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red chamber dream
no cloud saves?
Dood Trigger™
I might have them on the cloud if they were set to autoupload. I can't remember. Don't you need (paid) online for that, though?
red chamber dream
i think you do but i'm not sure
I think it's a PS+ feature :/

didn't know PS4s could just brick like that. good luck with the tech store, I hope they can fix it for you and won't charge a fortune
Dood Trigger™
Yeah, I hope there's a reasonably acceptable solution :\
gonna do a no !-switch run in mario world. really curious how much of a challenge its gonna be
Quote from ryu:
just cleared Lufia II in japanese. the game finally made proper sense to me. there's some depth to the characters that's missing in the localizations too.

now I feel empty, though.

next up is final fantasy 7
I played most of Lufia II years ago.  Then I put it down and lost the save.

The semi-recently, I played half of Lufia II.  Last thing I did was The Ancient Cave actually.  got to the end and beat the boss with Dekar in my party.

...I should actually go finish the darn thing.
how did you manage to beat the ancient cave and never beat the story lol
red chamber dream
one does not simply beat the ancient cave...
Quote from ryu:
how did you manage to beat the ancient cave and never beat the story lol
The better question is how did I beat the Ancient Cave AND get to the triangle islands at the very end of the game and then stop there, the first time.

I mean, this most recent time, it was just, "oh hey, Lufia II has been on my backlog for frickin' years now, I should probably finish it", and then discovering that my old saves are all gone, and starting from scratch.

Part of the reason I might have stopped this time is probably because I've played it before, and thus it lacks a fresh sense of discovery (as opposed to playing out of a sense of responsibility), but probably also because (and I should admit this to myself) I've sorta picked up a bad habit of only really getting "into" loger games by binging them, and binging Lufia II can make its dungeon puzzles tedious.  Need to pace myself better.  The Ancient Cave, in particular, did take hours of carefully working things out, surviving floor by floor, and I felt kinda burnt out by it I think.

But yeah, I should finish it.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
The trick to the Ancient Cave is: Don't go in the Ancient Cave. It boring.

The rest of Lufia 2 rules so just play that part. :v
Dood Trigger™
The Dark Aether crisis is done. Finished Metroid Prime 2.

Not the fastest time, but honestly, in this game I'm just happy to be able to do this route, haha. You skip so. much. tedium. with sequence breaks. Echoes also has more tricks to remember than the first game (at least I think?), so I'm not usually in a hurry.

The route I did is funny because you struggle big time until Annihilator (difficult tricks + zero protection from dark atmosphere), and then the second half of the game is like you used a god mode cheat. Annihilator, Light Suit, Screw Attack, warp points... you're just invincible all of a sudden. I even grew to like the key hunt at the end because that's just more opportunities to use the OP upgrades. But only in the context of skipping so much dumb stuff earlier.
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99%'d a Super Metroid rando in 2:22.  Full rando, specifically.  Full rando is more fun than rando split into key and non-key items, because every single item pickup could be something.  Did have to gate-glitch once; not sure if it was mandatory or I could have avoided it.

99% because I missed an item before leaving.  I had put it in parentheses on my checklist, but I only scanned to see there was text there and forgot to look for parentheses.

The seed is FX4405203 (not sure whether you're supposed to put in that whole code or just 4405203 into the seed field), in case you wanna try it out.  I don't think the rando generator offers spoilers, but I have a spreadsheet of them, if you're interested.  Could even plot out a speedrun route using it, haha.

also lol animals
Dood Trigger™
Finished Resident Evil Zero, Handgun-only on Hard difficulty.

I've done Handgun-only in REmake, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Zero always looked the scariest for this challenge IMO. Not that there's no ammo, it's just that there's a kazillion enemies to deal with, and the bosses are sponges. At least not having weapons makes inventory space reasonable (for once).

The one thing that makes this possible is Billy the Tank. He has comically high HP, even on Hard. In regular play I tend to ignore many full heal items, and now they're valuable resources to help cross rooms without shooting. Just tank with Billy and heal later. Another useful thing is that unlike most REs, Zero somewhat memorizes the enemy positioning in a room. So you can lure an enemy to a corner, leave, and when you re-enter it'll still be in that corner or close.

As usual I allowed the Knife, but didn't use it much because it's... bad. I was considering allowing Molotovs if things got ugly, and I mean, I used grenades in RE4-6, so I don't see why not. But it wasn't needed. I got to the final area with about 200 bullets, and that was enough.

It was a bit of a struggle at times (damn monkeys), but quite fun. Lots of barely survived rooms, low on health constantly. It felt refreshing, for sure.

- Stinger: Knife, aim down, easy
- Centurion: Handgun, follow the boring pattern
- Giant Bat: Handgun, uh... I just shot it. This is an awful boss. I used a full heal and finished on Danger
- Tyrant: Knife both times, easy to bait the jump attack
- Marcus: Handgun, one character on each side, heal when necessary. I controlled Rebecca 'cause she can't tank the hits
- Queenie: Handgun sandwich first phase, then I distracted her with Handgun (70 bullets to spare)
Interesting challenge. Must be refreshing to play 0 without the inventory troubles coming with the big guns
Dood Trigger™
And the hookshot! :\
red chamber dream
getting back into steamworld dig 2. this game is fun, but it's incredibly repetitive in a way that gets boring quick. i can only seem to play for an hour or so before putting it down. not really a knock against the game i guess, just something i don't experience much with other games
I like turtles.
I have the potentially unfortunate tendency to use "time I FEEL like playing before taking a break" as a metric for the game's quality. I know that this isn't always a reliable one and it can come and go sometimes too, like sometimes the addictive quality in a game doesn't hit me until a couple hours in.
red chamber dream
my mood changes so much that i never know if it's the game or just me ... so i try not to let it affect my opinion of a game
Don't worry it's the game
red chamber dream
i dunno, it got pretty great reviews and i liked the first game quite a bit
Dood Trigger™
PS4 news:

Apparently it's not 100% dead. Needs a board repair, which they say is tricky, but doable in most (PS4) cases.

There's a risk it'll crap out again, and then the only thing to do is buy a new console. They're giving me a 3 month warranty, which I mean, sounds like about the time it might take to die again, haha. But whatever. I should have it back in 20-25 days (testing + school winter break... they are busy). I got a decent price too, so here's hoping they do a good job.
hope it goes well
Dood Trigger™
Thanks, man <3

Please don't die, Wii U!

Started Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. I've had it since 2016 or something. First time playing.

I already like it better than Returns because you don't have to waggle roll. Haha. But yeah, awesome game. Tight level design, gorgeous presentation. The "new" characters are cool, though their moves aren't as versatile as I expected... Diddy hover could've been a tiny bit longer, Dixie copter a bit higher, and why can't I hold the button to Cranky pogo? But of course, I'm only starting, maybe they'll be super strategic as the game goes. I do like the SMB3-style inventory a lot.

Probably won't go for 100% this time. I am trying to find stuff, though, I'm not rushing. It's just too many items for my current collect-a-thon mood, I guess... every level has like 14 things you gotta keep an eye out for. Love how balanced DKC2 was in this regard... not too many secrets that it gets tiring, but not so few that you don't wanna go for it.

My favorite thing about TF so far is that it displays either TV or gamepad. This is such a basic thing that every Wii U game should've had.
I thought that was a basic WiiU feature. Apparently I only played games that had it.