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It's much easier to talk about what's wrong with a game.
think I'm done with the evil within. fuck those hoodies in chaptdr 13
so i gave the game another shot and managed to beat it (finally!)

the firsts checkpoint in chapter 13 was awful, but everythring that came after it including chapter 14 was pretty easy and I managed to clear those parts without dying. Chapter 15 I only managed to force myself through because I knew I was close to the end of the game...

roughly 22 hours and 99 deaths. those arenas and the double keeper battle near the end were entirely uncalled for.
Dood Trigger™
Congrats, man! Ruvik clones are annoying but there are ways to deal with them at least.

More GBA...

Mega Man Zero 3 (100p run)
Perfect rank. This is the second time I got 100p in a MMZ game after Z4 back in the day.

100p is kind of a rollercoaster run. You feel like the worst player in the world and then suddenly the level clicks. Most levels in the game are fair even with the pressure of playing perfectly: you get better and better at dealing with the enemy placement, and there's only one boss to master. But the final level? It's three times as long, there are 8 boss refights, plus the final boss' multiple forms. It's like 10x harder than the rest of the game. They should've balanced the damage requirements specifically for each level like they did with time and enemy kills. Beating 11 bosses nearly unscathed is a little crazy.

The one thing that makes 100p tolerable in Z3 is the shadow dash. It's a foot chip that makes your dash go through literally anything, from projectiles to giant bosses. This one move saved my life more than any other upgrade. Even the final boss' last form can't handle it. Double jump is another life saver. Too bad Z4 got rid of the shadow dash.

Can't stress enough how beautiful the controls are in these games. Really smooth movement and responsive action. Love it.

One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from Da Dood:
Beating 11 bosses nearly unscathed is a little crazy.

I mean to be fair, once you have the shadow dash bosses shouldn't be hitting you anyway. The biggest threat is dashing into something stupid in the level. It's me, I'm the dingus that dashes into spikes.

I guess that's why 4 dropped it. but they shouldn't have because it ruled and felt super good.
I like turtles.
I can't even get into the first one. I really like the controls and the gameplay seems great but I cannot overstate how huge of a turnoff it is that you can permanently fail missions, and I just dislike whenever a game is that difficult but gives you limited lives/continues.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
3 is pretty much The Good One it still does lives but ditches a lot of the other annoying stuff and looks to facilitate dashing around and blowing things up more.
I like turtles.
Dashing and explosions are what I liked about X, soooooo...
red chamber dream

wow there’s a lot of jumps in this game i didn't know were possible. you can really get some insane vertical height ... i'll have to learn some for the last 500 moons. almost reminds me of figuring out new bomb jumps in prime
Amateur Speedrunner
Doing a 0% run of samus returns
Dood Trigger™
Quote from Turtle:
I cannot overstate how huge of a turnoff it is that you can permanently fail missions

That's pretty dumb indeed, but only the first game does it. MMZ1 is just kind of unrefined in general. Z2 and 3 especially made the series what it is IMO.

Quote from tomatobob:
I guess that's why 4 dropped it. but they shouldn't have because it ruled and felt super good.

Agreed :\ 4 does have its own crazy stuff though. Junk suit is amazing.
I've been working on unlocking the bonus ending in Gunvolt2. Once I'm done with that I might start revisiting the Zero series too.

Doing a 0% run of samus returns

Do it on Fusion mode!

man, I'm looking forward to the speedruns in the future. Especially wondering how low people can get 100% runs. That must be a lot of work to route and optimize.

In other news... I pulled the trigger on a J Wii U to play Xenoblade X. Probably won't arrive before Xenoblade 2 comes out but whatever.
Amateur Speedrunner
I probably will try that after i do it on hard mode. i did it on normal mode and the final time was 3:16:17
red chamber dream
yessss ryu i think you're going to like it

i would HIGHLY recommend reading up on the best ways to get infinite overdrive with each class, then pick what sounds the most fun to you

hitting infinite overdrive in every battle makes the game way more fun and less time consuming
red chamber dream
this guide has it all https://www.reddit.com/r/Xenoblade_Chronicles/comments/41di2o/stuck_on_a_boss_6_infinite_overdrive_builds_and/

and none of this is ever explained in the game lol
thanks for the advice, I'll think of it when I play the game
Amateur Speedrunner
I just finished Metroid Prime 2 for the first time. I got to Torvus Bogs before my brother ruined my old copy of Prime Trilogy. Final time was 10:43 with 84%
Dood Trigger™
Congrats! Try sequence breaking if you're into this stuff... improves the game about 400% in my experience
Dood Trigger™
Another GBA classic...

Metroid Fusion (100% best ending)
I used a speedrun as a guide (I don't think I could route even half of this on my own). The speedrun route is pretty easy to follow. Fusion's linearity is my least favorite thing about it in the context of the Metroid franchise, although as an action game it is super polished and awesome. You feel so damn powerful as you progress in this.

But yeah, as you can see, even following the route that was a close run for me. Movement and boss strategies are very precise and I haven't exactly mastered the controls. I'm just bad at speedruns in general. There were several parts where I could've reloaded a save and improved the strategy, but either I was too lazy or the last save was far back. Anytime I survived the SA-X I didn't even want to consider repeating the previous segment. That thing is scary.

I'm working on Zero Mission right now. Getting ZM's ultimate completion screen(s) is way harder than Fusion's. I'm having a great time, though. Will post my thoughts if/when I'm done.