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Opium: 2018-02-10 03:36:29 pm
The remake has crashed on me twice. The second time it told me my save file was corrupted and I had to retrieve a backup.  It's got issues.
I like turtles.
Colossal issues.
red chamber dream
Trying to find a quote that SotC inspired BotW's world so I can hate it more
red chamber dream
oh it definitely did
red chamber dream
sotc's world is great though...
what a twist
red chamber dream
i mean, you'd probably love sotc if you try it. most people seem to
the world in the remake is breathakingly gorgeous, btw
red chamber dream
nice, that is not surprising
I've seen everything in the game, looks great obviously but doesn't make me want to play it
red chamber dream
probably because you've seen everything in the game ;)
Yeah that tells me there's not much value in the gameplay for me
red chamber dream
gameplay is overrated :P
So is whatever weird shit you like in games!

What would you call it? Vistas?
Ha! I already killed that colossus.  I watched a YT video and the guy says DON'T control the horse.  Just make the horse run and then keep your thumb away from the L stick and only worry about firing arrows.  The controls are so bad that the key is to not use them.  Killed him in no time as soon as I got that tip.
The controls aren't garbage, they just have a high skill cap

... according to speedrunners
red chamber dream
lol speed running is fucking cancer
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Opium: 2018-02-10 03:59:19 pm
They have an intentional lag.  So you have to know when to expect a button to press to have any results.  I prefer controls that actually react when you do, but that's just me.
red chamber dream
almost as bad as people who call things "cancer"
saved it
Speed running is more like AIDS than cancer
red chamber dream
i dunno, these days i'd much rather have aids
Actually it's syphilis