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red chamber dream
uhh was that announced or...?
red chamber dream
anyway, the switch is only 720p so that seems very unlikely without new hardware
For some reason, while I only played one SMet hack before, for years (and that was Eris), I've lately been playing a lot of SMet hacks.

Played Hyper Metroid a few weeks ago, now playing Rotation (despite generating large piles of fail while trying to wall jump).  And before that, I played Spooky Mission.  (Yes I know that's a MZM hack, not a SMet hack, but whatever.)

Also a couple months ago I finally finished Trails in the Sky FC and moved onto Trails in the Sky SC.
Curse of the Moon is really good. Plays a lot smoother than Castlevania 3, and the first half of the game is pretty easy. It picks up though and I haven't yet tried the unlockable higher difficulties.
I just finished the new God of War. It's pretty amazing. I also recommend playing on hardest difficulty. It'll take you longer to beat it, but it'll feel a lot more satisfying. If that's your cup of tea, that is.
Dood Trigger™
Beat Super Metroid Randomizer for the first time.

Really cool hack. I played Speedrunner, the middle difficulty, which has about half the items of the base game. Speedrunner and Masochist difficulties often require staple SM techniques like infinite bomb jump, wall jump and Shinespark, plus some unintended tricks (Mockball, moat jump, Gravity jump).

I got an interesting seed. Found Screw Attack and Power Bomb right away, which opened a few rooms early and made enemies easy. But I got stuck in green Brinstar for a while without Super Missiles. As if Spore Spawn isn't enough of a joke boss, the reward for beating him was... Spring Ball. Thanks for nothing! Eventually I found Supers in old Brinstar, in the watery room with the falling boulders, and the game opened a ton. Then I got Grapple, Speed Booster and Space Jump one right after the other.

Norfair was kicking my ass (no suits, 4 tanks) until I realized there were two items I forgot to check in the Wrecked Ship. Guess where Varia was? Grumble, grumble. The rest of the game went smoothly, at least. Gravity was in Lower Norfair, and I already had Charge + Plasma since before Norfair.

Awesome! I'll play this again, for sure.
Dood Trigger™
Got the craziest seed in Super Metroid Rando... first item was Screw Attack (!), second was Speed Booster (!!), and then there were Super Missiles in the top left Crateria path near Samus' ship. Morph Ball was in green Brinstar's shutter room, and I had to use Speed Booster 'cause obviously I couldn't morph.

I thought this hack would be kind of samey every time because the world in Super Metroid is often designed to lead you in a certain direction, but there seems to be a decent number of ways the item shuffle can unfold, and depending on what you get you have to change how to approach a huge chunk of the game on the fly. I don't know, maybe after the 10th run things will start getting repetitive, but so far I'm having a blast with this.

Almost time for my dumb 30-game marathon. Still thinking of games to add, and they're getting shorter and shorter... I'm also going on a trip for a couple of days on the 16th, so I may have to cheat and play two games in one day (or just skip one game fully). I'm excited though, lots of stuff I want to revisit.
If you have the means, Curse of the Moon is great and pretty short
Dood Trigger™
Been saving up for the "real" game (and Mega Man 11), haha. But CotM looks amazing!
that's a good plan. just get cotm instead if ritual of the night turns out to be a turd :)

played some oot, and just learned that you can use the slingshot to shoot down gohma when its laying eggs. woah.
red chamber dream
lol the fight is so much slower if you don't, glad you figured that out
I forgot that she lays eggs. She always dies before then.
I wasted yesterday on Super Metroid Arcade.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I haven't gotten too far in it (just met Bill), but The Last of Us really isn't doing anything for me. It's move along well enough to not feel like a slog, but like it's not super interesting? Granted survival horror is not all that exciting to me to begin with so it's not really aimed at me.

The most I've gotten out of it was being annoyed to find out that using a shiv for the purpose the game explicitly states when you first get one isexactly incorrect you dumb idiot because they are also secretly lockpicks and far more valuable in that capacity than as a means to quickly and quietly kill a problem enemy, you fool. Because I guess you can actually be rewarded for exploring or make navigating an area where Clickers exist not miserable. And oh my god is Room What Has Clickers In the most tedious shit to deal with. In a game where you already move pretty slowly, "move slower" is not an interesting concept.

