time later tonight, I might do RE2 extras to make up for the, uh... 15 minutes of Darkside that I couldn't play...
I should have gotten the RE 2 remake too instead of KHIII. Kinda not in the mood for a long game at all :/
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Da Dood: 2019-02-01 06:09:48 am
Dood Trigger™
Yeah, apparently the remake is about 6 hours long, which is ideal for me. At least right now. I also have God of War PS4 (Dad of War) and Last Guardian on my backlog, but both seem like very long games.

Beat RE2 Extreme Battle and 4th Survivor.

In EX Battle you explore the entire game backwards, starting from the lab, with all doors unlocked. When you reach the RPD, your goal is to find a number of bombs. Leon, Claire, Ada and Chris (!) are playable, each with their own weapon loadout, like Mercenaries and similar modes. I picked Ada. Her main source of firepower is the Bowgun, which sucks, but she makes up for it by being literally the Road Runner. Seriously, she is stupid fast.

An EX Battle playthrough can easily last 2 and a half hours, which is pretty impressive for an extra mode. There's no time limit at all, and you even get a few Ink Ribbons to save progress. There are 3 difficulty settings with increasingly harder item/enemy placements. On the hardest setting there's stuff like a freaking Dog Birkin roaming the basement. The bomb locations are semi-random as well (something like 10 rooms where the 4 bombs can be).

Lv1 difficulty is about as easy as the main game. Lv2 (my pick) is a bit more tricky. As I recall, Lv3 is a nightmare. The cool part is that regardless of difficulty setting, the big ammo pickups are always located outside of the main path, in optional rooms, so it's a good idea to explore.

Awesome stuff. I almost like EX as much as the main scenarios.

4th Survivor is kind of always the same thing, but I like how intense it feels and the planning involved. That one room full of zombies is terrible, though. Ugh. Finished in 7m55. I wonder how different this'll be in REmake 2.

Starting tonight!
red chamber dream
last guardian isn't a "very long game". maybe 10 hours, max. god of war is reaaaaally long
Dood Trigger™
So I didn't play a ton of REmake 2. Still in the beginning with 2 of the 3 medallions. The game is awesome, though.

I don't think I'm spoiling much, but just to be safe...

I picked Leon, Hardcore difficulty. I'm terrible at wobbly head combat, so I'm getting my ass kicked a little. Zombies eat a ton of bullets before they die, even with headshots. Blasting zombies' legs off seems helpful, at least, because it gets perma saved! That's pretty cool. There's 3 or 4 zombies crawling helplessly around the place now.

Leon and Claire look great, dunno why people are complaining. I think the faces look way better here than in RE7 (and the gore effects as a whole... hopefully the RE engine continues to evolve in this regard).

I currently have 3 First Aid Sprays, Red Herb, Handgun + 10 ammo (w/ capacity upgrade), Shotgun + 9 ammo, and the first extra pouch. 3 wooden boards as well. I want to board up the east hallway windows but there's like 3 zombies there.

A couple of things I wish were different:

- Old complaint about new horror: why can't we inspect stuff, man? It's like no effort to make some text appear when you examine a desk or whatever. In REmake 2 and RE7 (and Evil Within... and Dead Space... etc.), you enter a room and immediately start chasing X prompts. I miss the interaction of classic survival horror games, mashing X and seeing WTF Heather would comment about some random blood stain on the wall. It felt like there was more to each room IMO

- This might be a combination of my TV and brightness settings, but the flashlight rooms are a bit hard to see
red chamber dream
aw man not being able to inspect stuff is a bummer. still sounds like a great remake, basically a whole new game ... i gotta play it
I like turtles.
KH3 so far falling into the usual series traps of setting unreasonably high score requirements for minigames no one asked for in order to get full completion. Like I promise I didn't need the dance sequence from Tangled to be playable, let alone replayable for points.
I don't care as long as it's not a requirement for the secret ending, which thankfully it isn't
Dood Trigger™
Finished Resident Evil 2 Remake, Leon A.

