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Dood Trigger™
Day 29 - F-Zero X » Done!

Finished all cups on Standard with Black Bull. Faaast game. I got a little salty at the rubberbanding a few times. Playing this after Wave Race is overwhelming to say the least.

Took a while to re-adjust to the sliding and physics. For some reason it's better to double tap Z/R for sharp turns instead of holding the button, which was costing me a ton of positions. Plus you really gotta destroy your rival's car, because the CPU always puts them in 1st for the rest of the cup. Black Bull is good for that, but his boost sucks, damn.

Haven't played FZX in like 10 years... I unlocked all the cars, which was pretty tiring back in the day, and then I just stopped playing. Feels good coming back to this with less pressure. Still got Master mode to try, though (one day... maybe... probably not).

Final day tomorrow!

Clear time: 2:30
I gave up on master mode when I played, it's really hard. Almost makes FZGX look easy.

I'm almost done with M&B. Just beat King... hat stage took me the whole after noon! And the final stage doesn't appear to be any easier...

Just fuck my shit up lol
Huh, I beat all Master cups on X, but I didn't even finish all Expert cups on GX, it was so much harder
omg the game forces you to restart from King stage 1 after a hardware reset.

played for an hour and kept dying toKing Jet because of RNG. When I made it to the final boss I had some stupid problems getting on the platform and eventually ran out of the weapon required to stop the red laser.

f. this game. I'm gonna play Mighty Gunvolt Burst instead...
Dood Trigger™
Yeah holy crap, MM&B is ridiculously unforgiving in the fortress stages.

Day 30 - Mega Man 3 » Done!

And it's over.

MM3 finale this year was a speedrun. Well, 3 speedruns. I didn't do nearly well enough to compete with real speedrunners, but it's cool, I had fun trying to correct mistakes and improving my time. I feel like if I had some more attempts I could've lowered that time a couple of extra minutes, but even being able to complete 3 runs was surprising because today was a very busy day (did two runs at like 6 a.m., then another one later at 10 p.m.).

Order was Top > Shadow > Gemini > Needle > Magnet > Hard > Spark > Snake. Most troublesome part was trying to land Yellow Devil 1-cycle. You have to take damage at a specific point near the end of the piece-moving pattern to spam SH under the eye while you're flashing/invincible. I got the timing right once but failed to spam fast enough.

Also I'm 34 years old! Yeesh.

Clear time(s):
1st run -- 46 min
2nd run -- 48 min (died a few times...)
3rd run -- 43 min

Insert obligatory 'gonna take a break for a few weeks' here. This year's marathon was by far the shortest, though, kinda proud of that... >_>

Thinking about game plans for the rest of the year... now that I have the Wii U again I wanna start Tropical Freeze (finally). I should also start Dark Souls 3 at some point, although I'm still a little burned out on the series. Maybe I'll get the Metroid 2 remake (if the $ allows...), and The Evil Within 2. Plus retro/replays galore.

Thanks everyone who read any/some/all of those. I think the most fun playthrough this year was Banjo-Kazooie, probably because the new controller felt super smooth with this game. Ninja Gaiden 3 was amazing as well, I even finished it a couple more times that night after posting.
Good job on the speedruns! Haven't even managed to beat the game fully last time I played it.

Tropical Freeze is great. If you're burned on Souls games it might be a good idea to keep putting DKSIII off.
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Turtle: 2017-07-04 11:53:37 am
I like turtles.
N. Sane Trilogy has not disappointed so far. I'm almost through the first game's remake. Level geometry seems to be pretty much 1:1 with the original. Some of the hitboxes are wonky and the jump physics are altered in ways that make certain levels annoying but the overall feel is very faithful. The music is all over the place, with most tracks being great remixes but the more atmospheric ones suffering from a lack of nuance in the arrangement (Temple Ruins/Jaws of Darkness theme is just awful). The graphics are stellar pretty much across the board - VV has been listening to fan feedback on the visuals since the get-go and it really shows now.

Of course the biggest change to the gameplay itself is the addition of 3's time trial mode to 1 and 2. Some of the target times are REALLY unforgiving. It doesn't help that I'm going for Platinum relics in every stage. I spent several hours doing so for The Lab, really tight timing required. For those levels that are especially taxing I've been recording my successful runs.

On a related note, I'm liking the PS4's built-in video recording features.
How do you get the platinum relic?

I started playing n sane trilogy more now that I'm no longer stuck.  I'm playing 2.  I got all the white and purple crystals on the first floor, but then I couldn't figure out how to go anywhere else.  I had been standing in the center and pressing the wrong button.  The game tells you to press R1 and I don't know what I was pressing before but it wasn't R1 (lol). 

I think I'm going to replay Wrath of Cortex again but I'm waiting for the new GC HD adapter to arrive.  There's only one guy who makes them and I don't know how long it will take to get it. 

I'm also almost done with my botw master mode playthrough.  I have 1 shrine left plus the master trial and then I'm done.  Already killed ganon and not sure if I will kill him again.  Overall I would say master mode is much better than the original mode and I probably won't play the original mode again.

I picked up a copy of Horizon Zero Dawn.  Haven't played it yet though.
I like turtles.
How do you get the platinum relic?

Just get a really really fast time in the time trial. Or just a decent time if it's for Sunset Vista.
I played a couple of hours of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Not sure if I want to continue or not.  There's just SO much to learn that I feel like I'm taking a damn class vs playing a game.  And the tutorials keep teaching me new things but never bothering to explain other things.  So annoying.
red chamber dream
i imagine a game like that would be tough to play after breath of the wild

i want to check out horizon but haven't gotten around to it yet
Yeah I definitely had a lot to learn when I played botw but it was all explained in a way that I never felt confused.  HZD is all over the place.
Super late, but I've been playing Cave Story on N Switch.

Game's good, but the controls feel a bit loose. Eventually I learned that the original PC game runs at 50hz and that console ports are sped up by a whole 20% - so that explains a lot. I'm somewhat stuck at the final boss now. Would be a lot easier at 50hz for sure. :/
Quote from ryu:
Super late, but I've been playing Cave Story on N Switch.

Game's good, but the controls feel a bit loose. Eventually I learned that the original PC game runs at 50hz and that console ports are sped up by a whole 20% - so that explains a lot. I'm somewhat stuck at the final boss now. Would be a lot easier at 50hz for sure. :/

Jokes that only a Metroid forum would get:
"At 50 Hz, you can get out the door in time."
Let's ban everyone who doesn't get it
I like turtles.
No, let's make a donation incentive to save the banimals.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Please save the danimals. For your bowel health.
I like turtles.
That's what sugar free gummy bears are for!
red chamber dream
well i'm 70 hours in and xenoblade chronicles x keeps getting better. it's a shame this will probably go down as one of the most overlooked rpgs of all time.

the whole world is open from the start, and it's fucking huge. but you can still play it like a traditional rpg because the side quests do a great job of slowly taking you to new places and making you explore. there's 5 (huge) continents in the game and i haven't even been to two of them yet. so i can easily see myself spending another 70 hours, and it hasn't gotten old because they keep introducing new shit. god this game really surprised me, for some reason i thought it would be mediocre going in
ark I think you'd really like final fantasy XIV, or any mmo really!
red chamber dream
nah i don't like multiplayer games
unless it's mario kart with tdk
Quote from arkarian:
nah i don't like multiplayer games

Just play it single player
but yeah I don't think you'd get super into an mmo, too much interestion
red chamber dream
i think i like mmo gameplay, but i don't like random quests or multiplayer. so a game like xenoblade chronicles x (and the first one) hits that sweet spot for me