Why Joel too dumb to pick up knife? Knives are useful tools, pick one up and stop wrapping duct tape around half a scissor, dipshit. How have you survived this long. Also it's kinda shitty how you can strangle a guy who very clearly has a gun in his hands and find that he had exactly zero bullets in the gun or on his person. That's not unique to this game, but it feels worse in survival-ish games where taking down a target that clearly has useful shit really should give you access to that shit.
I like turtles.
Shivs are super dumb, yeah. I feel like it wouldn't really hurt the overall pace and flow of the game if they were far more durable than they are (you can upgrade them to this end, but not to a satisfactory degree).

As far as getting empty guns off enemies goes, I do feel like that's decently justified since it's a legit tactic to take one guy hostage and point your own empty gun at him to get his friendos to back off. In a world with such scarce resources it's more about the psychological edge: they don't know your gun is empty!

Overall though it's definitely more about the story than the gameplay. The former is deeefinitely what won it the awards.
red chamber dream
i thought the last of us was great for its story and atmosphere, and it had fun gameplay ideas. but it didn't expand enough on those ideas, and there were way too many long combat sections through giant buildings that got boring quick. i felt they could have given you many more scenarios to use stuff like throwing bricks rather than tossing you into arenas full of enemies almost every time. a longer story and less combat overall would have made it a 10/10. but i recognize how much work/time that would take

also the non-combat gameplay had no reason to not be a lot better. i seem to remember pushing shitloads of blocks around, and not much else.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Yeah it's kind of in a Witcher 2 situation where I just sort of wish I liked playing it but at least the story/setting is worthwhile except the story isn't super grabbing me either. Confused

Like, maybe, things change but it seems like a pretty typical zombie story where immune person has to get to a lab to maybe make a cure and I would be extremely shocked if it turned out this lab wasn't super shady and/or going to do immense harm to said immune person in the search for a cure and the whole thing ends with a ~moral dilemma~ based on all that. I mean execution is the most important part so maybe it pulls it off well and it's good in the end. It's just right now I'm just sort of apathetic to it all and that's kinda bumming me out lol.

Quote from Turtle:
As far as getting empty guns off enemies goes, I do feel like that's decently justified since it's a legit tactic to take one guy hostage and point your own empty gun at him to get his friendos to back off. In a world with such scarce resources it's more about the psychological edge: they don't know your gun is empty!

Yeah but them army dudes 100% have ammo and if I stealth kill one I should be able to take his rifle and kill his buddies in what seems to be a forced combat section at the very least. Dudes are dumpin ARs at me and my guy's all "ooh free single shot bolt action rifle yes please". Joel's a dingus of the highest order.
Not sure if I want to keep playing DS Remastered or play Chibi Robo Clean Sweep.  I've always wanted to play Clean Sweep but it was only released in Japan.  I didn't know someone took the time to create a translation patch for the whole game. I have it in English now.  It would be unplayable otherwise.
Dood Trigger™
I enjoyed Last of Us, but it's just so long :\ and the level design/fights start getting samey after a bit.

Yay, 30-game marathon! Starting tomorrow.

List of games:
NES: Double Dragon, Kid Dracula, Kirby's Adventure, Life Force, Mega Man 3
+ blind NES game

SNES: Final Fight 3, Killer Instinct, Majuu Ou, Mega Man X3, Skyblazer
+ blind SNES game

Genesis: Castlevania: Bloodlines, Golden Axe, Ristar, Sonic, Thunder Force 3
+ blind GEN game

Portables: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, Mega Man V (GB), Mega Man Zero 2, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Scribblenauts
+ blind GB or GBA game

"Modern" (N64+): Bloodborne, Dino Crisis 2, Katamari Damacy, Muramasa, Viewtiful Joe
+ blind N64 or PS1 or ? game

I'll pick the blind games during the marathon. It'll depend on how much time I have. No repeats from previous years allowed, except MM3. Gotta beat one game each day.

