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red chamber dream
146 hours into xenoblade 2 and i just got another tutorial. lol
I finished sotc.  poopy controls aside, this is a special game.  I won't ever forget it, which is more than I can say for 90% of the games I've played.
Quote from arkarian:
146 hours into xenoblade 2 and i just got another tutorial. lol

Sounds about right! How's your party looking like?
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red chamber dream
i'm on chapter 8. i know the spoiler with indol that happens in this chapter, but it hasn't happened yet.

i basically just got mythra back + rex's final outfit and now have a ton of new sidequests, so i'll probably spend another 30 hours before advancing the story again. love how rex can use any blade now. i'm still playing as him, using a mythra crit heal build. right now i'm using roc and agate a lot, but mostly because they have smash and launch. i definitely want to swap out agate for a dark or lightning type, probably kora.

i always use morag as my tank, with finch (dodgetank ftw) and kasandra, and usually brighid. i'm thinking i want to give her a healer instead of brighid though, so that i can use zeke as my third guy full time. right now i have to swap in nia for some fights. i'm just waiting until i build up more blades and get more overdrive protocols.

for zeke i'm using pandoria, kos-mos, and zenobia, but i'm debating using zenobia with rex. not sure yet..

i still have maybe 8 or so rare blades to unlock, too. think i already have most of the best ones though, luckily
red chamber dream
oh and fuck tora, i have no desire to play poppi's minigame

just not worth all that extra time, and poppi's design is stupid anyway
lol you say that, but Poppi happens to be the most broken Blade in the entire game besides Mythra. Getting her final form is totally worth it for the long-run, although you do have to sit through a ton of Tiger! Tiger! As for her design? Well, you just have shit taste :P
red chamber dream
i'm aware of that, i just don't care. i'm not playing that stupid minigame for 48283748391 hours
red chamber dream
i like poppi qt's design btw, just not poppi alpha's

i haven't actually seen what the qt pi form looks like
red chamber dream
poppi alpha looks like the steampunk wetdream of a retarded 14 year old weeb
red chamber dream
steampunk in general is just fucking retarded
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Idkbutlike2: 2018-02-13 10:00:21 am
Poppi Alpha is great. Especially in heart-to-hearts and some of the late game cutscenes.

EDIT: Oops. Misread.
red chamber dream
i like the character, just not her design

it's seriously one of the stupidest designs i've ever seen
red chamber dream
like it looks like first draft concept art
red chamber dream
wtf is she wearing on her head
It's a beret. The design is a reference to the Xenosaga II design of a certain character (for better or worse).
red chamber dream
doesn't make it any better looking lol
red chamber dream
i do really want to try the old xeno games though
i was thinking i'd probably get it when there were rumours of a xenosaga collection for the switch

the first game i tried on emulator once but didn't play far, so i think it wasn't for me somehow
Xenosaga is really stupid. I dont' suggest playing that series.
red chamber dream
xenogears is the one i'm most interested in anyway
red chamber dream
man even after all these hours in xenoblade 2, xcx remains my favorite in the series
Eh, I might play it one day. A lot of XC1 fans hate it, though, so idk.
red chamber dream
that's because they're different and most people don't like change. both games are great
I played through sotc again plus completed the time trials.  Doing the time trials gets you some really cool weapons and abilities.  The prize for completing all the time trials was bomb arrows.  These bomb arrows make Zelda's bomb arrows look like bottle rockets.  The explosions are super loud and powerful.  You can fire them really far away and the game will adjust the sound accordingly, as far as making a small delay between seeing the explosion and hearing it (light travels faster than sound).  They also put acoustics into the game, so the explosions echo off of the surrounding cliffs realistically.  I was having a lot of fun playing with the echoes. I found a couple of spots that were surrounded by cliffs on three sides and it sounded incredible.  There's a lot of little details in this game.
red chamber dream
lol wow none of that was in the original game

i heard they added 79 collectibles too, wtf