Awesome game. It had more than enough tension, strategy and choice making, which are the things I mostly look for in a survival horror. The original RE2 relies more on the setting and atmosphere to create a sense of danger, while the challenge itself is pretty low. The remake to me was a more legit survival horror struggle (I did play on the hardest difficulty... but I can't imagine the default mode being easier than OG RE2).

I like how this remake isn't so different that you won't recognize anything, and at the same time it's not a lazy copy-paste of the original. Some things were remade exactly as we remember, others are subverted in a creative or challenging way. I loved the moments where I recognized an area from RE2 like 30 minutes into it. And it was so cool to see how most places were connected to the precinct. It's also refreshing to play a version of RE2 where you actually aim at enemies.

I still find the original a more interesting game, though. Yeah, there is some memory/nostalgia trickery involved, with the atmosphere and the classic gameplay and being more familiar with the overall flow of the old game. But I mean, RE2 is one of the greatest games of all time, it's hard to avoid being nitpicky about a new version of it.

- Super rewarding survival
- Suspense and fear were top notch
- I was pleasantly surprised by how well they re-created the map and most of the iconic RE2 events
- I really like the graphics and how the characters look

Meh (mostly nitpicks)
- Flashlight rooms are a little too dark
- You barely hear from the other character, I even forgot Claire was in this at one point
- The way [spoilery monster] was executed in this game... I dunno. He is way too smart
- I wish you could inspect the environment and see the character comment about things like in old survival horror games

Not sure if I'll start Claire B right away. Maybe I'll play something else for a bit.
Played through RE1 a couple of times.

Finished Leon A and about 1/3 through with Claire B on RE2. 

The Tyrant makes me pee my pants.  I aggroed him very soon into Claire B and have been having to avoid him for a long time.
I gave up on Claire B. The difficulty level is off the charts.  They give you way more weapons than you can carry, but hardly any ammo.  I run around doing my best to avoid enemies because I never have any ammo, and then when I do find some I can't use it because it goes to one of the weapons that I left in the box.  There's also a couple of parts where you can't figure out what to do unless you cheat and look online.  I think I died once on the whole Leon playthrough, but with Claire I think I've died about 50 times.

I wish I would have known not to use any ammo at all unless you absolutely have to, because I'm at the end and I have nothing, so there's no way to kill the final boss.  I used 4 save slots that I alternated between, but they're all after the cable car so I can't go back to the police stn to look for more ammo.  There is some in the final boss room, but it's not enough to kill him.  So I'm basically permastuck.  I really liked the game until this.  I didn't even know it was possible to get into this situation.  You would think that they would add more ammo to the game somehow if someone was in this situation.
There's not too much of a time sink in restarting. The game goes by much faster when you know what you're doing and where you're going.
I only played through Claire B this one time so I'm not likely to remember where to go at all.  That takes my old senile brain many playthroughs. Heck it took me 17 hours just to get to the final boss.
Beat KH III. Good: It's not a disaster like the past few Final Fantasy games. Bad: It's too easy and completely rushed near the end. Feels very incomplete.
Dood Trigger™
Is this OG RE2 Opi? It shouldn't be giving you this much trouble with ammo. RE2 is notoriously generous with resources. The remake is definitely trickier, though. How are you approaching the enemies?
Dood Trigger™
This is all for the original RE2, ignore everything I said if you're talking about the remake:

A good rule of thumb with Claire is using Handgun and Bowgun for zombies and dogs, Grenade Launcher for Lickers and bosses. Don't fight spiders or plants (except maybe a couple plants in the lab if they block your path). Mr. X/Tyrant drops ammo, so depending on the fight you actually walk out with more bullets than you used. Ignoring him is just as good though, it's your call.

Did you find the Spark Shot? It's pretty bleh and takes up 2 slots, but at least it helps conserve ammo in the lab. You can also get a Sub-Machine Gun at the end of the B scenario if you did the fingerprint thingy on Leon A.
im playing the remake
Dood Trigger™
I'm starting Claire B tonight in the remake \o