Long games: I think Muramasa is the only really long game on the list. There's the blind stuff as well, but I'll try to pick reasonable length games. Pretty sure I can finish Bloodborne in a couple of hours if I just beeline to the next boss. Been a while since I played NSMB2, but any% shouldn't be that long, right?

Scribblenauts: I remember nada about this game. I'm gonna try to do one of the campaigns (puzzle or action), but if I see it's taking too long, I'll just settle for creating an intricate machine or something in the level editor.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I think a major issue I'm having with Last of Us is just Naughty dog's narrative style. It feels better in the moments where the game shuts up and lets me play it, though a number of combat encounters I've run into so far have had Problems. Like when a whole zombie horde just appears from fungus dimension because it's time for a shitty horde fight despite your sneaking around. And Listen mode just serves to make that kind of thing look extremely bad, during that bit where you're trying to sneak up on a sniper I walked in to a building with Listen mode active, found nothing and then ooops there's six dudes with guns the second I turn around because I found the trigger zone to spawn a fight. This game actively lies to you in the least interesting way possible.

The parts where you and Ellie are just wandering around exploring are pretty alright, Ellie's a good character. Some of the action set pieces against other humans are pretty alright when you get to see the encounter and choose how you engage with it. But for every one of those good encounters there's one where everything within six miles has found your exact location because ~reasons~ or Naughty Dog just wanted you to remember it's a Zombie Story and you must fight Zombie Horde even though it always just devloves into mashing square and isn't rewarding or good.

Melee combat in this game feels like the kind of system where action outside of the two punch fighters freezes to let the fight resolve except it doesn't freeze and every enemy is a punchman and they never get in eachother's way or anything and you have no defensive abilities whatsoever so fighting them sucks forever.

But hey, I have flamethrower now.
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I like turtles.
Quote from tomatobob:
found nothing and then ooops there's six dudes with guns the second I turn around because I found the trigger zone to spawn a fight. This game actively lies to you in the least interesting way possible.=

This annoyed me about both TLoU and Uncharted. Sometimes you'd figure out a way to avoid any open combat at all and it WOULD feel amazing except you then discover there's a forced firefight anyway. Like... why make it possible to play carefully/sneakily, and even encourage at various points, if you're not going to reward that?
Thank Halo for making the trapped-in-a-zone-with-hordes-of-bad-guys-incoming popular in action games involving gunplay.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
It's not a bad mechanic on it's own, it's just dumb when avoiding that or making it happen on your own terms are presented as options.

Like, the Halo games are good and I fucking love New Doom. But those games only offer open combat as a means of dealing with it and combat is excellent in those games so it's fun and good.

The Last of Us seems to sometimes want to be an action game like that but it's not especially good at it or built for it and it's weird to see a game so widely praised to make that kind of mistake as often as this game does.
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Speedrun for dying in Super Metroid Arcade:

seed: 90E3
difficulty: Arcade

1. After starting, go right.
2. once the room loads, hold left.

You should drop onto a crab immediately.

In-game time: 11 seconds

Incidentally, my records indicate that I have basically been SMetting my entire past month.  Started with Hyper Metroid.  Then picked up Rotation on a whim and actually finished it just because (and even streamed my failing at it to friends).  Then played Arcade way too much.  And just now, I did a 100% run of SMet for the first time.  My time was 2:09.  I wall-jumped so much I forgot how to wall-jump then re-learned it.  And I bomb-jumped so much I forgot how to bomb-jump and re-learned it.  And then I even learned to mockball.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Wowie wow that last bit of The Last of Us is extremely not enjoyable in any way. I'm not sure how you're supposed to do that but I can't imagine any way is fun. Sneaking through sucks, fighting them sucks more because they just spawn more dudes. Wowzers how exciting.

I guess in a way it's the best part of the game because, if nothing else, pissing me off is getting a reaction from me. Which is more than, like, any other part of the game can say.

Overall it's fine, I guess? I mean I fully understand it's not really my thing but a fair amount of mechanics seem just bad even if it is your jam. But maybe not, I don't know. It's fine for what it is, but to me what it is just isn't terribly interesting or worthy of the near universal praise it got. The Last of Us: A video game, even though it likes to pretend it isn't for some reason.